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Luke LeBree

For many years of my life I felt I was a failure, not that I did not have fun at times and good parents but life seem to be to hard for me and because of this I struggled I would put myself down if things went wrong thinking it was my fault. I nearly lost my first life by suicide but God shone his light upon me in the last second and I changed my life. I then worked for god in many ways not always seen as christian but happy for I felt I had helped many people. Then I felt I was dying and God told me I was but asked me to be his messenger if I wished, which I accepted, I died about two weeks later and came back to life in hospital for Jesus was there. Now as his messenger I take no credit for what I do be it wonderful most times. I now see it is Jesus who blesses me in others eyes. The lessens he has shown me that I am his loving child and I live it to the best I am able and life in the main is wonderful . How others treat me will be there joy or curse depending if they can accept being Gods child and be twice born. Amen. Love you all through the spirit of life and love, peace and joy. so be it.


Jesus Message.

Jesus Message.
To all with a sincere heart remain powerful in the Holy Spirit, for within the conflict of the views of others, will help you remain true to the Spirit of Life. Many have passed before you and life at times was difficult but there loyalty to me revealed many treasures of loving truth and gave hope to many that truth was alive and was for them to reunite with as a child of mine.Allow the Holy Spirit to speak to the many of different nations through this medium for you approach closer to my truth and expose the evil and corrupt world. Be not afraid to speak your truth for I will be with you and the truth comes to the surface when the polarity’s of evil or the weakness of trying to please everyone, both are not of the heart I gave to you. My disciples paid dearly but are of true beauty and peace now with me. I do not wish this upon yourselves but I do wish you to be my truth till I bring you to me. The time is at hand, but only the Father will give the amen.
Most beautiful God of life, I surrender to the wisdom in which you give me, and I wish to thank you for the wonderful people who feel your truth through the words you give me with my heart being open and love bonding us towards our real home. amen
Luke Le Bree
(photo) The narrow path of truth between the polarities of evil and weakness.

Jesus Message.

Jesus Message.
As the times move in ways to destroy my people and my planet earth,I want it to be known I died for you, Being among you because of the love I had for each of you and for the planet whom is the life energy of my Father. The Holy Spirit I freely gave on my return to my home in Heaven to guide you when you called upon me. Now you have reached a time when most of your media is controlled by the devil Satan, and he will lead you to total destruction by his evil ones acting as if they are for your highest good. I tell you this for I am here for all of you if you repent and wash yourselves of the mockery you have had chosen to follow against me and the Father. Not all churches are in praise of my love I offer you and how I set you free to return if you have not already. Now it will be more difficult for you to see the truth through your loving spirit and Heart of love the longer you leave it. My animals and birds of the forest also call to be a part of the love creation in Heaven, as will the thousands of tree and plant life for which I will with the Fathers’ energy bring these life forms of mother earth to a place of wonder.
I am without words to answer this just the love you flow through me which brings with it understanding and freedom to safe guard my destiny.


Luke Le Bree.๐Ÿ•Š


Be watchful for the day comes when you his trusted children who accepted his sacrifice with much sadness but now understand he has called you to a place that will open to you in a moment none of us know but the times are here. Your hearts will be filled with his glory and love and your hurts will be washed away. I do not mislead you for if I did my life would forever burn. Keep watch on these times we now live for our Master and Savior is due to come in a moment unexpected yet it will be no surprise for we will surrender to the love and light that fills us with total oneness of the beauty of Heaven. I weep for joy as our Father fills me with Jesus love and I share the fullness with you. Within my heart and mind I embrace you for you are beautiful like a crown that allows all to see the will of God happen before the eyes of those who doubted. I am asked to make ready to live as life is (Love) and by your effort you will be swept clean of all sin and be perfect in Gods eyes as well as those that were not prepared to believe. Blessings, ones of my heart. For Jesus said it is done. Amen.

Luke Le Bree.

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In the coming days, nothing is going to be predictable, for we live at the doorway of our future moments. Only love remains the same, and that is God within us. To not have God takes away your peace and the joy of the coming moments. Be you accepting of his love and all will flow to others who are humble before you and they also will surrender to the true love within them. For it feeds us with its peace, and joy and lifts us to a state of feelings of beauty. God is the greatest prize on earth. You may feel hard worked or ill and directed in many different ways, but allow the Holy Spirit to guide you For now Jesus stands at the door to welcome you. Love always, my dear friends. โค โค <3


