Called a Facebook Addiction


“SPOILER ALERT!”* a poem for “Everyone Accused of Being “A Commitment Phobe!” August 10, 2019 (Saturday)

IT CAME OUT TODAY, on The AP “News Max,”

About people accusing OTHERS of being “commitment phobi-acs!”

THE STORY? Such accusers REALLY have “ulterior motivation;”

They’re REALLY trying to divert attention – from their-own “saturation!’

Meaning: That such obsessions mean they are obsessed with a special friend,

From whom they want immediate attention and intimate contact TO NEVER END!

For instance, they want phone conversation to (maybe) go on ALL DAY,

So they accuse others of commitment phobia, so they can have their way!

They often want to chat with their lover(s) 24/7 hours PLUS!!

(If the other person can’t commit to that, the accusers curse and fuss!)

“What’s wrong?” they say; “Are you scared? Maybe-you-CAN’T COPE,

With having A ‘REAL’ RELATIONSHIP with me? Are you – a dope?”

BUT – Don’t be fooled!!! REAL RELATIONSHIPS are NEVER just-about:

non-stop phone calls! and virtual touch!

THEY’RE ABOUT: Being ACTUALLY together! rubbing-atoms and such!

They’re really about MIXING D.N.A., not radio waves!

REAL! is really-REAL!? and – I-have-heard IT SAVES,

Your body from shriveling up because of lack of con-tact,

AND! It helps you MENTALLY! from suffering “lonely im-pact!”

So, if you are accused and labeled as: “NON-COMMITAL,”

It just means the accusing person probably LIKES YOU, more than a little,

And, also, may be addicted to The Phone – and Cyber Space!


fin <3

And remember: Talk is cheap; touch is real! *** Get you some skin-to-skin! IT’S THE REAL DEAL!

And also remember: If you REALLY want to get “filled up,” don’ fill up with words! ***

Like Chinese Food, “your” “fill” disappears within an hour, & you still have turds! ***

Instead, FILL UP WITH REAL LIFE EXPERIENCE! *** Kiss! and Cuddle! and you shall gain a state I like to call: “DELIRIONCE!”** [** – from delirious!]

And a final note for the curious: Remember to be brave, courageous & true! *** SNIFF all your lover’s ‘oles, but STILL tell them: “I love you!” *** And, of course, THERE IS NO WAY YOU CAN DO THAT OVER THE PHONE! *** Only in person can you do that! And (usually) only when you’re alone! * – or: “YOU SPOIL ME! AL RT!”