Day 14: Discuss your views on religion.

What defines the term Religion

On reflection over time

One” pondered how this ”Term” eventuated on earth

Enlightenment to harness unspeakable conditions on humanity on earth

“One” ponders why humans need a sense of belonging to a church, cult, Temple 🕍

Man-Made Religious groups in history are a division from the pure essence of Godliness

Man worships material things that are not created by the higher power. Buildings 🌆 Statues, necklaces all created by man. This is not Godlessness

Jesus Son Of God wore no shoes

” One” has no views on Man-Made religious beliefs.

Views on the term ”religion ” in historical records show the man is lead or harboured by the Term Relgion

Grace you eyes around the earth 🌐 all with borders denying humanity freedoms and hope

Countries have all kinds of things called ”Religion” created within those borders

The man becomes greedy, self-promotion or beliefs ingrained by past generation become toxic waste

He then Murders all living things on Earth 🌐

Children suffer, our future generations suffer

God never created man-made the religion, man did that, God created you, cause he loved you before you were born. You were created by a higher power in the imagine of God

Man looks very sad today. God has tears 😢 in his eyes

You were created to populate this wonderful planet known as Earth

All living things are the joy of life to keep you company

Therefore it is your responsibility to care for all living things without self-promotion

Together we a strong ~

apart we fail.

Everyone can change yourself first and wouldn’t that be wonderful, humanity.

Maybe we will live as one unit

For as time goes by this wonderful place we call our home we will not exist

Reading is knowledge use it wisely

Many folk even today do not have access to reading. Perhaps the some men are afraid to allow man to read gaing power themselves selves

God so loved the world 🌎

He created you ⚜️

Footnote: Author may disappoint you. The author is incapable of ” Judgment ” or ”opinions “ 😁⚜️


By ace101

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