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“BUT – What If We Never Started?” a poem. [She said that we should start again, that cold October night!

I looked her deeply in the eyes and smiled and said: “All right!” “But, honey bunches, don’t you KNOW! We never WILL get ‘started” (pause) because this HAS been going on – you see, we’re NEVER PARTED!

Since ‘time’ ‘mimmoralial’ us two (pause) HAS really never ‘stopped;’ we just like to forget the past – and keep the ‘boogie’ up! I’ve known you since I knew myself – which-is-really quite a ‘spell!’ We’ve been to Heaven, Cincinnati, L. A. – and-now Hell! But Hell is what you’s make it! It CAN be filled with grace! Since Honey came so long ago – “spruced-up”-the-bloody place! (S)he did install some juke boxes, (pause) free bar & dancing girls! And tore down all ‘pay toilets’ And showered gems and pearls! (S)He left – and said – “(2000) hence, I will return and we (pause) Will just do ‘tick-a-nicky’ and always happy be!] Yay! Whoop-ee! Cuddles!


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“LITTLE RUGRAT(S)!” October 2017. Monday.

Be nice to rugrats!

And they’ll be nice to you!

They might appear like fragile things,

But blessings can accrue!

They scurry ’round and peek-in-the-corner,

Looking for: Their Friend, Little Jack Horner!

They’ll play little tricky tricks on you,

And make little noises, like: “Poo-poo-pee-doo!”

Stay on their “good side,” if you know what’s good!!

‘Cause Their Daddy’s really big – just “knock on wood!”

{The final admonition of Yesua, the son of Yehsef, a little Hebrew boy living in a Roman-controlled province a couple millenia ago!}