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“CULTIVATING HAPPY, GOOD HUMOR.” a poem October 20, 2019 (SUN.)πŸ’₯

“CULTIVATING HAPPY, GOOD HUMOR.” a poem October 20, 2019 (SUN.)

(This morning) “The Good Humor Man” woke around 8:00;

Does he have FREE WILL? or is this his fate?

“The First Moment Angel” is THERE, by his side,

He LOVES to be with her on their Magic Carpet Ride.

They’ve both awakened from The Dead, and this moment in NOW,

And together, they look around and go: “Gee Whiz,” and “Wow.”

In about 3 hours, he’ll sing: “Holy Mystery,”

“I adore you, My Darling;” “Please, do you adore me?”

“Oh, yes, my Beautiful Lover, forever and a day.”

And, now, it’s time to prepare breakfast and to kneel and pray:

To PRAY with thanks, for they get to be together;

To PRAY for strength, so they might negotiate any weather;

To PRAY to be resilient, with good, happy humor;

To PRAY to dispel any nasty, old rumor.

Does this sound like A Fairy Tale? “Well, of course, My Love,

But it’s the sort of tale WE have been dreaming of,

Since we were kids IN ANOTHER UNI VERSE;”

His Wonderful Angel opens up “her purse;”

He writes a poem down in THIS very “funky” verse,

And they kiss & cuddle. “Well, things could be worse?”

Or things could be better? “Is it up to us?”

“It’s a CLEAN NEW SLATE; we can laugh or fuss;

We can see The World with grateful eyes,

Or lament and cry with many sighs.”

“Maybe we need something else?” “I think this will be fine.”

TODAY, together they will ride in The Good Humor Truck,

Calling The Day “DIVINE.”

fin <3

Morning 🌞

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