Child rapist Chris Bentley who broke his parole after being released, has been let out yet again because “it’s not fair to keep him behind bars.”

Child rapist Chris Bentley who broke his parole after being released, has been let out yet again because “it’s not fair to keep him behind bars.”

This man has a guardian angel watching over his convictions, first he gets let out of prison after kidnapping and raping a child because the judge didn’t want him to miss out on his spot in the housing commission line, then he breaks his parole conditions and gets sent back behind bars where he belongs.

Then he gets let out yet again, this time because the judge thinks it is unfair to lock him up and keep him locked up because he has an anti-authoritarian disorder. Seriously you cannot make this stuff up !

A dangerous sex offender who breached the terms of his prison release by using methylamphetamine has been allowed back into the West Australian community on an amended five-year supervision order.

Christopher John Bentley, who has a lengthy criminal record spanning multiple states and a history of drug abuse, was in 2002 convicted of detaining, threatening and raping a 16-year-old girl in 2000. The 56-year-old was also convicted of several other offences, including armed robbery and aggravated rape, against two separate women on the same day in 2001. Bentley was released on a supervision order in 2018 and after his breach last year was fined $500.

The state then applied in the WA Supreme Court for the supervision order to be rescinded, so Bentley would be locked up indefinitely, or amended. Last Wednesday, Justice Joseph McGrath ruled Bentley should be released back into the community subject to an amended five-year supervision order with 58 conditions. Justice McGrath said he was satisfied Bentley would comply with the conditions, which includes two additions related to the use of electronic devices.

How many chances do we give to these predators ? It’s obvious he won’t comply with the 58 conditions he’s been given, because he has breached his parole conditions before and will do it again. … ln fact he has broken the simplest of them when he was set free and committed more crimes, then he was let out yet again and took ice.

“I am further satisfied that the community will be adequately protected by the provisions of the amended supervision order,” he said. Justice McGrath said it was untenable to detain Bentley indefinitely for his anti-authoritarian personality, adding the risk could be managed in the community.

Since when did it become unfair to detain someone with an anti-authoritarian disorder ? I’m sure 99% of prisoners in custody could argue that they have an anti-authoritarian disorder, does that mean we’ll be releasing them all ?

Seriously who is this guy ?
Who is Chris Bentley that he is given so many chances after committing such horrendous rapes and crimes ? We know our legal system needs a lot of work but this guy is the living, breathing example of everything that is wrong with it.

How many people will Bentley have to rape before judges realise that he deserves to be locked up and never released.

Chris Bentley should be locked up for the rest of his days some crimes don’t deserve a second chance.

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