My baby doesn’t believe in Santa anymore but it’s a Merry Christmas 🎄

Amen ✨✨✨

My baby is not so much a baby anymore. Although, as I repeatedly tell him, he will always be my baby. He will just have to live with that fact. He’s thirteen going on twenty. Even still he is a sweet baby. So sweet, that he was willing to pretend that he still believes in […]

My baby doesn’t believe in Santa anymore but it’s a Merry Christmas

What a darling Son ❤

Love to make you happy ❤❤

I never stopped believing in Santa either and still do

It’s sad when you stop believing as a child in Christmas

Then what comes happens next is tragic in a child’s life 😌

He stopped understanding that Christmas 🎄 was the day we truly celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ ⛪

The Celebration of the Birth when the Shepard’s of all nations arrived with gifts for Baby Jesus,

The stories we learn as Children shape our beliefs in life 😌

One step at a time ✨

Our Children are the future ✨

Encourage beliefs don’t steal those little happy moments 💥

I believe in Santa however my mother and father never taught me to stop believing once you do stop children begin to disbelieve in most things in life 😌

I was taught about the birth of Jesus Christ and how every man presented gifts to baby Jesus 😁

And perhaps God created the story of Santa Clause to help children grasp the story of Christmas day 😁

As children growing up we would be overjoyed to create gifts for Baby Jesus on Christmas Day under the Christmas 🎄 Tree.

Amen ✨

Editor: My story here is a true happening and this is the short version.

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