Evil, pride and stupidity for a time were dormant.

“FASCINATION.” a poem a.k.a.: “Judgment & Will Can Be Such A Thrill.” Tuesday: December 17, 2019

EVERYONE PAUSED for a moment; it was fascinating.

Nature sighed;

God spoke,

And all the calculating,

Strategies, wars&destruction paused a moment;

Evil, pride and stupidity for a time were dormant.

(This?) All because everyone took a little break,

From being so nervous, worried, talkative and fake?

In the pause,

I think I saw an angel wing,

And a butterfly emerged from A Golden Ring,

And, I think, they FINALLY took Jesus down,

Bringing Him actually into The Heart of Town.

His bloody tears, they turned quite clear

And I did NOT notice even a bit of fear,

Or concern for trifles;


(And) THEN, there was (of course) (long pause)

A New Age of Dynamic Torment JUDGMENT

And Will.

fin ♥


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