Christmas 🎅

Merry Christmas 🎄

Christmas is a magical time for both the young and old 🕯

The streets are busy with people rushing back
and forth🙆‍♀️

Last-minute shopping and last day of work💫

Each one on a goal to complete what they need too🙌

And as the sounds of Christmas songs💥

The blowing of hooters from impatient cars🚗

The voices talking and the shops all trying to get
your attention🕯

You need to slow down and take time and
appreciate the time of year🎅

Sharing a hug or 😁 smile

Stopping for a chat with an old friend💁‍♀️

Or even making some new friends🎀

In today’s life we overlook the smaller things🤦‍♀️

They seem to be left behind🕯

In the rush, you may miss the gentle smile of a
elderly person😔

The giggles of a young child excited for 🎁

As snowflakes that gather along the way❄

All these make up the memories formed🕯

Dancing jointly in harmony💃

Each is unique in its way💥

Cherish them cause soon they may be gone and
only the memories remain💫


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