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Disgraced Cardinal George Pell, has allegedly compared himself to Jesus Christ in a letter to supporters.
I really hate to state the obvious, but….

I don’t know what I find more vile and heinous, the fact that George is comparing himself and his “suffering” to that of Jesus Christ or the fact that he has received between 1500 – 2000 letters of support. Who is writing these ? He is a convicted child sex offender and paedophile enabler !!!!!!
Who would choose to support such a monster ?

Prison authorities are investigating whether disgraced cardinal George Pell broke prison rules after a letter he apparently wrote to supporters, comparing his suffering to that of Jesus, was posted on social media.

Written from the Melbourne Assessment Prison and dated August 1, the letter apparently written by Pell discusses how his faith is helping him in prison and the upcoming synod on the Amazon. The letter was posted late on Friday night by the ‘Cardinal George Pell Supporters’ Twitter feed. Umm, hold up, there is a Cardinal George Pell Supporter’s twitter feed ? So there’s not only people sending this convicted child sex offender letters, there is also a twitter feed dedicated to supporting this convicted child abuser.

Has the whole world gone mad ?

What’s next people attacking survivors for coming out and seeking justice for the abuse they suffered…. Oh wait… 🙁

A Department of Justice and Community Safety spokeswoman on Saturday said prisoners are denied any access to the internet or social media, and it is a prison offence to “commission other individuals to post something on social media on behalf of a prisoner”. “The Department of Justice and Community Safety will thoroughly investigate this social media activity,” the spokeswoman said.

“Prisoners are denied any access to the internet or social media. It is a prison offence to commission other individuals to post something on social media on behalf of a prisoner.” Paul Galbally, Pell’s solicitor, declined to comment when contacted by The Age.

I can’t help feeling I shouldn’t hold my breath waiting for punishments to be handed down for breaching the rules. My gut tells me this will be the last we hear about this, because the former Cardinal seems to somehow still have friends in high places, (John Howard our former PM, in my opinion, undid all the good work he did as PM by writing a character reference for the convicted child sex offender George Pell) .

In the letter, Pell apparently writes that messages from supporters had brought “immense consolation, humanly and spiritually” while he awaited the appeal decision. He said he’s received between 1500 and 2000 letters since he has been imprisoned.

Pell is awaiting the ruling of the Court of Appeal, following a hearing on June 5 and 6. He has appealed a December jury decision that found him guilty of four charges of an indecent act on a child under the age of 16, and one charge of sexual penetration of a child under 16.

“My faith in our Lord, like yours, is a source of strength. The knowledge that my small suffering can be used for good purposes through being joined to Jesus’ suffering gives me purpose and direction,” the letter believed to be from Pell reads.

Firstly if anyone here is supporting this CONVICTED child sex offender, please remove yourself from FACAA, we are Fighters AGAINST child abuse… not Fighters against some child abuse… as long as we are not fans of the person who has been convicted of abusing children.

Seriously, why do people fight for the rights of child abusers. Zombies could rise up tomorrow and try to eat all of humanity and there would be Zombie right’s protestors stopping people from double tapping them because they have rights too !

He told supporters in the letter to make their voices heard, and that they “need not expect the worst”. Anyone making their voice of support for George Pell heard on this page will have their comment deleted without discussion. He is CONVICTED ! End of story !

We support the children, we support the survivors , we support those who have had their lives destroyed by these monsters. We do NOT support convicted child sex offenders and to be honest that seems entirely logical to us here at FACAA. I cannot get my head around possibly supporting a CONVICTED child abuser no matter who he is, or how close to god he claims to be !

I thought it was a big sin to compare yourself to Jesus Christ, when John Lennon said the Beatles were bigger than Jesus people wanted to string them up, but apparently it’s ok for Georgey boy to do it. Why ?

Apparently in his letter Georgey boy wrote that he has “reason to be disturbed” by the instrumentum laboris, a document prepared by the Vatican for October’s Synod of Bishops for the Pan-Amazon region. The document has been controversial, as it has floated the possibility of married men becoming priests in South America, due to a shortage of unmarried men in the region wanting to take the cloth. Apparently while George is in prison he is thinking about who guys in South America are marrying and he is also very concerned about this. Little fixated on things that don’t matter to you in the slightest there aren’t you Georgey Boy ? Although he has spent a lot of his career trying to stop homosexuality, as though it somehow hurts him who someone he has never met, sleeps with.

No the arrogance of George Pell knows no bounds. He was foolish enough to fly home and face the music thinking he would walk away without so much as a conviction recorded, boy did he mis-judge that one. Clearly his conviction hasn’t taught him a thing as he is now comparing his suffering to that of his lord and saviour Jesus Christ .

Child abusers usually are arrogant and self righteous, they often don’t even believe they have done anything wrong at all. Even after being convicted. George Pell is no different, he is a CONVICTED child abuser and does not deserve sympathy or support. He should serve his time and stop reaching out and comparing himself to Jesus or anyone else that lived a good life !

Child sex offenders and paedophile enablers are NOT people of good character, no matter who writes references saying they are…… !

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