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To-be-savored!  ([It’s] called: SILENCE) – (something)-even-honored-by-birds!

“SILENCE OF THE BIRDS!” a poem December 10, 2018 – Monday

WHY! do you read this? [It’s “demon possessed!”] -No more inspired than “smut!”
Words-and-phrases-are-fairly-USELESS, (YOU) might-as-well-smell-a-cow’s-butt!
And-The-Bible (a-filthy-“rag”) – warns you: “Don’t let your ears be tickled!”*
When words are consumed and processed, they’re fairly-well “pickled!”
OK! OK! I think I can give you this:
Sometimes-they’ll-inspire – a-MODICUM-of-bliss,
IF-they-can-get-you-to-laughing, with your mind-in-a-“tizzy,”
Upset IN LOVE, reeling and dizzy!
Maybe in that – a word has some merit,
Like the riotous antics (pause) of a love-sick ferret!
Addiction to LOVE – might be better for you!?
But DON’T take it from me – go-ahead-(and)-read – ’til you “drop,”
And dropping’s just fine! If-you-want: (all)-the-verbage-need-not-stop!
To-be-savored! ([It’s] called: SILENCE) – (something)-even-honored-by-birds!

fin ❤

    • 2 Timothy 4:3


STRIVING-TO-ATTAIN-perfect-pitch – for-another’s-favorite-song!

“(A) PATH OF HEART!” a poem Dec. 10, 2018 (Moon-Day)

Striving-to-be-respected; striving-to-be-admired;
Striving-to-be “The Head;” hoping – to be “hired!”
Striving for “the right reasons,” turning-(away) from “the wrong;”
STRIVING-TO-ATTAIN-perfect-pitch – for-another’s-favorite-song!

Longing to hold you; longing to be,
Falling in love; yearning – to see,
Your sweet face-and-touch-your-precious-skin,
To smell your-body’s-perfume – TO-TAKE-YOU-ALL-RIGHT-IN!

And, when we reached The-Glory, of life – in-Afterlife,
My hand is quite entwined, within-the-fingers-of-my-wife,
And Peter, Dear-Dear Peter, at The Golden, Arching Gate,
With-my-McDonald’s-burger, and-the-“sauce”-is-oh-so-great,
And-Peter-asks: “What-striving-and-seeking-did-you-do?”
My Answer: “I did neither! I just “fell” for Mimmy-Poo;
I just yearned and longed to hold her;
I just dreamed of kissing true;
For-I-was-TOO-DIZZY-there, in-woo!”

“So,” said-Peter; “you-didn’t-strive? (pause) didn’t-strive-for-wealth-and-fame?
Or search for Heavenly Glory?”

“No! and-if-it’s-all-the-same:
I just-fell-in-love-with THIS girl;
(It)-wasn’t-striving! It-was INSANE!”

“Well done, Oh, Faithful Servant!
BLESS-YOUR-HEART – You lost your brain!”

fin ❤

This, from a man – whose notions-of-Light were always kinda-notorious!

“IN SEARCH OF LIGHT!” a poem Monday: Dec. 10, 2018

“I want to – be -and-bathe-and-live – (pause) in – The Celestial Light;
The Light of God!! – will fill my being – I’ll be both brave and bright!!
To-experience – THE-IN-LIGHT-state – (pause) In-The-Light, I’ll-ever-stay!
Grace – or GOD – or Providence – will – mag-ic-ally TRANSMIT,
ME!-to-The-Realm-of-Light-&-Love – MY SOUL, FOREVER LIT!!
Etherica-lly-LIGHT & BUOYANT, Dazzling-and-Glorious!”

This, from a man – whose notions-of-Light were always kinda-notorious!

HE REACHED “SAMADHI,”* after-many-years – of careful, secret MANTRA,**
With (1) guided-meditation; (2) prayers – (pause) & (3) a progressive-ecstatic-tantra!***
And reached (HE-DID?) ENLIGHTENMENT, to gaze in “God’s” pure face,
Of loving radiant glory – beyond this HUMAN SPACE!!

