J Jay Samuel Davis



. . . . DIVINE LOVE:

Pine needles there upon the ground, covering up the green,

Yes, they’re stiff and pointy, dry, as I have seen,

And, at first, they shower gracefully, but soon all green is gone, Which makes it very difficult to walk upon the lawn.

We can be taken up with them,

but soon we realize,

That real love, it comes from God,

and is not in disguise.

True love it lasts and will not fade,

and only grace can fill,Our souls, our lives with God’s surprise;

I pray we’ll have good will.

We’ll always ask for God’s true love and know the love we’ve got,

Is only True,

Divine and Good when it will not rot,

Like dry pine needles on the ground which cover God’s green grass.

May these needles not impede;

The blessed feet which pass.

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