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Watch “Celtic Woman – Home For Christmas (Live From Dublin 2013)” on YouTube Peace to all on Earth. Share kindness, its free, sprinkle it all over the Earth. If you are able to be kind together just once a year, maybe we together may make a difference to our Earth. We are all Brothers and Sisters together. 🕊


Those whom you love, your good friends who, Make-life-worth-living! 

“KEN WA FU!” a poem a.k.a.: “Balanced Integrity!” Tuesday: Dec. 11, 2018

BALANCE! What-ever-else – you-might-do;
Not-too much red; not-too much blue –
Some-things-OLD; some-things NEW,
And-focus-on-things that-are comfortable-for-you,
Learn from mistakes, and – do not rue,
Apparent errors, for it is true,
We-can-be-(too)-hard-on-ourselves – and, then, we’ll stew,
And – become critical – of OUR little “shrew!”
And – we-all-have-a-shrew, so, here’s a clue:
“LIFE’S-THROUGH-NOT-FROM,” and-we’re-ALL-a-crew,
Of all sorts of folks, trying to get through!
So – CO-OPERATE-in-LOVE – and also “glue,”
Those whom you love, your good friends who,
Cherish-“your-(ol’)-shoe,” the one you kiss, the one you woo!
Plus, take care of your body; remember – to chew!
Follow your HEART, with-its-balanced-hue!
And A-pretty-GOOD PRESCRIPTION: is KEN – WA – FU!*

fin <3

* – In the wisdom of The Japanese culture, it is said that happiness is found by balancing the blessings of KEN (health), WA (harmony) & FU (prosperity)! IF you find yourself in such a balanced, blessed state, count your blessings & consider yourself VERY LUCKY!

What was the scariest close call you’ve ever had? Written by a Contributor 😁

What was the scariest close call you’ve ever had?

At 9 a.m, two police constable patrolling the streets on motorcycle radioed a “shots fired” call regarding unknown suspects riding a white car. They said they are chasing the car. A very short call, made only once.

I heard them on my Motorola pocket wireless set. Police wireless control started screaming and directing every available mobile van and rider to reach the said point.

By the time we barely left the police station to get there, dispatch told that both constables have been gunned down as reported by another patrolling squad who had reached there in few minutes.

Oh man… Oh man. I cannot express the adrenaline that news struck. It shook the whole department instantly. We had never experienced such an incident before. It was like the whole department has formed into an agile bloodhound that is out to hunt.

Numerous reports kept coming in about the latest sightings of that white car and finally, they were pinned down where they had to leave the car and run on foot. Minutes later, their luck gave up completely, as they had entered a street with a dead end.

In a jiffy, we reached there. About 50 policemen were covering that street. Suspects were firing off shots vigorously with fully automatic rifles. The rate of fire was extraordinary. North Hollywood shootout comes to mind. I, along with other cops, climbed up a shop’s roof to get a better and relatively safer look and that’s when they fired at us.

A bullet struck about a foot above my head, back on the wall. It made a cracking sound. An AK 47 shot.

For some reason, my mother’s image came to my mind. I don’t want to say that I was scared, but the idea of dying instantly rattled me real hard. It left me wondering.

Oh my goodness! What if I die here? My mother will go insane! I am not even married yet, got zero numbers in sex department. Would I go without a little what-what? I wish to visit UAE, is that dream for nothing? I am yet to earn money and enjoy life, what about that?

In few very short seconds, I thought about all of that. Got all the legitimate reasons you know, to live. 🙂 I had almost drowned once and also faced a serious accident but such thoughts never struck me then. Maybe it’s because, a head shot is capable of turning your lights off right away. I don’t know.


The benefit we had from here was a “clear trajectory path” as we could see them hiding behind a vehicle. So, shots we fired which made them move and be more visible to the cops down the street.

A heavy spray from above and front silenced both of them. Three AK 47s with box magazines and a sack filled with literally thousands of rounds they had.

Armed, trained and resilient they were.

A breed new to us.