Luke Le Bree

Dearest and most precious friends of our Lord, I pray and trust that those of you whom God has opened your hearts and mind receiving his words will in his blessings of enlightenment make you his witness e days ahead. For many carries, their lives in being ente, trained and all events will catch up on them and will be blind as to how to handle coming situations.
Remember the return to vibrations anew will come quickly for those children of God when certain moments manifest, for those who have surrendered to Gods Love will be his Glory.
To others, many of you are to be his, witnesses in the unfolding s of the old vibrations as we have brought upon ourselves. Trust in your relationship with the eternal and see the answers he has given to you, for deep within you lays the truth you had failed to understand its importance.
At this coming time it is no point in seeking the reasons why you were blind to his light, but to become the understandings that will be revealed within you in this time to come.
The quest of each of you who came upon this beautiful Mother Earth was to return it, and all who dwell upon it to Love. To return to God not the inflated egos of ones who felt they no longer needed the Eternal and have since created a greater separation from reality and caused much pain to many, while the others slept in a false reality.
Events are unfolding, seek you first God and the love of, for it will remove you to a place sacred from the beginning. Then many who remain will give witness to these end times and its separation from Life. Let Love be your incentive. Amen.
Blessings. Luke Le Bree.


Jesus Message

In the final days that I walked with you as one like yourself My love and the will of the Father urged me on to share many miracles and speak of my home in heaven for you to come to. I had grown close to many of you and I prayed to my Father to watch over you and that the plan we had devised would remove all things that were not of loving light but to do this I was to remove the penalty of sin. I knew what I was to go through was going to be pain beyond words, yet I was ready to fillfull the plan for my love for all was over whelming. One thing I did not understand was when on the cross my father would turn from me and I came to be only pain and my heart thoughts screamed for my Father . Recorded in your books is “why Father have you deserted me” Then the end came. The reason for this happening was that I carried the full weight of the sin you all had so you could be free and come home to me and I would send the Holy Spirit to guide you to only levels of love beyond that which you can imagine at this time. Today , this moment I am with you and My Spirit most holy on being asked will guide you. Not one of you is without hope if you have accepted my love for the time grows near to your revelations being fulfilled.

Most dearest and Holy Jesus My tears are not numbered for the gratefulness I have running through me as you shared this with me. Most beautiful one guide your words to all who need to hear, let your will be done. <3. In the Fathers completeness let it be done.


Jesus Message.

Be aware I wish to be with you in the joy of your thoughts, not that which separates us in the despair of the world. Now you are not less in my sight but I wish you to love my ways, so we can celebrate in my living love and your heart can overflow in the oneness of completion revealing the riddles of life. Be you beautiful to others in the light we share for I will witness this and prepare a special place for you.

Most perfect love upon High, how blessed we are in our closeness to you. I am overwhelmed by the trust you place and move within me. Jesus my Lord of Lords. Amen.


Today is a very special to me, I awoke and felt the Spirit guide me to open the bible, which I did. I was reading the book of Mark when what I was reading came alive within me like never before. I felt as though I was there and was so moved by the words of Jesus as all gathered around him. Tears of love and wonder streamed down my face, I looked at others who had gathered and saw sparkles in their eyes and felt the uplifting in their spirits. Today I feel I have entered into a deeper and more real connection beyond where I have been, even that was wonderful in awareness. God bless you all my friends I have no words to express what I am feeling now, only my separation from complete truth seems to have faded somewhat and I feel the deepness of Gods love has increased. โค โค โค Luke Le Bree


Jesus Message.

To all you beautiful people who gather here and with my Holy Spirit give your love and trust in my words I bless you. You have all come from different ways of life to this moment. Now I want you all to fully love the sacred within you and know that is where your light will shine for others even ones who have not believed in me in there past will be drawn to your light within.
In the past you may have relied on whats going on around you for your happiness but now you must remain in the now and rejoice in the beautiful love you were created from and feel my spirit move you to love more without taking on the ways of others , just know that your light within is myself completing you to your true self . and you give hope and joy to others when they open there hearts to feel what you offer. The ego of others may come into play but your divine wisdom and oneness will see that for what it is. My Father in which i am one with the Holy Spirit are now witnessing a true revival going on within you, also to those who through there choice of love assist this my dear messenger, in his reverence to me I personally thank you for your truth that lays within you. Be at peace , be one.

Most beautiful God thank you for your words and Spirit which you share with us. We ask that you lift us by going deeper into our true self and help us rejoice with others, and forgive us in our moments of weakness. Amen. Luke Le Bree.


