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My Gal Lollipop ~

“THE ‘O. D.’ HUG!” a poem a.k.a.: “My Favorite Huggie!” 

I-just wan’-a-me – the O.D. HUG, I-know-it’s-a-lot-to-ask,
But I-like to-think about-it – in-your-hug I-LO-O-OVE -to-“bask!”


You sneak up (kinda slowly) and whisper in her ear,
That-you-love-her-ever-lots-and-lots, and she’s a Sweetie DEAR –
You get a little closer, and-you smell her precious hair!
And start to press her to (your) chest – and put your nose right there,
And kinda lean up on her – and wrap your arms around,
Her back – and arms (so sexy) – THE SEXIEST I’VE FOUND;
They’re THICK – and you can feel – a firm and scrumptious squeeze,
AND-I-PUT-MY-FACE-INTO-HER-HAIR, It-is The Perfect Tease,
And I’ll-breathe-real-deep – and feel the squeeze, that-comes-from-a-cozy-hug,
And I think then – I’M-IN-HEAVEN – me-with-my-bed-a-bug!

I AM – a shy – and cautious guy – but I’d-like-to ask her true,
When-I-see-her – when she’s near – “CAN-I HUGGIE-YOU?”
“Whatch-a-mean? A huggie?” “Well (pause or not) can you turn around?”
“Well, I don’t-know; it’s kinda weird; I’m-not-sure where you’re bound!”
“Well-now – I (JUST)-WANNA – WRAP – (pause) myself around your frame,
And squeeze!*-(with)-my-love-sick-head-upon-you! Honey-please-don’t-blame,
Me, for-I got-this-fantasy, ’cause I’m-just-crazy- for-YOU! (pause)
‘Cause-you’re-the-sexiest-thing – (that)-I’ve-seen! Your hugs are JUST – so -OO-OO! 🙂 – Whew!

fin ©️

* – gently! 🙂


“THE HARDHEADED BRAT OF BREWSTER COUNTY?!” a poem August 7, 2018 -💣💣

“THE HARDHEADED BRAT OF BREWSTER COUNTY?!” a poem August 7, 2018 – Tuesday. a.k.a.: “Doctors, Lawyers, Indian Chiefs: IF You Have Questions, Call The Thiefs; If You’ve No Questions, Then Something’s Wrong – You-Need-An-Attitude-Adjustment … And A Different Song!”

“YOU! YOU! – You-you-need,

To ‘get on board’ and learn to read!

And-agree-more-often with conventionality!

IF-you-don’t, Mr. Hardhead, hardship you’ll see.

STUBBORN – is what WE think you are;

‘Get-with-the-program’-Mister! Then-you’ll ‘go far!!’

Hard Head! Resistant! to OUR decree,



🙂 – And so it went, and so it goes!

I-feel-the-condemnation, DOWN TO MY TOES!

And-yet! I-still-think-these-folks-are-filled-with-s – – –

I’d like them, for a change, to suck my _ _ _,

Or, actually, I really guess I don’t care

Any more (pause) for, this hardheaded “bear,”

Has heard these phrases once too often,

And thinks, perhaps, that in a coffin,

THEY should be put – with all of those,

That THINK – that I should stick my nose,

Into their armpits – and smell the roses!

And sim-pl-y – Adapt, THEIR SILLY POSES!

Q: Are my poor views, so filled with c _ _ _,

They THEY’ll – forever – continue their flap,

To say:

“You’re stubborn! YES! Hard-headed YOU, to have your own opinions, when they ‘don’t ring’ TRUE, with OUR ‘good judgment;’ you need a life / That patterns OURS; so-you-won’t-create strife / We NEED-to set you, set you – STRAIGHT! / Perhaps! We haven’t got-to-you-TOO-LATE!!”

“No, no,” said I; “you’re-not-only-late –


But, I’m sure, I-am-too and-I’m-OK-with-that:

YOU DON’T SEEM TO BE* – but that ‘don’t’ make me the brat!” – 🙂

fin. <3

    • OK with that!!

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    Siren of the sea sing softly to me Sing softly to me and together we'll be With a ribbon in your hair and a song in your heart and a love so strong they'll never tear us apart
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Watch “Alan Jackson – How Great Thou Art (Live)” on YouTube TEXAS COWBOY

I wonder what all the Texas COWBOYS WOULD DO TODAY


America the greatest Nation on earth ©

Texas Cowboy ~ woman are my destiny

“WHAT IS LOVE!” a poem a.k.a.: “When Forcing Love is Love Too And Loving To Destroy Love is Love Too And Any Love Is Good Love – And Can Destroy The World And Send Us Where Love Is Very Rarely Seen!” 29 Nov 2018 (Thursday: Karaoke Night at Ole Crystal Bar, Alpine, Texas!)