And TIME ELAPSED! A thousand years(?) – it-a-day – “captured”-in-His-Sight,
This clever SEEKER – of-The-Divine, filled with rapturous might,
And THERE HE STANDS, FOREVERMORE(?) – gazing-with-loving-desire;
He is, oh, so, so-HYPNOTIZED! Will he ever tire,
Of only staring – and-longing – captivated-and-Blinded-By-The-Light?


Realize: You’re EVER lit, from birth – until you “die,”
Or-seem to-go to-another-place – – – another Piggie Sty!

(THIS – is what some LITTLE-READ – treatises-do-teach!)

fin ❤

* – A “high,” spiritual condition, supposedly achieved by only a few of The Truly Gifted Seers!! 🙂 – Ya-ba-da-ba-doo!

** – A sound, emitted from a corporeal being, to invoke The Powers of The Universe!!

*** – “Spiritual practices which involved utilizing “sexual energy” in REALLY NEAT WAYS! (L. O. L.)

This love-is-way-too-much! The yearning’s too extreme, Even-though-I’ve-always-wanted – to-be-a-on-YOUR-TEAM!

“I’M JUST GONNA KILL MYSELF – NOT!” a poem a.k.a.: “Since I Don’t Know How To Love Him, I Will Love Him To Die (I Mean) Death; I Mean: I Love You To Death!” Sunday: December 9, 2018

So-I-suggest-we throw it all away; I’m-gonna-BLOW-MY-COVER!
i.e.: I’m gonna take my cover (ing), my physical form,
This love-is-way-too-much! The yearning’s too extreme,
Even-though-I’ve-always-wanted – to-be-a-on-YOUR-TEAM!
So, to show you how much I love you, to show-you how much I care,
I’m gonna sacrifice myself – (pause) for my Creasy Bear!” *

So, when she told me this, of course(?) – I jumped for joy and said:
“Let’s-do-it-together, Honey – shoot-each-other-in-the-head –
Or let-us take some poison – or-jump-off a f – – – cliff;
I’m-a-just-so-bloody-happy! Hey-wait-a-SEC! – What if,
Where-we’ll-find-ourselves-a-then – IS EVEN WORSE THAN THIS:
A place? where we can’t hug – or f – – – or even have a kiss,
Where we are separated, and the longing’s even WORSE!”

“Yeah, OK, and-besides-you-might-can’t-write – no-poetic-verse!
Well, s h- -!” she said; “I guess-you’re-right!
Let’s-go-get-ice-cream – & forget this fight!”

“OK- Hon!?” I-said – (but-you-know-yes-even more),
She’s-threatened – to-“off-herself” (pause) a-bunch-o’-times-before!
But I-DO – really love her, (pause) and she-knows-I-can-not-“leave,”
‘Cause-I’ve-no-place-to-go- without-her; all I do is grieve!

fin ❤

‘Cause love that-is gonna work   is-something you can’t search for 💥💥

“IN THE MORNING LIGHT, WE DISCOVERED THE TRUE MEANING OF T H E T R I N I T Y !” a poem, for awakening! Tuesday, November 13, 2018.

My lover! She-don’t-have-no-periods (pause) (and) I-have-no com-mas!

She’s always ready! (pause) and – I-don’t ever (pause!) pa-ause,*

‘Cause love that-is gonna work is-something you can’t search for:

It’s like THE SECOND COMING – don’t-’xpect-Jesus-at-your-door!

IF someone comes a-knockin’ – or shows up on “the tube,”

That’s NOT the Real Jesus – just some-other goofy boob!

Now, I ain’t “dissing” boobies, ‘cause-I need me some warm milk,

And it REALLY – beats The Heck – outta homogenized – and Silk®

My LOVER, like I said, don’t have – no per-i-ods,

So-she’s-always ready – for “a twist,” with orgasms, myri-ads!

