Expectations Revisions

“EXPECTATIONS REVISITED!” a poem 10 June 2019 (MOON day)

LIFE-is-like-the-weather! Who-knows what-will-turn-out!

“I’m-sure-it’ll-rain,” and-THEN-IT-don’t; so-you-curse-the-weather-&-pout!

(1) “How’d-you-make-it-to-a-hundred-&-ten?” “Wine! and-‘smokes’-n-lots-o’-THAT!”

“O. M. G.-all-the-things-I-AVOID! (pause) and (O. M. G.) I AM so fat!”

“Well, help-you-tummy – and-try-some-wine;

And-be lookin’ for ‘chickies’-upon-whom-you-can-dine!

Then maybe-you’ll lose weight – and-you’ll-be-just-fine!”

“I’ll do it! I’ll do it! The-‘oysters’-[of-The-World]-are-mine!”

And in a week, poor-Rory was dead! Too-much-wine-and-women got-stuck-in-his-head!

(2) I-KNOW!-I’ll-learn-to-breathe DEEP, IMPASSIONED AIR,

So-I’ll-do-me-some BREATHING EXERCISES, and I won’t have a care!

(3) Eat right! for-Your-Blood-Type; and

(4) Go-to CHURCH!

(5) Grow-TALL like-Herman-Munster! or-be-A-REAL-MAN, like Lurch,

For their fine breaths are: STEADY – and – LONG,

And they’re tall and manly – and plenty strong!

I’ll do GOOD! I’ll go to Heaven;

(6) I’ll eat better bread, with or-ganic leaven!

I lived a “good life!” I never cheated on my wife!

So, I went to The Bardo!! The Buddha! cut-ME-Like-a-knife!

EXPECTATIONS?! Phooey! Dump ‘e[u]m! Is -every-one-around-here all-that-dum[b]?

“IF-you-take-only the-EXPECTED-in-life, you-may-just-get a ridiculous sum!”

He’s nice; she’s mean; This site – is-OB-SCENE!

Expectations! As-far-as-the-eye-can-see! I LOVE YOU; do-you-love-me?-or-are-you-mean?

DON’T-tell-me! I’m-sure-I-don’t-wanna-know!

Even if you say YOU DO, I’m sure you soon will go!

Yet, life can-be-a-glorious-adventure! Maybe-if-I-just-drop – all expect-an-CIES,

And just-throw-caution-to-The-Wind – with the bird[ies] and bees!

Or, maybe, I’ll do something else! Like: CRAWL UN-DER MY BED!

And rest my little self a while – and cool my little head!

fin <3

    By ace101

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