Dreams of you 💙

Mystic Poet 💜

Good morning, clear day.

Let good dreams come true

Always-always at each person.

Let them lead to boundless distance

And brings light to the life of the family.

Magic dreams, and without them in any way!

As the dream is, then life is beautiful!

Mystic Poet 💙

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Wisdom ~

Simple caring and simple effort are heroic strivings. Those who have attained wisdom from the difficulties intrinsic to every life – can and should try to be there for others. Like experienced midwives, we should all assist those who are inexperienced in the painful birthing of psychological maturity and greater spiritual consciousness. This is the […]

Scripture ~

It’s interesting that when God speaks about us in scripture, we often don’t feel like the person He’s talking about. He speaks about us as if we’re already the completed person He’s making us into. For instance, He says that you are His masterpiece, created anew in Christ Jesus, so you can do the good […]

‘Ace News Room Ukraine Daily News’

This is our daily list of posts on that are shared across Twitter & Facebook and Shared here on  ‘Todays selection of posts from across our publishing panel, Twitter & Telegram with Kindness & Love❤️’ Published: May.12, 2021: KYIV SAYS SOME NATO ALLIES WORRIED ABOUT PROVOKING RUSSIA WITH UKRAINE MEMBERSHIP KYIV (Reuters) – Ukraine does […]

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