Coffee Maker *🆘

“ANYTHING BUT PLAIN[e]!” a poem for Damien, a.k.a.: “The Calm* Barista Man!” June 24, 2019 (Monday)

The Most Efficient (pause) and-Level-Headed Barista-in-Town:

DAMIEN! (pause) at-Plaine-Coffee-can-be-found,

Brewin’ – and-Doin” THAT which-others-ONLY-DREAM,

O’ – doin’ (pause) because [believe-you-me] IT-MIGHT-S E E M,

That such smooth speed and a-gil-ity,

(Making-it-look-EFFORT-LESS), with-such-hu-mility,

Might-be boring!? BUT! – NO! and-even-manners-abound!

DAMIEN! (pause) at-Plaine-Coffee-can-be–found!

Yet, there’s NEVER a cup, routine! or-plain(e)!

LISTEN CAREFULLY! (Let-me ex-plain:)

“The Antichrist” – is-oft-misunderstood! oft’ maligned;

Two-sides-of-a-single-coin! CHRIST-on-the-other-side’s-not-always-kind!

For, remember! He can-set family members ta-fightin’,

But – DAMIEN with-His-coffee-magic –


Whatever your s – x, whatever your persuasion,

DAMIEN brews perfect! on-every-o-ccasion!

Winter! Spring! Summer! Fall!

The-Fall-of-Man can-be-a ball, (pause)

Or, with DAMIEN, a “coffee bomb!”

Come to Plaine! Feel-The-Calm!*

fin <3

  1. God never abandons his children and even when we walk away from him inside ourselves he sends us his love…

  2. Blessed are the peacemakers as they will receive peace in their mind, body, ❤️ and soul now and forevermore Amen…

  3. The world needs Peace & Love more than ever before Amen 🙏‘ s for leaders to recongnise the error of…

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