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Today I am sitting here thinking of the past, thinking of who I used to be, the mistakes I have made and person I thought I had to be.

See, for the past 40 years I have been living a lie. Only a handful of people truly know the real Jason.

I have been confused as to who I needed to be in life and let my insecurities and the opinions of others pave the path for me, which has lead me to live an unhappy life on the inside while trying to live a happy life in the eyes of others on the outside.

There have been many times where I have been in a deep dark hole of helplessness not knowing how or where to go. I have never felt that I have belonged. I have hidden the fact that I am a caring, sensitive, gental and emotional man. I have been ashamed of these attributes because I thought I had to be the typical stereotype male who is strong and doesnt show emotion. Thats not me

I have always felt that I was different, that I was the person standing in the corner of the room. This is something that I could never understand and had a huge impact on my life. I was never happy within and constantly felt that something was wrong with me.

All I ever wanted was to be happy and accepted…❤

Four weeks ago I started taking a functional beverage thats designed to help release the happy hormones in the brain. I was sceptical!!!! Seriously sceptical!!!! But i thought to myself, what if, what if this is what I have been hoping for all these years, what if this drink has the ability to bring me HAPPINESS. So i gave it a go and four weeks on my life has completely changed.

That world that I lived in where I felt trapped is lifting. I can see hope in the horizon. I am HAPPY, energised, focused and I can finally think clear thoughts.

For the first time ever I have the confidence to show the world who I truly am without feeling ashamed. I have the confidence to stand tall and be proud of myself.

I am beginning to love the person who I am becoming, the true ME is shinning

To think that a natural functional beverage called Coffee has given me the ability to do this is just outrageous.

But it does.

Four weeks ago I would have never written this post, I would never opened up because I was scare to become vulnerable because someone might hate upon me 🖕

Well let me tell you that I dont care what anyone thinks of me anymore….

Its been hard to write this post and express my feelings, but i did this in the hope that somone reading this can relate.

What I have to say to that person is that there is hope. There is something that can pull you from that dark place, something that can create happiness within.

I know because its happened to me

Editor: 😮 Dave Price 😂 we ordered a cartoon of Coffee, thanks mate 🤪

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