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Huawei Tops Apple to Reclaim No.2 Smartphone Spot [Video]

May.03 — Huawei Technologies Co. overtook Apple Inc. to claim the No. 2 spot in smartphones in the first quarter. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman reports on “Bloomberg Technology.”
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Welcome to my FacebookπŸ•Š

Hi, folk are you on Facebook.

Here is an example of introduction I use regularly.

Read, you will soon understand just what kind of folk need to apply.

To those people I have not met who would like to add me as a friend…

I hope you want me to connect as Facebook friends because you know me or my work, or because you have found my Timeline posts to your taste.

Am I being too harsh if I do not add you to my circle of friends if, when I visit your page, you have no posts to show me? What can I expect to receive from you on my feed if I accept your offer of friendship? If I cannot see your posts without first accepting your request, feel free to message me and explain what we have in common, and then I’ll add you to my network.

I already read the news and keep up with current affairs. I am already aware of many injustices in the world, and I will take a stand when I can. While an occasional reminder is appropriate, I do not wish to spend much of my precious time reading large numbers of posts with negative opinions and outpourings. I would like to be mainly inspired by your posts, enlivened by your choice of music and entertained by your photos and sense of fun. When we know each other, I will empathise with any personal misfortune, but…

Negativity is debilitating, and the amount on Facebook is causing my artistic output to suffer.

Perhaps this may help you to sort those Trolls πŸ›

Copy and post. 🀣😝

I look forward to connecting and being your friend if we know each other personally and well if we can enjoy helping each other if we share interests and outlooks and our lives can become supportive.

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“FIELDS OF GOLD!” a poem February 19, 2019 [TUESDAY*]

When she was young, the air was fresh; the sun! IT shone! upon her flesh;
She RAN! and trees – did step aside; the birds applauded, as she’d glide,
‘Cross-open-meadows, and-she’d-jump into brooks;
She swan in-mystic-pools! and-read mysterious books,
Illuminated-by: THE LIGHT OF DAY,
And-she-was-“greedy,**” and-drank-The-Night-away!
She seldom slept, but when she did,
Joyous dreams would fill her head,
And she did wake, to-greater-[mornings]-than-before,
Excited! and-anticipating – what-the-day-held-in-store!
Then, one day: She’s-introduced-to:
MONITORS! [when- The-Internet-was-new],
And-with-FASCINATION! She would gaze & click!
Soon! She tired! and her-body grew – sick,
From lack of sun – and-running-along,
With-her-TINY-puppy, singing-a-song!
Where were the shouts? and the bruis – ed knee?
Now! only-Blogging! [and]-Posting! and-FACEBOOK, did-she-see!
Her sleep was fitful, for-she-could-not re-gu-late,
Her daily hours – and, sometimes, very late,
She-would-stay – transfixed – to A JEALOUS SCREEN,
And beams of blue light (with pictures – obscene),
Bombarded-our-heroine! For, she was addicted,
And YEARS DID PASS – her eyes? constricted!
Occasionally! She-would take a walk,
With her TINY doggie! and they would talk,
About days gone by, when, each-afternoon,
They’d shout – and sing – and-chase-a-balloon!
Those days gone by? Will they ever return?
To put back ROSES! into-our-“little-urn?”
And, once again, will The Healing Sun,
See A GIRL – and-her-doggie – gaily run,
Never knowing exactly – where-they’re-going-to?
fin <3


Together we are
on top of the World

This little girl, within us equally lies ~ With teardrops welling in her eyes ~ Yearning-for that-time-when-we ~ Take-back our-favored destiny! ~ And choose, once more, the sun over lamp ~ The moon over screen – and-to-go-out-& camp ~ To sleep “OUT-THERE,” un-der the stars ~ And wait – for-a-[shining]-morning we-can (once more) call “OURS!” πŸ™‚
Hungry for Peace ❣

* – the first day of the rest of your life! ** – HUNGRY! for LIFE!

Thank you Kindness

Thank you πŸ’™

Thank you


Some men see things as they are and say “why?” I dream of things that never were and say “why not?” George Bernard Shaw

Use these strategies to improve the quality of your mind-calming meditation: 1. Practice meditation at the same time each day and in the same place so that your mind becomes accustomed to entering the desired serene state as soon as you enter the peaceful place. 2. The early morning is undoubtedly the most powerful time to meditate. Indian yogis believe that the pre-dawn time has almost magical qualities which aid in achieving the super-peaceful state so many meditators attempt to attain. 3. Before you start, command your mind to be quiet by using affirmations such as “I will be focused and very calm now.” 4. If thoughts do enter, do not force them out but simply let them pass like clouds making way for the beautiful blue sky. Picture that your mind is like a still lake without even a ripple. 5. Sit for ten minutes at first and then increase the time every few sittings. After a month or two, you will not be interrupted by any pressing thoughts and will surely feel a sense of peace that you have never felt before.

Forge and foster great friendships as such relationships are essential for maintaining a healthy and successful life. Find a few minutes every day to jot down some warm wishes to an old friend or to place a telephone call to someone you have not had a chance to speak to for a while. Show compassion and sincere consideration for all your friends and watch the results which follow. Develop long lasting friendships by being a good friend. Also, make it a priority to seek out new friends no matter how many you may be fortunate enough to have. This is one of life’s greatest joys which many of us miss.

