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Mont St Michel, Northern France.



She was made for the wild not for the cage
No ink was enough to bind her destiny on a page
All those secrets was safe in her keep
They were locked away in a lake so deep.

She could sing passion and love into existence
She knew no limits, nor of any resistance
She was just so different and preferred to be alone
Even her stare felt cold and her soul was long gone.

She had a mind, polished with the ash of gold
It only got brighter as the memories grew old
She was awfully weird in a really awesome way
Like a shooting star in the middle of the day.

She was the fashion sensation of the town
She was reaching high but never left the ground
She didn’t let go of her humanity even though her heart bleed
And hid the pain in the pages of a book that no one was supposed to read.

She was different as her life was lost in mystery
She was born a legend to be remembered throughout the history
Her curiosity led her to the places she’s never been before
It was the beat in her heart and the reason she was breathing for.

Honesty wasn’t just her habit, it was the way of her life
The truth on her tongue sometimes felt sharper than the knife
Her world was bigger, she wasn’t always late
Days fell short, it was just her cheating fate.



He was the most fun person to be around
His timeless and weird jokes just couldn’t elsewhere be found
His silence spoke louder than words
Like clinging swords in the battle of the worlds
He knew of those two lines of reality and fantasy
Between them was where he stood leading to a legacy.