Complusive syndrome BLOCKING Social media, have we lost our Brains 🆘🆘🙇

“BLOCKING SYNDROME!” a poem a.k.a.: “Compulsive Blocking!” 15 June 2019 (Saturday)

I’ve blocked so many people recently,

[that] I think I’m addicted to blocking, you-see!

So, I signed up yesterday – with BLOCKANON!

I-used-to-have: strength! power! and-brawn!


Now, “we’re” being CONDITIONED-to-NOT-block or-we-cry,

‘Cause we’re watching PROGRAMS, that induce vomiting and fear,

IF-we-even-THINK-about-Blocking! It’s very clear:

That I AM addicted! “My name: It is MYSTIC,

And-I’m-a-BLOCKER!” but Thanks-to “neuro-linguistic,

Programs (and medication) to halt the urge,

I’m “doing” “non-blocking!” I’m trying to purge, (?)

The “Blocking Syndrome” from my very being!

A LOT OF GOOD IT’S DOING, for I am seeing,

A great resurgence – in Facebook Friends,

And-In-Twittering Partners, and this impulse never ends!

Now, I just WANT – lots of BUDDIES,

Pals! and Chums! and-even Old Fuddies!

“The World is My Oyster!” or-rather-“I’m-a-clam-in-the-endless-ocean-WITH A ZILLION OTHER CLAMS:”

Children! Perverts! Misters! and M’ams!

I’ve become EX-pansive! My arms – are OPEN WIDE!

I’ll NEVER BLOCK YOU! Come-on! Come!-In-side,

And I’ll serve you dinner – and give you all I got!

BLOCKERS ANONYMOUS!* We smoke-a-lot-of-pot!

fin <3

  • – AA, or Alcoholics Anonymous, is a fine organization, with many who have maintained “sobriety” for many years! Some – without the use of any “crutches,”

like marijuana – and/or almost constant coitus? [Seek! and Ye shall find!]

Whoa 😮

Edited by the Tealady from the depths of depravity acquired by Social Media fiction

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By ace101

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