Purchase a cassette or CD of Miles Davis’s Kind Of Blue. It is a uniquely soothing compilation that will refresh and soothe you after a challenging and productive day. Music such as this is good for the soul.

Drown your appetite by drinking more water – ten glasses a day is ideal. It revitalizes the system and purifies the body. Also, get into the habit of eating soups and more complex carbohydrates such as rice, potatoes and pasta which feed your hunger with far less calories than other less healthy foods. You truly are what you eat and must ensure that your diet is designed to maximize your energy and mental clarity.

Develop the essential habit of punctuality for it is most important for high success. Punctuality reflects discipline and a proper regard for others. Without it, even the most sophisticated person appears slightly offensive. Do not be early and certainly never be late. Budget your time and, should you arrive early, take a walk or simply relax for a few moments to ensure that you arrive on time as requested. You will be appreciated and welcomed always if you cultivate this important quality that appears so rarely these days.

The telephone is there for your convenience, not for the convenience of others who are attempting to contact you. If you are busy with a task, do not answer the phone or have someone answer the call so that you may return it at a more suitable time. Do not let such interruptions waste your time. Most phone calls are not important and last far too long anyway. Over the course of the average American’s lifetime, she will spend two years unsuccessfully returning phone calls. There are so many important and fun things to do in life. The challenge is to respect precious time so that we can achieve a fuller, more satisfying life.

Before you get out of bed each morning, say a prayer or repeat your personal affirmation giving thanks for the day and all the positive things you will see and achieve. Make a conscious decision to make this the best day of your life and meet with pleasure, success and fun. If you believe it, it will most certainly happen. A timeless secret for lifelong success is to live each day as if it were your last.

Confide in your partner. This will strengthen the relationship and allow you both to grow at the same pace. It is also a wonderful tonic to share important or otherwise troubling things with the person you are closest to.

Push yourself just a little harder and a little farther each day. Winners on the playing field of life push the envelope of their potential daily. Do the thing you fear and the death of fear is certain. Winners do the things that less developed people don’t like doing even though they also might not enjoy doing them. This is what strength of character and courage is all about. Tackle your weaknesses. Do the thing that you have consistently put off. Write that thank you note or letter that you have neglected for so long. Exercise your discipline muscles and they will rise to the occasion by filling your day with more satisfaction, more effectiveness and far more energy.



A contented mind is a continual feast. Greed and material desires must be curbed to achieve lasting happiness and serenity. Be happy with what you have. Do you really need all of those material possessions? One can develop contentment just as one develops patience, courage and concentration – with daily practice and sincere desire.

Make a new friend or acquaintance every day. Keep an updated list of all contacts close at hand. Rich relationships are the DNA of a rich, rewarding life.

Remember this ancient Indian proverb: “if you conquer your mind, you conquer the world.”

Place greater importance on staying happy than amassing material possessions. A zest for life is developed and carefully nurtured through thoughtful activities and pursuits.

Contrary to popular opinion, stress is not a bad thing. It allows us to perform at peak levels and can assist us through the flood of chemicals it releases within our bodies. What is harmful is too much stress, or more particularly, a lack of relief from stress. The times of stress must be balanced nicely with times of pure relaxation and leisure for us to be healthy and at our best. Many of the great leaders of our time were exposed to crushing workloads and the burdens of high office. But they prospered by developing strategies to balance the challenging times with fun and calming times. President Kennedy would have regular naps in his White House office. Winston Churchill had the same practice and slept for one hour every afternoon to stay alert, focused and calm. Not only is it essential to be physically relaxed to maintain optimal health but one must couple this trait with mental serenity. Too often people think that vigorous exercise, good nutrition and pleasant leisure activities will be the panacea for all ills. These pursuits must be combined with positive thinking and peace of mind for true happiness and longevity.

Get into the habit of taking mental vacations throughout the day. Visit Bermuda for five minutes in the morning. Visualize a swim in the Mediterranean in the afternoon and skiing down the slopes of the Alps just before you head for home at the end of your busy and productive day. Try this for two months and schedule these rest periods into your agenda just as you would your essential meetings or tasks. The rewards will be significant.

A change is as good as a rest. Whether this change is as major as a change of employment or as minor as a leisure pursuit which occupies your entire attention for an hour three times a week, these changes in routine, and mindset are entirely beneficial. In selecting the activity, try to find something totally engaging which requires deep concentration so that your mind is free from the mundane but seemingly important aspects of your day. Many executives are becoming involved in the martial arts for just this reason. If your mind wanders for even a split second, a harsh lesson is soon learned. Pain is a great motivator and always will be.

Study these 10 fundamentals of happiness:

i. Pursue a productive, exciting and active life.
ii. Engage in meaningful activities every minute of every day.
iii. Develop an organized, planned lifestyle with little chaos.
iv. Set realistic goals yet keep your mark high.
v. Think positively – you cannot afford the luxury of a negative thought.
vi. Avoid needless worry over trifling matters.
vii. Devote time to fun.
viii. Develop a warm, outgoing personality with a sincere love of people.
ix. Get in the habit of giving more than receiving.
x. Learn to live in the present. The past is water under the bridge of life.

Strive to be humble and live a simple life.

Read “A History of Knowledge” by Charles Van Doren which chronicles the history of the world’s ideas. In this one book is an absolute wealth of knowledge. Get it, read it and enjoy it.