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Watch “CAN’T STOP THE FEELING! (From DreamWorks Animation’s “Trolls”) (Official Video)” on YouTube~ SMILE BE HAPPEN ~😁😊😁😊

Be Humorous and Fun

Everyone wants to be near a person which makes them laugh. Nothing can replace a good laughter! Laughing is a healing process, and it is such a positive emotion.
It brings you joy and happiness, and it connects you with others on a deeper level, so practice this skill.

Try to notice only good things in others and approach life from a more optimistic point! Do not judge and criticize, do not always look into stuff in a serious way, instead, try to smile as as you can.


Watch “Oprah Winfrey | 5 Minutes For The NEXT 50 Years of Your LIFE” on YouTube

Wise Insights into your world

Learn from every mistake

Use mistakes for KNOWLEDGE

Find yourself a partner who inspires you to grow and reach your full potential

You are worth more than Diamonds

Watch “Sandra Dee & Bobby Darin-Dream Lover” on YouTube

A Moaning Poem: “I WANNA GO TO HEAVE😊 for God’s Sakes!”

I wanna go to Heaven! Why?! So things’ll be OK!
So, now it’s Sunday morning 😁 I’ll go to “church” today!😊

To learn about Heaven . . . and how to get me some
I don’t wanna be a sinner don’t wanna be a bum

In Heaven, things, they are so fine:
No tears or sorrow just a thing called SUBLIME

No fighting, no killing, no milling around
Just happy, smiling people 👋 kindness will abound

Just think of it

No pressure, no tension, only JOY!
No nasty, sexy, goo-ey stuff . . . for any girl or boy😛
No hard drink, no politics ☺️no money in no wallet 😔
We just kinda hang around🙃 relaxing on a pallet 🇺🇸

And in about / say / 2-days 😛we’ll be . . .

We’ll realize, God knows, we’d rather be a leaf 🤘

Suddenly / those notion /of-good-and-perfect 🕺 suddenly

And we’re in a hell, with Heavenly expectations


😒that rotten punk😝 who told us: You-make-Heaven-or-Hell-with-a-thought

With whatever stupid, “imperfect” circumstances you’ve got 😄

So🙄 grab a date
And grab a drink
And jump in a boat
Before you 😊

Hold my hand
You Sexy One
We don’t have to peak . . .
But, let’s have (a little) fun