Coffee Maker *🆘

“ANYTHING BUT PLAIN[e]!” a poem for Damien, a.k.a.: “The Calm* Barista Man!” June 24, 2019 (Monday)

The Most Efficient (pause) and-Level-Headed Barista-in-Town:

DAMIEN! (pause) at-Plaine-Coffee-can-be-found,

Brewin’ – and-Doin” THAT which-others-ONLY-DREAM,

O’ – doin’ (pause) because [believe-you-me] IT-MIGHT-S E E M,

That such smooth speed and a-gil-ity,

(Making-it-look-EFFORT-LESS), with-such-hu-mility,

Might-be boring!? BUT! – NO! and-even-manners-abound!

DAMIEN! (pause) at-Plaine-Coffee-can-be–found!

Yet, there’s NEVER a cup, routine! or-plain(e)!

LISTEN CAREFULLY! (Let-me ex-plain:)

“The Antichrist” – is-oft-misunderstood! oft’ maligned;

Two-sides-of-a-single-coin! CHRIST-on-the-other-side’s-not-always-kind!

For, remember! He can-set family members ta-fightin’,

But – DAMIEN with-His-coffee-magic –


Whatever your s – x, whatever your persuasion,

DAMIEN brews perfect! on-every-o-ccasion!

Winter! Spring! Summer! Fall!

The-Fall-of-Man can-be-a ball, (pause)

Or, with DAMIEN, a “coffee bomb!”

Come to Plaine! Feel-The-Calm!*

fin <3

At the Texas Rangers Department of Education 🎓

By ace101

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