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O my dear friends it has become clear that we are on the threshold of one ot the greatest happenings to take place in our lives, no wait it is here and already preparing you.
You are awakening to truth and it is unlimited in what you will experience, for its in every direction as well as within and without. It is seen and will bring all to your awareness and peace to your mind. It is unseen and your heart will find its home of Love and all lusts of the past will lose control of you for the wholeness of life has arrived and filled the sensations to unlimited beauty that they could not fully understand until these very moments we live.
This awakening is the complete surrender to the Holy Spirit that has been experienced and has been a motivator for your focus in a world completely captivated by its sensations and power to control ( Ego). But what you had was a looking glass into the illusion, knowing it was not functioning correct but you could not see how big the dysfunction was with mankind or even yourself.
Now beautiful ones , see anew, for the Spirit of God is flowing across the world to awaken its own. To be able to see clearly the illusion as it really is. UNDERSTAND IF ITS NOT LOVE IT IS THE ILLUSION. All the people of the passed even the most brightest , kindest, could not have seen how every thing you have learned in your education systems or within your homes was that of the deceivers who fell from grace and challenged you to defy them, for they had revealed themselves as the enlightened as well as the polarity of greed and destruction.
I will as well as many others, will write on these things as Jesus through the Spirit of the fullness of life guides us and all his children home. I love you dear Lord , I love you dear brothers and sisters.


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My HUSBAND is beautiful inside and out
I bet he reads my blog (not really sure he does)
My Mother told us kids a story long ago
Oh, yeah we were rich kids
Mother said “if Our Dad had no money she would live on a riverbank with Dad”
Yes, I still remember those twinkling eyes of blue and her red lipstick, diamonds on her hands.
Mum always said the “truth”
Dad treated her as his Queen
She had it all, yet Mum didn’t have monetary thoughts.
Even as a child (runt of the litter) my Mothers word’s
still haunt me today
Yes, as kids we were so blessed to have been born into a loving family where PEACE reined supreme
Last night while my husband slept I watched over him smiling thinking about my Mother.
Yes, she was so HAPPY
I fell in love with my husband just like she did
He loved her just the way she was
Money is the root of evil.
My husband is perfectly suited to me cause he places no importance on wealth or creed
My husband moves like a visual panther always calm
I would be anything or sleep anywhere he went just like my Mother
I to am blessed just like my Mother
Mothers always knows best 😁
Good night
Hello you
Here we go again

Watch “Don Williams ♫ Lord I Hope This Day Is Good ☆ʟʏʀɪᴄ ᴠɪᴅᴇᴏ☆” on YouTube LETTER TO MY husband THANK YOU FOR Loving me ❤❤

My HUSBAND is beautiful inside and out he loves me cause he knows exactly why I love him just the way he is when he’s Silent

As I watch him silently those thoughts he has been trying to keep secret from me make me smile inside.

My husband treats me as his Queen. My beloved husband has made the decision to keep me protected from incessant worry about unimportant baggage.

I know my MAN inside out bless him.

My HUSBAND is beautiful inside and out he loves me cause he knows exactly why I love him just the way he is when he’s trying to calm me.

Inside my heart skips a beat when he walks past me with that smirk on his face

He knows exactly what I need.

Hugs and kisses always sooth me constantly

There I go again, knocked out😁

Ladies and gentlemen never want material things when your husband loves everything about you.

My HUSBAND is beautiful inside and out he is my world the greatest gift made of diamonds and star dust.

Remember not to question motives of your Husband, he what’s to protect you.

Your Husband will always come home to you, his best friend and woman.

What he does when he leaves you at home he thinks of his women waiting for your loving arms welcoming him home.

I love my husband unconditionally as he does me, cause he knows exactly why I love him just the way he is protective of me.

I believe in him ❤

Your journey matters !

Trauma and pain can not be measured or compared, it’s not a competition.

Your journey matters !

Stop brushing aside your own experience as though it doesn’t matter. So many times I have heard people saying things to me like “well it wasn’t real sexual abuse because I wasn’t penetrated” “I wasn’t actually abused really – my parents just tried to drown me when I was four and so I was taken away” “I wasn’t abused as such, they just used to lock me in a cupboard so I guess at least I was safe there” and “he didn’t touch me though, he just got me to do things to myself while he took photos from when I was about 3 to around 7. So he didn’t actually abuse me, it was my own doing.”

Yes, these are legitimately all things that people have truly said to me, and they have said them in all seriousness. Many of us who have survived childhood trauma find that we have more empathy than others, and that is great but we need to own, value, acknowledge and recognise our own suffering too.

Burying the pain is soothing, helping others instead of thinking about our own issues becomes like an addiciton – it masks the true depth of our suffering.

We need to learn to love, forgive and validate ourselves in order to truly move forward. I personally am not comfortable with the notion of forgiving my abusers, but I do know I had to forgive myself – to let go of the shame, guilt and humiliation that they had caused. It really is okay to feel the hurts we have been dealt, to grieve for what might have been, to admit that we too have feelings. It’s all about taking back your rights, your self-esteem and your life.

You matter too – we all do and no child ever deserves to be abused or neglected in any way. It doesn’t matter what form the abuse takes or how “bad” it is or was – it is all abuse. It all causes damage, it is all wrong and it is all the fault of the abuser and only the abuser.

Trauma and pain can not be measured or compared, we all experience our own journeys in our own ways. (GE)

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“The most important thing is to enjoy your life—to be happy—it’s all that matters.”

Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered, weak and weary,
Over many a quaint and curious volume of forgotten lore—
While I nodded, nearly napping, suddenly there came a tapping,
“The most important thing is to enjoy your life—to be happy—it’s all that matters

“As of some one gently rapping, rapping at my chamber door
“‘Tis some visitor,” I muttered, “tapping at my chamber door—
Only this and nothing more”