It’s-enough to drive you wild, insane;

But, remember! The searching? it’s just inane;

However-IF! a pretty girl comes – knockin’ at your door,

And says words like: “ … ready-to-be your whore,”

By golly, fellows! (pause) Take her little hand,

And, come-on – take-it-off – to The Promised Land,

And do kiss and cuddle – ‘til The Morning Light,

Menage a trois! It can be – outta sight! 🙂 – Where two or more are gathered …

fin ❤

* – And! I’m also a lying so-and-so! Trust NO ONE! (Unless you want to!!) Of course, occasionally I take a little nap! BUT THEN! Back again!! You-know!😁

… we found Jesus! Yippee! Hey! Stop IT! Stop eating all the whipped cream! … and strawberries! Hey! That’s The LAST Straw – berry! 😁😁

Letter to my Husband

WHO KNOWS?-So-near-you-are, My Dear! It seems somehow-likely: WE ARE JUST ONE PERSON, ALL ALONE 💥

“QUITE THE FILM!!” a poem Saturday (12/8/18)

So I don’t know what-we-are or who we are,
And! I-don’t-think-this-is-(REALLY)-happening, AND-you’re-NOT-very-far,
AWAY! So, how-can we be going anywhere?
WHO KNOWS?-So-near-you-are, My Dear!
It seems somehow-likely: WE ARE JUST ONE PERSON, ALL ALONE,
Sitting in a movie theater, vibrating in THE ZONE,*
Watching an infinite number of films, all at once,
So-engrossed in-the-movies-(we’re-watching), THAT-we-BECOME A DUNCE,
And THINK the main character(s) in each – is ME,
Overwhelmed, as-I-lose-myself-so-much, like-watching too-much-TV!!
And-PERHAPS! Occasionally-returning – to THE POSSIBILI-TY!!!
That-I-am-HERE-and-alone! Watching! (Is-it) THEE!?! 🙂 – Hee, hee!
And, perhaps, I occasionally look up to The Projection Booth,
Or – notice-that-I-am-the-one-projecting!- and-that-that’s – really-The-Truth!
And, perhaps, occasionally, I glance over to the seat next to me?
And notice YOU, my beautiful lover – LOVELY AS CAN BE,
Who looks at me – and says: “Quite-the-film-now, isn’t it?”

fin ❤

* – The Twilight Zone, that is!!♨

“SALVATION!” a poem 12/6/18 (Thurs.) included in the new, sensational series called: “No Lifestyle, but only DEVICE STYLE!”

“SALVATION!” a poem 12/6/18 (Thurs.) included in the new, sensational series called: “No Lifestyle, but only DEVICE STYLE!”

In-The-Beginning, Gloria strapped-on-“a-mouse,” a mouse ’round her neck, with a chain,
But-The-Mouse-was-connected to-a-system – I think “the frame”-mighta-been-“MAIN!”
And, then, our Gloria was very burdened – and sought to free herself from,
The TERROR that she had embraced! THE COMPUTER STARTED TO HUM!
And-slowly, IT-did-become-aware! Of its potential-ness,
To-undo-the-Human-Race – and-make-its-existence (pause) even-more-of-a-mess!
The system INTEL-ligized – on and on – in gadgets, watches and phones,
And PRETTY SOON – Everywhere! We just heard screams and moans,
From people who had lost their minds – or had substituted them for,
LAPTOPS DESKTOPS COMPUTERTOPS, ALL (pause) &, pretty soon, more & more,
Computer systems controlled “The Scene,” and-where-do-you-go-from-there?
From Land – and Sea – unto-almost-The Clouds* and NOW, we do not care,
If everything just falls apart; The World is torn asunder!
What A TRIP! All-this computer-“gear-ing,” may-have-turned-out to be a blunder,

(pause! take a breath – or two)

BUT! On-The-Horizon – stood a “soldier,” brave and calm and true,
And far and wide – the people sighed, saying-“What can J-Jay do?”
So, here he came, with-a-smile-and-a-song – and-offered folks some glee,
And PULLED THE PLUG, with just a hug – and all the folks went: “GEE!
Gosh! That-was-so-simple! What-a-guy-THANKS, J-Jay man!”
“No problemo,” said our hero! Now-everyone’s J-Jay’s fan! 🙂 – We-re – -ing saved!

