Colin Randall, former QLD Police Officer who beat his 10 week old son to death, has had his appeal for early release DENIED !

Colin Randall, former QLD Police Officer who beat his 10 week old son to death, has had his appeal for early release DENIED !

The story of Colin Randall and how he punched his 10 week old baby boy Kye, in the stomach so hard he pulverised the little boy’s liver, is a story that is downright horrific.

Horrific because the only explanation he gave was that he was “frustrated.”

Horrific because he punched his son in the stomach with such force it caused fatal injuries.

Horrific, because it was the first time he was left alone with Kye.

Horrific because he tried to blame the CPR for Kye’s death, claiming ‘misapplied force’ caused his death.

Horrific because he lied for 18 months to Kye’s mother Debra Chambers, manipulating and deceiving her into believing Kye’s death was a tragic accident.

Horrific because someone capable of losing control and behaving so abominably, managed to pass the psychological testing invoved in becoming a police officer, someone charged with protecting those unable to protect themselves.

Horrific because he pleaded guilty to manslaughter… not the murder charge he deserved.

Horrific because the 9 year sentence he received is a joke and a parole date of 2021 is not justice for Kye and his loved ones.

He was sent to jail last year for punching his baby son so hard the 10-week-old’s liver was “pulped”, but former Queensland police officer Colin Randall could be free soon. The brutal act came the first time the senior constable was left alone with his son Kye in June 2014. The then 37-year-old Randall had become obsessed with moving to Hervey Bay but a recent transfer request was knocked back by police.

He wanted to move to Hervey bay to be closer to the woman that he was having an affair with. The fact he couldn’t be closer to his girlfriend made him so frustrated he punched a completely innocent and vulnerable 10 week old baby boy.

On the morning he killed his son, Randall’s wife Debra Chambers had gone to the shops with their first child. Randall stayed at home and put Kye in a swing. The court heard Randall leaned down and punched Kyle once, leaving him with severe internal injuries from which he never recovered.

“The child went into cardiac arrest because of the trauma,” Crown prosecutor Phil McCarthy said.

Randall was sentenced to nine years in prison last May after pleading guilty to the lesser charge of manslaughter three days before his murder trial was due to start. The fact is the courts have difficulty proving murder in domestic situations, because they must prove the murderer intended to kill the victim.

We at FACAA have to question how in this particular case there can be any question at all of Randall’s intentions.
There could be no other likely outcome. What the hell did he think was going to happen when he balled up his fist and drove it into the stomach of his 10 week old baby boy?

Anyone capable of becoming a police officer would realise that punching a 10 week old baby would do irrepairable damage and more than likely be a fatal blow.

Seriously, a child would know this!

Yet here we are, with another child killer who pleaded down to manslaughter rather than facing the charges they deserve …. that of child murder.

“The courts are saying they can’t prove he intended to kill Kye, but in my eyes, if you are going to punch a two-and-a-half-month-old in the stomach really hard, you are going to kill them,” Ms Chambers told A Current Affair.
“He is very manipulative and very evil. I mean, it takes an evil person to do what he did.” – Well said Ms Chambers !

While sentencing Randall in Brisbane’s Supreme Court, Justice Peter Davis delivered a scathing assessment of the 41-year-old, saying he had breached his duty to care for his son in the “most horrible and vile way”.

Randall maintained for three-and-a-half years the injuries were caused by CPR he had incorrectly performed, despite being familiar with the technique. “It beggars belief in circumstances where he was a trained instructor (in CPR),” Mr McCarthy said.

Yeah sorry Randall, you loser, it was you punching your son Kye that killed him, not bad CPR !

Recently Randall appealed the length of his sentence, wanting to be free before his already incredibly lenient parole date in 2021. He tried to claim that the judge did not put enough weight on his guilty plea.

A guilty plea that he only gave at the very last possible moment to do so, because he knew his not guilty plea would not fly and he would be found guilty of murdering his son. So he got the advantage of an early guilty plea and a charge reduction to manslaughter…. not the murder charge he should have been facing.

Thankfully the board of judges that heard his appeal saw straight through his lies and denied his appeal for early release.

Well done to the judges who dismissed his appeal, they have shown that sometimes there is just a little bit of justice in our legal system and that sometimes the judges get it right.

Colin Randall should be locked up for the rest of his days, his pathetic temper tantrum cost little Kye his life !

A life that had unlimited potential, a life taken away because Colin Randall was frustrated that he didn’t get the transfer he wanted.

It’s time our legal system spoke loudly to these murderers who take the lives of innocent babies like Kye and toddlers like Hemi and then claim it was an accident.
Beating a baby is not an accident and they deserve to face the full force of the law, the charge is murder not manslaughter and sentence should be life !

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