Ace says ……The 12-days of Christmas

What does Christmas mean to you 💥

Hello Friends, Readers, Followers, its that countdown to that day when Christ was born, that’s how the story goes and for many years since that day people celebrate in their own way …….but there’s more …

Every year since my dad died on the 13th December my life like so many more changed it went from seeing my family eat, drink and be merry to working every year providing assisting in a care home kitchen cooking, serving and feeding the residents …..but there’s more …….

Like so many this year due to the pandemic raging across the world with many people having their faith tested and many more finding they are able and capable whilst others have died in those care homes, I worked for over 4yrs and this year due to restrictions l cannot provide my charitable work in the home …..but there’s more ……….

Now l started with the 12-days of Christmas now of course there is a video which l will put at the bottom of this post but that just tells you about how, what and who were celebrating in those days …….but there’s more ……

How about the next 12-days of Christmas starting on Christmas Eve ……with all the changes due to the pandemic with many its said receiving vaccine jabs and others self-isolating whilst many families can only meet in certain tiers ……..but there’s more …….

Whilst we are not able to enjoy the festivities this year its only ONE year of our THREE SCORE DAYS PLUS 10 …That magical number God (by any other name) was said to give us …….the rest is borrowed time so we are told where do we borrow this time or is it just a GIFT FROM GOD …….but there’s more ……..

Was it not a GIFT FROM GOD that a father gave so long ago and what’s more precious than a child and this was the GIFT of a SON to bring us news of what is to come ……..but there’s more ……..

This GIFT cost us nothing, was full of love and forgave his enemies ….now that is more ……more than anything we can ever imagine unless this Christmas we give of ourselves by remembering our loved ones trying to share what little we have, forgive those that bear false witness against us and most of all …..DO NOT JUDGE OTHERS as we will be judged at the END OF DAYS ……..But there’s more ……..

But not until the next time God Bless and Prayers for those in need of help and guidance working over Christmas as l have so many years before l left the care industry ……So as with God there is always more Amen 🙏’s