LOVE? is caring SO MUCH – for her happiness,

And knowing that – without-sweet-balance – things can be-a-mess!

Without Fresh Air- and Sun-and-Water,

Our bodies don’t function – as they ought-er;

Without some exercise – and a little food to eat,

Regularly! We, I’m-sure – can not greet,

A beautiful day! After we’ve a peaceful, pleasant rest!

Love is – giving the other – always – yes, your best,

But realizing! IF your lover always wants – even more,

That “over-loving” is-oft’ to be a chore!

LOVE IS BEING FOCUSED (but not obsessed) with the object of your desire;

LOVE – is HELPING! Which-means: to “faithfully” inspire,

Your-lover – to-get-their-“needs”-fulfilled, like-the-water-food-and-air,

Knowing these things – might require – that you-can”t ALWAYS be-“there,”

ALL THE TIME – so LOVE is (sometimes) about, giving your lover space,

And NOT-being-upset – IF you can not always see the face,

Of YOUR LOVER – as much as you think you do require,

Because: over-forcing love – time-wise – can cause-even-TRUE-LOVE-to tire,


And SOFT – and “loving,” truly-and-truly, “No, I don’t mind,

If we CAN’T be more and more intense,

For – I know – that the end of forcing love – well, it makes no sense!”

So! Easy-does-it! PLEASE! Read these lines – slow – and clear,

And JUST KNOW – I-LOVE-YOU-I-LOVE-YOU-I-LOVE-YOU, 100 (thousand) times,

My Dear!

fin <3

LOVE – CAN BE – a VICE!* At first? The pressure slight,

Then, tighter-and-tighter – ‘til we BREAK – because The Might,

Of an-unyielding-vice – can become SO intense!

True Love’s much more gentle – A VICE IT-AIN’T, for-whence,

Does True Love really come from? FROM FREEDOM & FROM EASE,

Of Heart & mind & soul & spirit – and Thank-you and Yes, please!

True Love, it’s got no pressure – is like a flowing creek;

It’s clear and bubbly – happy and moderate – makes you laugh-and-take-a-peek,

At everything – through Eyes Of Love-to-inspire-you-to-pretend,

* – multiple meanings here!

Give me loving all day long ~ Texas Cowboy


I’ve said it BEFORE! and I know you want more,
Of The Topics of: BORE and of CHORE!

So! (pause) Why’s-the-word-LIFE, which-rhymes-with-WIFE,
Also rhyme – with a “hard word” like STRIFE?

And KNIFE! and RIFE!
And-it-[also] rhymes-with-FIFE,
Through this IF-y, old World – and I HAVE-to-be “girl-ed,”
Or-I’ll-get-bored without “her-sweet-arch!”

You-gotta-stay-ON-YOUR-TOES, so a double-edged-sword,
Should keep you from-ever – getting too-bored!

And, although you might HATE – your-“to-do-do-do list,”
You might: (1) love; (2) accept; (3) miss: (4) whip-out the chores,
As you wait to get kissed!

So, friends and fa-mi-ly,
Can fill you with glee,
AND! Can make all your life just-a-H – L L!
But – boredom’s a b – – – h –
And a real good witch,
Can keep you a-lovin’ quite well!

So, count all your blessings, as you curse your bad luck;
You might feel better – after a *,
Reminds you: that WATER OFF-of-YOUR BACK –
CAN KEEP OFF THE BOREDOM, so you-two can “shack,”

And, after the lovin’, and you’re-feelin’-RELAXED,
You-KNOW Chores’ll-PROVE-your-love, and you’re-sure-to-be-“taxed,”
With another GREAT day here in your LIFE,
Which-is-about: GOOD-LOVIN’ – and, for-sure, about STRIFE!

🙂 – So, WHY? isn’t she SURE – my love is true?
<[|:) -Is your love TRUE, Honey? Kiss me! More!

fin <3 * – duck et al


“ALWAYS MISSING OUT!” a poem February 4, 2019 (Moon-day!)

IF I ONLY REACTED – “better” – and “quicker,”
I’d-be-better-off – but – I’m feeling-a-bit-sicker,
Trying to keep-up – with what-others-suggest?
To help my poor life? – and-make-a-“comfortable nest?”
To fulfill the desires – of Presidents and Kings?
“IF-I-COULD-ONLY-TRY-HARDER!” but-such-stress-this-thought-brings!

Perhaps JUST RELAXING?! “My burden is LIGHT!”*
And – BREATHING-FOR-A-MOMENT – might be beautifully right!

“JUST EASY DOES IT!” a term! demonized,
by: The-World-and-Motivational-Speakers!?
Are we TOO HYPNOTIZED? 🙂 – Whoa!

fin <3

* – offered by a little known “prophet” a couple thousand years ago!

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