Depression ~ “Big D” Make D your Friend 😁

SUNDAY: (originally written on) 04/08/2019

“MONSTERS NEED LOVE TOO.” a poem Posted: January 5, 2020 (Sunday)

“We ALL have a monster in us, lurking, scowling, wanting to frighten everything.

Surely, the monster is NOT exactly you or me, but just a frightening part of each of us that we (might) want to obscure, so as not to scare ourselves or others TOO MUCH.”

The Mystic Poet.

I like to make friends with those monsters,

That lurk in the “unconscious me;”

I like to observe how they act, and I think they might some how just be.

JustBig, sinister looking things, that with love and time will be pets.

A big, hairy monster BEFRIENDED will simply lick faces


(Sort of) Happy, knowing (s)he’sAccepted, just as (s)heISandHasLove.

MONSTERS are also part of The Divine;

MaybeGuardians. from? up “Above,”

Who are here not (so much) to be feared,

But toBe accepted &, of course, utilized,

Since they have great power (and charm),

EvenThough someOfThem are “SUPER SIZED.”

So, let’s “integrate” some monsters, and I betWe’llAllHave a greatDay,

Playing with monsters and angels and (other) things,

That we might find a long the way.

fin ♥

Limerick: “REMEMBER”

So, tryANDremember to liveAsNaturalAsYouCan / Be as nice as possible to your fellow man / Yes, just beAlittleNice / Make friends with “your lice” / & inThisWay, you’llBe your own fan.

God needs you to understand ~

Share this with someone you love and be blessed! God doesn’t base your value on what you do, on how well you perform, on how talented you are, how many people look up to you. Your weight is based on the fact that you’re His child; He breathed life into you. He made you in […]

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(MANILA) JUST IN: At least one person is dead and more than 100,000 others have been evacuated in the eastern and central Philippines as the strongest typhoon recorded in April tracks off the country’s coast.

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(AUSTRALIA) Court Report: A teacher has admitted to repeatedly sexually assaulting a 14-year-old high school student over a two-week period in Western Sydney last year #AceNewsDesk report

#AceNewsReport – Apr.21: She previously denied meeting up with the boy at various locations in June and July 2020: Young pleaded not guilty to five counts of aggravated sexual assault with the teenager in February this year: Teacher Monica Young pleads guilty to sexually assaulting 14-year-old student: ‘Monica Elizabeth Young, 24, pleaded guilty to three […]


So as soon as I had finished the daily ablutions on arrival at Calcutta, I proceeded to the Congress office. Babu Bhupendranath Basu and Sjt. Ghosal were the secretaries. I went to Bhupenbabu and offered my services. He looked at me and said: ‘I have no work, but possibly Ghosalbabu might have something to give […]

God knows best ~

It’s easy to start thinking that we’ve seen our best days when our business slows down, a person walks away, or a plan fails. But the Scripture says, “The path of the righteous gets brighter and brighter until full day” – Proverbs 4 verse 18. What God has in front of you is more fulfilling […]

(MELBOURNE) Victoria’s state-owned logging company VicForests has put the capitals drinking supply at risk by illegally logging on steep slopes in an important water catchment area, according to the government regulator #AceNewsDesk report

#AceNewsReport – Apr.21: The Office of the Conservation Regulator, a Victorian government body tasked with monitoring the state-owned logging company VicForests, foundbreaches of the law at two locations last yearbut decided not to take action. Melbourne’s drinking water and catchment areas put at risk by ‘systemic’ illegal logging on steep slopes, experts say: The conservation […]

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(GOLD COAST) JUST IN: Police have launched a homicide investigation on the Gold Coast after a woman’s body was found burnt in the backyard of a home at Arundel this morning #AceNewsDesk report

#AceNewsReport – Apr.21: Detective Inspector Chris Ahearn said police found the woman’s body in the backyard of the property: He said a 35-year-old man, who was believed to have been known to the woman, was found later in a “semi-conscious” state on the front lawn of a property two blocks away at Langer Place: Homicide […]


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