Don’t second guess ⚜️⚜️⚜️

Just because something is popular does not mean it is right for everyone.

Many times we do things because most of the people we know are doing it.

But is this really conscious living?

How many of us actually take the time to determine what is “right” for us?

How many times have we been pressured by others to do things “their” way?

It’s not always easy to make decisions that go against the grain. People close to us may feel threatened and confused by our choices. Some get defensive. And some may feel we have abandoned them when we change our habits and behavior. Little do they realize our frustration when we feel unsupported and misunderstood and how exhausting it is to have to explain and the reasons for our choices.

Not everyone will agree with or accept our choices, as much as we would like them to.

The best we can do is to calmly and clearly communicate why we are making the choices that we are, and ask that they respect our choices. Our lives are our own.

And so are our decisions. Those who love and accept us will support us in those choices, even if they aren’t the norm.


By ace101

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