The good times become great memories. The bad times become great lessons.

What is the meaning ?

There are many ways that one can be stuck in time.
Now before some of you, jump to the phrase ” Time is a construct ” or ” Time is irrelevant “
To a person that is Stuck in Time ~ it is Time that they are looped in.


Have you noticed when your at traffic lights , a person in their car, you can hear the song their playing, the shirt they are wearing is also from that era of time and they also have the same hair cut from 30 or 40 years ago..
They are re-living the same great day or night the had 3 or 4 decades ago.
Example the Led Zepplin concert they attended was the greatest night they have ever had…

Old farmer has been farming the same way for 60 years as his dad and his grandfather did.

The same time consuming methods, some old ways are good ways, but water management has evolved with understanding of the cycles of weather.

Crop rotation has evolved as companion planting and Biodiversity has been understood greater.

Animal health is a large evolved Solution to their breeding and how to protect the environment and creek beds and rivers.

That planting trees reduces effects of sunburnt country.

Being Stuck in Time comes in many different ways.

Not evolving and finding the better ways to live life or to teach our children are detrimental to our future.

The past has already proven that so many of us got it wrong.
That being stuck in our ways is not always the best way.

By ace101

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