Come on honey ~ 🐝


Don’t disappoint-The-Body! Wash-it IF-it-do-smell;

Feed-it, IF-it’s-hungry! and you-can-usually-tell,

What The Body needs – and what it likes to eat,

And It-might-like a little-tickle, down there on the feet!

Also, IF-it-needs “some loving,” give it, pretty quick!

Whip it out there, baby; I got me here a trick,


See, I-can-brush-my-teeth and-shave-my-lit-tle-face!

“Come-on, Honey,” Honey-says; “put-it in this place!”

When I do-[it], The-Body-goes: “Whoop-tee-Doo-doo-doo,”

And My Special Lady-likewise: “Yip-pee-Kai-yai-woo!”

And-DO-NOT-blame some-others, IF you’re feeling BAD;

It’s-YOUR-FAULT if-you-can’t-re-cognize what-makes-your-body-sad!

For-The-Body’s “pretty-pre-ferential” really-fairly-specific!

Just LOVE and-listen to-Your-Body so-You-can-feel ter-rific! 🙂 – Yeah!

fin <3

Kindness is free to sprinkle it everywhere you go 🌟
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