I guess I have always been a dreamer, but that does not mean I was always a positive person. There are negative-minded dreamers out there too. I had a rough entry into the world. But somewhere along the journey I decided to see the positive in life. That doesn’t mean I began ignoring reality or not acknowledging the negative, but I did decide to fairly accept the fullness in life’s balance, which demands that there are positive gifts along with adversity. There is a law of opposition apparent in all life which guarantees balance and fullness. I quit allowing my negativity to block the positive gifts which were meant for me, along with all of the hard lessons and tribulations I had to endure.

I remember when I was twenty years old, I went to a therapist for depression because my grandfather had just died that week. I was devastated. He asked me what I had in my life to anchor onto, to give me hope. I told him that I held onto the fact that I was a great writer in the making. He asked me what I meant, and I told him that being a great writer was in my blood and that one day my works would be published all over the world and reach millions of people. He told me, “But you are not a great writer in reality” – Don’t go to this guy if you are depressed! – I responded, “yes I am, that is a fact; it just has not emerged in the world yet, but it is a truth in my heart – a part of my truest reality”. He sternly and seriously told me my thinking was dangerously close to delusions of grandeur. Not the first time I’ve heard that! I told him excitedly, which further disturbed him, “Thank you. I am happy with that. I would rather have that, than delusions of insignificance”. He was not amused and loudly scribbled something in my file. I have to say that it feels good knowing I never let anyone destroy my dreams, not that I keep score – ok, well maybe I do a little.

I have learned a lot about the weapons people use to keep others down – and how these weapons are presented as “help” by those who “care”. I have enjoyed, perhaps a little too much, not allowing those who tried to squash my dreams have their way. But then I remember that many “negative” people were conditioned by people with small minds and hearts, so I forgive them. They never knew it, but I couldn’t be stopped – it wasn’t a goal or an ambition, it was a calling. My second-grade teacher, who really made a positive impact in my life, told me I could be anything I wanted to be, and I really believed her. I knew her words were truth because of the way she looked at me. I always knew, even then, that I wanted to be a writer. From an early age, I was a natural encourager and advice giver, and so I decided as a child that I would write books that helped people – I thought that would be so much fun! I believed I could succeed because in my heart I knew I was a winner. I don’t mean that in an arrogant way. I knew I was a winner because humility taught me that every person is a winner. If you believe in yourself and you don’t give-up, the fullness of life’s balancing grace will demand the symmetry of recompense for all your loss and pain. It is staggering how completely, fully and fairly life supports you if your negativity will allow the blessings to arrive.

Great blessings require great commitment and determination. I can promise that few of you know the long-suffering involved in my journey, and I am sure your suffering belongs to you in an equally private and intimate way. All I have ever wanted was to make a meaningful and lasting contribution and to live life as fully as possible. My chosen life path was definitely not the safe path, rather it has been like stepping out on a tightrope with no safety net. Something in me would rather fall than not reach the other side. Some people call that place success, some call it prosperity, and others may call it a purpose. For me, the destination of my dreams is where I came from originally – a paradise of innocence – but I was somehow separated from it when I was born. The truth is, and always has been, that I would rather not live at all if I cannot live in harmony with my innermost truth. For me, the journey of my life has always been to reconnect with my true self. Don’t we all wish to find ourselves in this way? The child in me has been my guide. After all, a child’s world is a magical place, and so is mine, and it always will be.

I have so much gratitude for the people who have loved me and stood beside me over the years. Deep appreciation fills my heart when I think of each of you. Thank you also to my enemies, detractors, naysayers, lurkers and secret ill-wishers – you have strengthened and blessed me immensely as my important teachers. All of my dreams are continually coming true. Dreams do come true for those who dare to believe in themselves. You set the standard for how people will treat and regard you, by how you treat and regard yourself. I hope each of you will believe in yourselves because life wants to give you the blessings you deserve. It is never too late to begin living your own dream. Start right now by beginning to believe.

There were times in my life where I didn’t think I would even live another day. But I did survive my pain and I worked to understand it and use it in positive ways. Pain in life never ends, it’s just a matter of learning how to sit with it and use it properly. Some things we never fully recover from, and we simply do the best we can. For me, recovery is a lifelong process. I try to write things in a way where you can put yourself or someone you know into the sentence. I leave out religion. I let you insert your own version of God and spirituality; that’s none of my business really. But what I do want to make my business is letting you know that your life can be sweeter and kinder. I hope that as you advance into new inner-territories and better phases of your life, that you are able to become more open to receiving the opportunities for love and joy that you deserve. I hope you can see what I see. I hope your burdens can be a little lighter and your love and laughter can soar a little higher. I hope that you are able to heal some of those old wounds and stand a little taller and feel that spark of optimism in your heart and stride. I hope a few humble lines I pen make a little difference to someone somewhere. The truth is that my readers are more of a family than I ever had, and that means you are some of the most important people in my life, and I care about you, which is why I have written this book. Thank you for sharing your journey with me and for spending some of your precious and limited time in life kicking around some of my ideas.

I truly wish that your life be sweet and beautiful. We all know life is not easy at times, but I have learned that incredible things are made possible simply by the way we choose to think. I have been made an unshakable believer in possibility, because of the profound blessings of life, health, and wealth, which poured into my life because of the way I decided to think about and see life. You could call it faith and a quest for beauty. The beauty was actually there all along; I just had to see it. Beauty is in your life too; awaiting the moment of your realization. It is my earnest desire to show each of you how I made it to the other side with grace and ease. No one has all the answers, but what I have discovered, that worked for me, I feel obligated and delighted to share with you. And when the words that flow through me occasionally meet your mind, and possibly speak to your heart as truth, then in that moment my calling is fulfilled. I have learned that it is a high spiritual truth, that when you reach to touch something beautiful, something beautiful reaches back and touches you; such is the relationship between writers and readers. Thank you for this relationship. I will continue to do my very best to always share with you what speaks to my heart!


Life is like a bunch of roses. Some sparkle like raindrops. Some fade when there's no sun. Some just fade away in time. Some dance in many colors. Some drop with hanging wings. Some make you fall in love. The beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Life you can be sure of, you will not get out ALIVE.(sorry about that)

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