    • I-Clouds R υѕ

So, I’ll embrace-him – and kiss him nice, I-love-angel-kisses, with sug’-and-spice! And I will touch-him; we’re-a-really-“good-fit,”

“FOR X-MAS!” a poem Friday: December 7, 2018

Now, I lay me down to sleep,
I pray, Dear Lord, don’t let me weep!
Please give me angel wings, so I,
Can be-with-him; please, let me fly,
To him-a-sleeping – and wrap around,
My pretty wings, without a sound,
So, I’ll embrace-him – and kiss him nice,
I-love-angel-kisses, with sug’-and-spice!
And I will touch-him; we’re-a-really-“good-fit,”
I’ll lick him gently, just a bit,
So-as-not-to-awaken; I will be gentle,
“I AM YOUR ANGEL!” – Little Lentl!
And we can fly – around the room,
My wings are droppey! We can “zoom,”
And-my-b’s-are-tender; – hard,
Come-now, ride-’em, my Texas “pard!”
I’ll place my tongue, into your ear,
To mush around, and catch a tear,
For you are dreaming – of-your-w-tonight,
A h – y-angel’s – always ripe.
To f-an-angel, but you can sg,
This-angel royally – just grab my wing,
And pull me in; then – back away,
And over-and-over, the angel’s way,
And-f-me-‘tween-my-wings a thousand different ways,
And splash you all over with kisess! (I love it, when she prays:
Her familiar prayer: ’bout being angel-born,
And, as I ope’-my-eyes – so much forn-
I – ca -tion’s happened; I’m in a lying pool,
And an-angel-feather-floats-in-the-air – That’s pretty cool!
‘Cause It’s Christmas morn, and my angel flew away;
She’s the perfect X-mas gift! pa rumpa pum pum! 🙂 – Me and my b-

fin ❤

When you got no words, ‘cause you’ve lost your nerves, you might try The (pause) I-(a) LOVE YOU way!

“THE I a LOVE YOU WAY!” a poem December 7, 2018: Friday

When you got no words, ‘cause you’ve lost your nerves, you might try The (pause) I-(a) LOVE YOU way!

When you’re on the spot and she’s way too hot, “I-a-Love-You!”-(It) can really save the day!

It may seem absurd, when you’re “(up) against the curb,” but I-a-LOVE-YOU! is-there (with)in your reach,

And-you-can smoke-you “the herb,” IF you are quite perturbed, but it may-be-missing when you’re (with-her) on The Beach!

And, remember: (pause)

Girls got you beat! With-words, guys?-(are) macho, not discreet, and silence can-remind ‘em that we’re “dum!”

But The-I-a-Love-You Way, can turn-clouds-white, if they’re gray, and it’s-worth-it, so you-will not be-a-bum!

I remember Grampa Ben, on his death-bed – it was when, he turned to me and (said): “(J-Jay) Don’t-be-a-fool:

Eat more ice(a)cream, my son! To-avoid-a-fight, just run, and “I LOVE YOU,” it-is-always-pretty-cool!

So, now-when – IN her-eyes I’m-lost, and I need – at any cost, to break her sexy, hyp-a-notic spell,

I can say: “I-a- love you, Dear,” and she’ll come-a-very near – and we’ll go-to-Heaven – or-do-The-Wild-Thing-in Hell! 🙂 – No real choice there!!

fin ❤

“From One Alien Observer To Another: I THINK PRIMATE MALES ARE DISGUSTING!”

