Prose: She is the girl

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“A TRADITIONAL MEMORIAL DAY: 2018?!” a poem. May 30, 2018. {Wednesday} From FAR AWAY and long ago, My “Daddio” did speak: “In knowledge, IS there power? To me, it’s mostly GREEK!” Some-say: “KNOWING-IS-ADVANTAGE!” Others: “There’s NO TRUTH!” But, really - who doth REALLY know! Just look: There’s-much-‘uncouth!’ Do actions speak much louder, than ever words … Continue reading “A TRADITIONAL MEMORIAL DAY: America 🇺🇸

Savior Who Never Came!”🕊

“THE ONLY WAY!” a poem. a.k.a.: “The Savior Who Never Came!” Sunday: 05/20/2018. THE ONLY WAY a poem. 05/20/2018 Sunday a.k.a. : “THE SAVIOR WHO NEVER CAME!” We waited, waited LONG (so long) expecting-your-arrival, OUR SAVIOR, whom we trusted: The Key to Our Survival! As days and weeks and months went by, our resolutions wavered, … Continue reading Savior Who Never Came!”🕊


“HONOR YOUR FEELINGS!” a poem Saturday - May 19, 2018. So! You want to inherit kingdoms? Then, please, BE AS A CHILD! “I can do IT,” “we” cry out; “I’ll show THEM mercy mild;” “I’ll forgive - all day long, and be a little selfish!” ““And, maybe, I’ll abstain from wine - swine - and … Continue reading BE AS A CHILD! ❤


"MOTHERS DAY COMES ONCE A YEAR!” a poem. a.k.a.: “Eleven Steps To Heaven - For Your Mom!” May 13, 2018, Sunday. IF-you’re-lucky, on-Mothers-Day, your Mom, she is still here, 1) You’ll make her something nice for breakfast and tell her she’s so dear, For all those meals she’s prepared, to keep you fed and strong, … Continue reading “MOTHERS DAY COMES ONCE A YEAR!”🌼🕊


“ABOUT YEAR 29,018: HIS MAMA MUST-A BEEN SO PROUD OF SUNNY J!” a poem. Mothers Day - May 13, 2018: Sunday. a.k.a.: “From, Aliena 612W: Report #2, Re: Slowly Revolving 3rd Stone In Backwater System Gamma, Sincerest Apologies, Commander, But This Is All We Could Recover!” Eons ago, when This Terra was NEW, they had … Continue reading PROUD😊