You come across people all the time
With some, you nod your head,
A woman, touch your hat
And walk away, but with some
Stay to talk, to crack a joke
Laugh in unison, then say bye.

With some you move closer
Become a friend, a good friend.
See often, talk on the phone
Go for a walk down the street
Have a drink or two, touching glasses
Drinking to the health.

Then something unusual occurs
And one becomes inseparable
Usually, one from the opposite sex.
Haunt your thoughts, lead your steps
Your heart beat faster, can’t breathe
Sheer excitement, joy, nearness,
A warm embrace, the first tentative kiss
Send you into raptures.

You do something and you pause
Will it be disapproved by the other?
And you find yourself acting
Not according to your lights
But that of the other.
Will something contravene
The predilections of another?
And you are not you in spirit
But only in body for a while.

Love does things to people.
You want to bide good bye
But you don’t, you can’t
Often you won’t, a dilemma.
And when you have to
You bide it in so many different ways
Taking a lot of time,
God you’re late anyway.
And when you are away
Messages traverse the aether

The man who wanted to see the Louvre
Remain on an obscure bench.
La Gioconda, Venus de Milo
Remained obscure things
The ones only heard of
And longed to see,
But never saw and in the Loo too.

But what happens, the other leaves
With not so much as a good bye?
Remain incognito indefinitely
Now what can one construe?
For it can never be good, only bad.
It can’t send you into raptures but be sad.

By ace101

Ace Worldwide News Group working with Kindness & Wisdom in perfect harmony to provide help and guidance through news & views and the truth to people in need Amen

2 replies on “DON’T SAY GOOD BYE”

Sometimes you say hello to a stranger and they don’t speak but don’t stop saying hello as one day they may say …hello back and a conversation begins with a person who is no longer a stranger.
That’s how we all begin a friendship or to start something that God wants us to do or know but in the end as in the beginning it all began with a simple HELLO

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