Loving people of whom you show yourselves as my brothers and sisters. hear me cry out to you and ask that you dont contain God in your buildings , be that temples of old ways, or churches. ( For I reign in Heaven and I have already have shown myself to you by my Son having made it possible for you to return to freedom and in your connection to the Spirit Jesus sent to you, allowed your freedom to be everywhere and in the love he sent. Gather in places of fellowship but know I am in all life and I can be found there also. Let no-one try and organize your freedom unless it be your choice. There is no right and wrong in my presents, only love and respect for what I offer you. Oppose not my messengers for you offend me. My messenger who is laying down these words to you is brave for he feels if it be wrong I would not love him. But nothing can be further from the truth for he has a heart that kingdoms of love can be created because the faith he shows in me. Now I ask of you all. be free to love the life I freely give and hold up to others your smile and presence as you expose that which is holy in you as a witness and a warning of things to come when hearts have opposed my love to create that which is beautiful. Be that seen or unseen the connection will be in your heart. The faith in my son Jesus and the gift of the most Holy connection in my Holy Spirit is because of my love. be you that from this day forward my love in all that you do , and until that time you return I will overlook where you may stumble and I will send angels to help you to your feet.) . Blessings. Luke Le Bree.


Beautiful family of our loving Jesus, be of the divine love that is life in its true form. Understand as you awaken and share this love, Satan (the evil one and his fallen angels) will do all they can to take you from your purpose and happiness. Be aware of a sudden moment when you feel down or attacked that it is not of God for its separated from him for the evil spirits shake with fear as you become more and more love in all your words and works, so they will try to attack your truth that you live so you question your beliefs and commitments to love. By what I have spoken here is to know your enemy, and be wise not to take in the negative view. You are the new Disciples of our loving Lord. Be you true to your love of commitment. Luke Le Br๐Ÿ•Š


When your beautiful spirit, which guides you always towards love,one should flow with this and you will feel the wonders of life and an eternal purpose.
Don’t waste time and energy fighting against yourself for if you do, you will end up surrendering to your ego mind and the end result must bring sadness to your expectations.
Your spirit is watched over by Beings of Light and Angels, more so when you have opened your heart to them for they can help you overcome the chains of thousands of years that have blinded you to great visions of the true reality you seek. You have already come a long way from your earlier years and have advanced through doors which would have made you run in the past. You are now leading lights all in your own special way. It may be as a mother or father, or a dedicated worker towards a higher goal of uplifting for your fellow human beings. It matters not, you are living the Christ energy and Heaven stands with you.
Fear Not, you are the warriors of the light, you have fought many battles against the mind controlled Ego, Say to it โ€œSatan gets behind meโ€ I am going Home with my spiritual family.
Blessings, Luke Le Bree๐Ÿ•Š

To all who seek peace of mind, release that which troubles you for it is not the way you were created to be, allow your self to put love and true reality as the top priority, therefore starting a new life free of Satan influence of separation from love. Jesus

To all who seek peace of mind, release that which troubles you for it is not the way you were created to be, allow your self to put love and true reality as the top priority, therefore starting a new life free of Satan influence of separation from love. When taking the love as who you are you will find your life will change quickly for Jesus will be closer to you. As his children, life becomes a way of beauty and at one when you look at the world around you. Seek to live the love and come into the gifts that you have to show you are his child. Non believers only remain that way because they have fallen into the hands of evil teaching and wish only to destroy love not be it. Pray for them for they are sad and without hope until they see and feel the love of God. Blessings. Luke Le Bree.


Who am I to question Jesus for I was chosen to be his messenger, but for the sake of teaching Jesus words I need to spend time inquiring as to the deeper reasons of the slaughter he brought about on many towns and cities of every man, woman, and child, by his word. I know it was the word of man in some cases, but in parts of the bible, it was the demise of worlds and countries by order of our God. God is love, and in the works of our Savior, he showed only love to all who would be open to understand.
Now we approach tribulation where millions will die, and it has already been declared. There will be those he will take in the rapture before the tribulation and wonderful for them and myself I hope, but what of all else even though they have only known of separation from love is this worth the slaughter of children and the ignorant because that was the way they were raised, and they come to know a God did the same until Jesus came and gave hope and love, forgiving, at a great cost to himself as part of God the part that guides us now towards love and joy each day. In the days to come is there no miracle that can transform us and allow the children to play the adults to see the beauty they are going to miss. For me to say I love all my friends and would want nothing to happen bad to them will I be cast out of the Heavenly dwelling. If so, so be it. In writing this dear Jesus help me deeply understand why to these questions, were they born to die and not have eternal life in your love and glory. I know many chooses to go against you in the places you and your disciples went, but what of their children and wives? With Love and faith, I ask this, so I can help more people with answers that could ring true, and you would still be their salvation, and they then you loyal and grateful subjects.
I bow, and I am humble and uneasy why I have written this, please lord excuse me for I will not fail still in all you give me to write, but I will reap what I sow I understand this.