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As I’m crying I am hurting inside
Been cut so deep, I feel every time I am breathing, I’m merely beyond betrayed

Slice me with my eye,

Not even ice can bring the pain a sudden stop

I am crying shaking my Cobb web’s.

It shakes my head when I’m looking like that.

I am venting for a way out ringing my head

Looking like I was splashed more than blades stabbing me obsessed with the hurt I went through

Cause it’s looking like a dead weight hasn’t been lifted yet

Fill it up with each pattern of crap
Hard to cover up those patterns with cracks

Deadly habits can hurt when we go look there opposite section

My perception of those who sight of a woman who’s always battling, have been in this battle of teardrops

For many years

Can’t test a river when a well is dry
Cause I’m dry in space.

Laces can’t hang my mind already it wants to have a soft place cause my mind is falling from grace.

Nobody ever knows why I shed tears

Sorrow is a sweet lament

Tomorrow no more tears

Forever DONE😌

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