Daniel Arriagada will not serve a day behind bars after being convicted of possessing more than 2,400 videos and images of the worst type of child exploitation material, it even featured toddlers

Daniel Arriagada will not serve a day behind bars after being convicted of possessing more than 2,400 videos and images of the worst type of child exploitation material, it even featured toddlers

A paedophile bodybuilder who had more than 2,400 child abuse pictures and videos in his possession will not be jailed. Daniel Jared Arriagada, 30, from Leichhardt, in Ipswich, Queensland, pleaded guilty to possessing child exploitation material which included images of toddlers depicting sexual acts.

Rather than being jailed for this heinous material, Arriagada walked free from Ipswich District Court on Friday after being handed a 12 month Intensive Corrections Order to be served in the community.

Judge Alexander Horeman-Wren SC said the offences Arriagada committed can carry a maximum sentence of 14 years behind bars.

Once again our judges have shown that they don’t consider possession of child exploitation material to be an offence worthy of severe punishment, once again they show that the victims featured in the pictures and videos don’t matter to our system.

Arriagada, a former prison guard and soldier, also pleaded guilty last week to trafficking steroids into Arthur Gorrie Correctional Centre while he worked there.

Arriagada was caught with 1,265 pictures and 1,158 videos of ‘category one’ child exploitation material at his Leichhardt home in Ipswich on December 6, 2018.

‘Category one’ is the worst possible level of child exploitation material. Arriagada’s stash showed babies, toddlers and pre-pubescent girls under 13 performing explicit sexual acts. The 2,423 pieces of multimedia were saved on two mobile phones, a laptop and two hard drives, which were all seized by police.

All of that, and no prison time. He was caught smuggling steroids into a prison and was caught with a large amount of the worst category of child exploitation material…. and still no prison time !
How is that acceptable?

Judge Horneman-Wren SC said Arriagada’s stash of child exploitation material was ‘horrific’.’

‘Every child depicted is a victim. This (accessing images of child sex abuse) creates a market,’ Judge Horneman-Wren said, according to The Telegraph.

Arriagada said his behaviour was due to a relationship breakdown but judge Horneman-Wren said it was ‘not an explanation or an excuse to access such awful child abuse material’.

So no excuses accepted, but still no prison time. WHY ?

Crown Prosecutor Amanda Robinson said Arriagada should spend no less than 15 months of actual jail time.

Defence barrister Scott Neaves proposed he serve a 12-month ICO instead, arguing if Arriagada spent a short time in prison, he would be released without supervision.

In the end, Judge Horneman-Wren sentenced him to 12-months in jail to be served through an ICO. During this time, Arriagada will have two weekly visits with corrective services officers, attend counselling programs and stay at residential facilities for up to seven days when directed.

Somehow, I doubt this β€œsupervision is better than a short prison sentence” rubbish !
How about a long prison term instead ?

Giving paedophiles no prison time after they have been caught with so many of the worst possible images and videos of child sex abuse, sends a message to the community loud and clear, that you will get off without prison time if you are caught doing this.

Not to mention, it sends a very bad message to child abuse survivors…. that their suffering means nothing to our system despite our PM ScoMo saying that survivors would be believed and heard. The judge may not have meant this, but those messages were exactly the result of his decision to not send Arriagada to prison !

Last week, the former prison guard received a suspended two-and-a-half year jail term for trafficking in steroids at the Supreme Court in Brisbane. Arriagada pleaded guilty to supplying and trafficking steroids at Arthur Gorrie Correctional Centre, where he worked as a guard, in November and December 2018.

He and two others sold 1,000 units of the bodybuilding drug to prisoners over a four-week period, but made no profit. The former prison guard also apparently promoted steroid use while working at World Gym Ipswich but was fired after being charged in December 2018. He was sentenced to two-and-a-half years’ jail, suspended for four years.

Wow this guy is Teflon ! Seriously, an amazing ability to avoid prison despite horrendous convictions !

Daniel Arriagada despite the fact the judge has decided it is better for you to be under supervision in the community, we believe you should be locked up for the rest of your natural life !

The children, toddlers and pre-teens in your images and videos are very real and feel pain. Their innocent lives are forever changed because people like you get enjoyment from their pain. That is a crime that deserves a very long custodial sentence.

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