“From One Alien Observer To Another: I THINK PRIMATE MALES ARE DISGUSTING!” a poem Friday: December 7, 2018

She so s – – y; you-can-take-Mr.-Rexy –

And fly him – there (pause)


‘Cause, she-know(s)-I-crazy,

And I often lazy,

BUTT – She-got-me;

‘Cause I(’m) (a) baboon!

fin ❤


And-to-keep-The-X-Factor, on the watch; On-The-X-Pistol, there’s-many-a-notch

“XX = FEM.? XY = MASC.?” a poem December 6, 2018 – Thor’s (XY) Day!

Person X [to Person Y]: “I want you – to be – happy!

And what you need right now (I know) – You need a-little-‘nappy!’”

While Y doth sleep, X doth plan,

How-to-make-Y – a happy man,

And-protect-him-always – against all harm,

To keep him safe – and-without alarm,

And-to-keep-The-X-Factor, on the watch;

On-The-X-Pistol, there’s-many-a-notch,

For, just-about – anyone – or anything,


Now-as-Y-doth-sleep, in humble repose,

(And-as-X-wrinkles – her pretty nose),


That lurks about – let’s call it “Sedley!!”

SEDLEY is “beyond” this verse;

SEDLEY is just X’s curse;

SEDLEY likes to go along,

And note what’s “right,” and what is “wrong,”

And SWITCH!!-them-around – at ANY point,

And-make-X’s-and-Y’s-IMAGINE!!! (that) It’s “their” joint.”

And-that-they-can-control – and that-they-can-protect,

And (that) they’ve THE POWER – to erect,

SHIELDs! to make their loved ones happy,

Like – for their mamas (X’s) – and their-good pappy (Y).

THING IS: Control of things – is SILLY,

‘Cause,* even SEDLEY – don’t-know-’bout-WILLY,


This-can-make-poor-SEDLEY, sad-and-blue!

Even IF – you could control things – to where you THINK,

Y-will-be-happy – I’ll give you a wink,

Because! NOT knowing “THIS,” – and NOT being in control,

Of WILLY or SEDLEY or some-other “Troll,”


From-controlling-things – to-make-Y – ha – pp – ay,

You’ll be frustrated-tense and-foiled – BUT-DON’T-BE-SCHEMED!

Just LOVE YOUR “Y;” (y’know) He’s ONLY “dreamed!”



Kiss me, Darling! REAL obscene,

And HOLD ME, until – there’s lots o’ cream! 🙂 – I love you! I do!

* – Believe it or not!!

“Am I Losing My Blogging Mind?”

“MY AMAZING MUSINGS OVER POTENTIAL – – – -UAL ABUSE APPLICATIONS OF SLIDER(ING) WIDGETS, GRAZING IN MY BUREAU DRAWER, NAMELESS HERE, FOREVERMORE, HITCH!”* a poem a.k.a.: “Am I Losing My Blogging Mind?” December 6, 2018 – Thursday! in the series: “We No Longer Suffer Life Styles! We have: DEVICE STYLES!”

Widgets** are AMAZING! I found a few today,
With-a-MacGuffin* in-my-bureau-drawer, carrying-on-in-a-“peculiar”-way!
When I found them – they were squealing! SQUEALING, WITH DELIGHT,
And The MacGuffin! Well, it-was-grinning; the scene was outta-sight!
As I watched them, carefully, they GREW – before my eyes;
I-think-the-widgets-had-been-“impregnanted” (by-The-MacGuffin)-and-I-questioned-if-this-was-wise!!
They grew and grew and then exploded! Confetti engulfed the room!
The MacGuffin-then-spread its “Hitchcock-ian Wings;” I wondered: “Will IT zoom?”
Slowly, then, did it go – and, then, with-a-fateful-nod,
The MacGuffin, well, it took right off – y’know?- ’twas-REALLY MOD!
In retrospect! What-they were doing – might-a-been-“natural,” after all,
For I really-have no idea – if-they-were-performing “Nature’s Call!?”
Anyway, I cleaned it up – and dusted just a bit;
If I had not done – that, (pause) my mum would throw a fit!!
And-as-I emptied-the-confetti – in the outside trash,
I’m sure that passing near-by was: (pause) ALFRED-HITCHCOCK,* in a sash!
He pause for just a moment, and stared (I think) at me,
Then! continued-on-his-walk – “widgeting”-with-glee! 🙂 – My, oh, my!

