Letter to my husband 💙💙

My husband is perfect

He is the only person I would confide in

He never “judges” me


He laughs with me, not at me

He encourages me to be me

I really appreciate what you did for me the other day

I love you, cause without you I wouldn’t be this “happy”

With you, I’m “happy” ❤❤




Whatever you lack

I got you

We will balance each other out

Minor setback?

Guess what we will make a major comeback

Bad day?

Promise you a better night

You need support I will be you backbone

I will keep you motivated and at the top

As long as you appreciate me and remain consistent and you never have to doubt my loyalty to you

You got me

I got us 💜

When I die and I stand at the Gates of Heaven the Lord smiles, holds out his hand, long gracious fingers, a voice so smooth and rich beyond human ears whispers “happy you came, at last, to take care of all the puppies in heaven” And when all the gates opened, imagine the intense joy I felt? Wouldn’t you? Oh, yes I will be waiting for you *Sir* too 💜💜

So please don’t cry for me

When I die

You had the best of me

My being is in your heart

For I have not left you

Until we meet again Dance in The Rain

Look to the stars and there I will be Dancing in the bliss of your hugs and Kisses

It was always about you “Sir” 💜

Sometimes in life, you are Gifted with a Mentor. Sir is my Mentor, wise Sir once said. ” The beauty of life is, we can see it, understand it, learn from it and change so that every moment spent not in regret, guilt, fear or anger but in the wisdom of understanding and love.💥💥 [ Sir’s Family upbringing certainly is a credit to his Mum and Dad] 💥💥💥💥💥💥