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The Innocence of school days brings on all these horror times of working then the world is full of Stepping stones.A bully is a blustering, quarrelsome and overbearing sort. They never grew out of it; they acted that

way in primary school, and it carried through to present day. They are often physically dominant, which makes up for their insecurities and deficiencies in other areas. (Like, say, brain power.) Every office has one. The trick is to know their buttons so you can discreetly and strategically push them to the delight of your co-workers.


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Fields Of Psychology. Psychology Business includes Staff Training and Bussiness Conference Courses

The different fields in psychology indicates the importance and relevance of these areas in our daily life. In this section we will briefly learn about some of these fields.

Abnormal Psychology:
This branch of psychology tries to describe, assess, predict and control those categories of behaviours which are considered as unusual and non-normative. It also deals with various categories of psychological disorders which affect the mental health of the individual. It assesses abnormality in the individual through standardized psycho-diagnostic tools and suggests problem specific treatment.

Cognitive Psychology:
It deals with acquisition, storage, transformation and application of information the individual uses to understand and interpret events happening around him/her.

Clinical and Counseling Psychology:
Clinical psychology is primarily concerned with diagnosis and treatment of various psychological disorders. A clinical psychologist is trained in psychotherapeutic techniques which are used to treat people suffering from psychological disorders. They are employed in hospitals and clinics dealing with mental health problems. The counseling psychologist deals with mild problems pertaining to adjustment in social and emotional life, and provides specialized services to deal with marital problems, stress oriented problems and career choice.

Educational Psychology:
This field of psychology is mainly concerned with academic performance. It studies the role of various factors which influence learning processes in classroom setting. It focuses on assessing the aptitude, skills and intellectual potential of the students and evaluating their performance. An educational psychologist also helps students to overcome learning difficulties.

Environmental Psychology:
This field is concerned with the study of interaction between physical environment and human behaviour. It studies the impact of noise, heat, humidity, pollution and crowding on human performance. It also focuses on the impact of physical environment on psychological health of individuals.

Health Psychology:
This field focuses on the impact of various psychological factors (e.g. stress) on the onset progress and treatment of illness. It also deals with various life style diseases such as hypertension, coronary heart disease, cancer and diabetes.

Organizational Psychology:
This field is concerned with application of psychological principles and models to study the selection and performance of employees in organizational settings. It also studies the concepts of leadership, motivation, job satisfaction and performance appraisal.

Developmental Psychology:
This field is concerned with the study of various physical and psychological factors which influence the systematic changes which the individual experiences across the different stages of life.

Emerging Fields:
In addition to the fields mentioned above a number of new areas have emerged. Some of these fields are sports psychology, military psychology, aviation psychology, forensic psychology, peace psychology, neuropsychology, political psychology, feminist psychology and positive psychology.

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Differences Between Persons of Low and High Emotional Intelligence

For example, we can take public presentation. We will state how people with low emotional intelligence act a couple of days before, during and after the presentation. Afterwards, we will compare their behavior with the behavior of people with high emotional intelligence.People with low emotional intelligence: When the day of the presentation is approaching, a person becomes more nervous, unable to eat or sleep and generally feels bad. Due to the high anxiety, his/her preparation is bad. Whenever a person imagines the situation of presenting in front of a larger number of people, his/her mind creates a terrible picture. On the day of presentation, a person feels bad until the beginning of the presentation. The first few minutes, he/she feels terrible. His/her hands are sweating, a voice is shivering, and he/she is very nervous. After some time, the nervousness ceases and a person is pleasantly surprised. Due to a previous nervousness, a person’s memory is not so good, so he/she often must take a look in his/her notes. A presentation is not humorous because a person is too tense to see the funny side. At the end of the presentation, he/she forgets to thank his team.People with high emotional intelligence: A person feels a slight nervousness but tries to confront it by preparing the material for the presentation. When his/her mind becomes full of bad thoughts, a person starts to motivate himself/herself with positive thoughts. Because of the relaxed state, a person is able to distinguish what is important from the unnecessary details and therefore has a better presentation than the person with low emotional intelligence. On the day of the presentation, a person is nervous but assures himself/herself that the low level of nervousness is actually good. The first few minutes he/she is nervous, but then relaxes. The audience is laughing to person’s humorous statements which makes him/her more relaxed. Due to the relaxation, a person has no problem with memory and rarely looks at his/her notes and is natural and spontaneous.

( in other words know your subject and prepare )