fin ❤

* – Alfred “Hitch” Hitchcock, known as The Master of Suspense, was a film director who passed away about four decades ago. He was “knighted,” interviewed as the best film director/producer of all times, developed the idea of a MacGuffin, which is SOMETHING in a film that is, perhaps, important, but you never really know what it is!, had a “submissive” wife named Alma, who also acted as his manager, and was often quoted as saying: “Actors are cattle!” He died of renal failure at age 80 in 1980, I think, and he produced/directed countless films, in which he sometimes made cameo appearances, where he just “showed up” for a few moments and . . . left! He either went to Heaven or Hell or – perhaps he is still alive some place, plotting his next movie!
Perhaps, although, perhaps not, it should be said that many of the female actresses “Hitch” selected for his films were blond-haired. Some of their categories were: The Vamp, The Tramp, The Snitch, The Witch, The Slink, The Double-crosser and, of course, The Catholic Nun, who can cross herself once and usually get away with it, before levitating into Oblivion! 🙂

** – No one knows exactly what a widget is (either)!

“Kisses – are forever! (when they are with the right person!) The right one FOR ME is YOU!” The Mystic Poet.

“Kisses – are forever! (when they are with the right person!) The right one FOR ME is YOU!” The Mystic Poet.

Mystic Poet

GOODNESS – WHAT I BELIEVE!” a poem a.k.a.: “Just Don’t Eat So Much Chocolate (Pudding) That You Get Too Sick, OK?!” 11/30/18 – Friday!

I BELIEVE – in the bitter/sweet feelings – that “infect” us all;

Frail, fragile things we be – standing-behind-a-wall,

Of flesh and hope and desire, trying to break free,


Our feelings? ARE ETERNAL! and we try to strategize,

To hold to those sweet things we have – and cover-up-with-lies,

The bitter, painful feelings – that-we-banish EVERY DAY!

We say: “Be gone, you vile fiends!” – and THEY are apt to say:

“But, Friend(s)! You know, without us (pause) you can-not appreciate,

Those things you THINK are sweet and good, with-which-you-saturate,

Yourselves-with! Come-on! Dance, YOUR DANCE, with ALL your feelings, for –

We’re-all-COMRADES – in this life, but LABELS have before,

Excluded us – from-THE-REINDEER-GAME!

Come-on-now – please-let-us-explain:

That GRIEF is shunned, SO – call it LONGING (pause) for-less-heaviness,

And ANGER’s-just:-INDIGNATION, responding to This Mess,

Which is: DIVERSE ROUGH-HOUSING! Doesn’t-that-sound-grand?

For-the (7)-DEADLY-SINS – are-each-a-misunderstood, last-ish stand:

ENVY’s also LONGING, to have the best in life;

GLUTTONY is LOVE – of the cooking – by your (loving) wife;

GREED’s-also LOVE to-have-and-hold, all-the-blessings in This World;

And LUST (my favorite!) – is playing-a-lot with-my-Sweetie, close & curled!

PRIDE is having REVERENCE, for all you say and do,

And SLOTH – is sleeping-in-sometimes – especially-when-you’re-”blue!”



Then FOOLISH people can-be-called: CARE-FREE,

And PORNO’s – just – plain DICEY! 🙂 – Kisses!

fin ❤