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(NEW YORK) JUST IN: Pliant Energy Systems Report: They are building a marine system reminiscent of the cuttlefish with its rippling underwater motion, according to the The Economist #AceNewsDesk report

#AceNewsReport – Dec.22: Interesting Engineering reports: Unlike propellers, fins and flippers can extend around a sea creature, meaning more propulsion without the need for a large protruding propeller that could get caught or damaged by hitting the seabed. Fins are also flexible, meaning that if they do come in contact with any other object in the sea, they are less likely to get damaged.

#AceDailyNews says according to the Economist News Report: The company’s biomimetic machine, called Velox, is based on the principle that propellers are nowhere near as efficient as the fins of sea creatures that are prevalent in nature.

VIDEO BELOW: Cuttlefish-Like Robots Are Far More Efficient Than Propeller-Powered Machines

Published on December 21, 2021 at 07:00AM:

In an interview with The Economist, an ex-marine biologist and founder of Pliant Energy Systems, Benjamin Pietro Filardo, explained how he is designing submersible machines that are propelled using flexible fin-like materials. He said Velox will produce approximately three times as much thrust per unit energy as the average propeller of a small boat. The system can travel underwater and even come out onto land, using its fins almost like robotic legs.

The video above shows Velox skating on ice and swimming in a pool. Filardo showed his new design to America’s Office of Naval Research, leading them to commission a new iteration, called C-Ray, that will be faster and lighter than Velox. C-Ray also won’t be tethered, unlike Velox, which is currently controlled via a cable.

Autonomous swarms of the machine could eventually be used for missions such as undersea patrols, mine removal, and deepsea exploration and monitoring. […] Filardo said the system has great potential for scalability, giving the blue whale as an example of a massive sea mammal that uses fins for propulsion. Impressively, he also revealed that he is also working on a concept that would allow his system to moor itself, and then use the undulations of its fins, thanks to the sea current, to recharge.

A lot of testing is still needed, but if Filardo’s system delivers on its promise, we might eventually see giant mechanical sea beasts silently gliding through the oceans.

#AceNewsDesk report …………Published: Dec.22: 2021:

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