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Here are some of the senses that we have other than your basic 5 sense sight, sound, taste, smell, and touch (Pressure, Itch, Temperature, Pain, Thirst, Hunger, Direction, Time, Muscle, Tension, Proprioception, Equilibrioception, Stretch Receptors, Chemoreceptors)

You ever wondered whenever you go to a doctor, why he checks your tongue with a torch at the first instance? The reason is, our tongue acts as a mirror of our health. Certain diseases tend to change the colour of your language.

Our bone marrow produces 260 billion red blood cells (RBCs) and 135 billion white blood cells (WBCs) per day.

The same skin cells making up a human vagina are the same type of cells that are in a human mouth.

If you use excessive punctuation, like several exclamations points or periods, you might be an emotional person.

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