Complaints sent to Facebook without answer ~ Without Prejudice

Facebook yesterday your computer crawlers made very bad mistakes blocking 12 posts I placed on Facebook. All posts were not against any Community Standard Policy Standards all posts were scenery flowers animals suitable for General Exhibition. I appreciate your standards in place and never share hate, racist or cruel posts. It is obvious that your Computer crawling need updating. Many posts I see on Facebook are against Community Standards that I do report and the notification sent back to me are always in favour of the perpetrators of Facebook Community Standards especially fake Facebook holders. These mistakes made by your staff are not acceptable. As a blogger on webs we will be writing about our concerns about the state of Facebook to keep your Community Standards updated.

The above letter was sent to facbook by this Editor, Dazzled.

My own Facebook this year already has been blocked by Facebook for 7 days twice-monthly this year. As a long-time contributed and Beta Tester Facebook and Facebook Business Page has failed to deliver any of those community standards regulations the Company is instructed themselves to monitor.

We have stopped using Facebook Pages for business due to Facebook inability to run fair and equitable business ethics. Pages do not show any return in business. Mistakes at Facebook blocking private use of the owner of 9 Bussiness Pages also block our business Pages that they close down and still try to charge us for. This information we gladly share with other Business a warning not to use Facebook Pages in Business.

Without Prejudice @bestofnatureblog

By ace101

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