Diary of A Madman🎯🎯

(62) HONOUR ALL – RESPECT ALL – LOVE ALL- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7E0ILtR-02s&start_radio=1&list=RD7E0ILtR-02s (Song: James Blunt’s SHINE ON) Direct yourself and others in the direction of greatest happiness – Honouring yourself IS lovingly going in the direction of YOUR greatest happiness – you have to be in touch with your feelings to be able to direct yourself, to steer yourself away from that which causes you to be uneasy, for an uneasy direction must mean you are headed for misery, for yourself, ultimately & for anyone else that finds themselves around you, unless they are in control of their emotions, in which case, your misery hasn’t the power to affect them. So, your only best advice to others is to go (in) the direction of their greatest happiness, but this can only be done through the mantra of HONOR ALL – RESPECT ALL – LOVE ALL FOR ME TO HONOUR YOU, I’VE GOT TO HONOUR WHAT YOU THINK IS RIGHT FOR YOU BUT If what you think is right for you has to do with forcing me to do that which is not honouring to myself, you are poison(ing) me & I need to run to the hills. DO WHAT YOU THINK IS THE RIGHT THING, BUT Do it with Honour to ALL. “Don’t do anything you feel uncomfortable about on my account.” = The Most Loving Statement Imaginable

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