“I LOVE YOUR CAT!” a poem a.k.a.: “On Being A Kitty Person!” 01/28/2019 (Mon.)

I just LOVE cats, especially YOUR KITTY – and all the things she’ll do!
So, when you say, “My kitty hurts,” well-then, my-kitty-sure-hurts-too,
Even-though-I-don’t-really-have-a-kitty – although-I’ve-always-wanted one!
So, I’m glad you let me borrow – YOUR KITTY1 ’cause-kitties-are-a-lot-of-fun!

They’re fuzzy – and cuddly – and-they-move-around-a-lot,
And, IF-I’m-ever-marooned-on-a-desert-island, a (beautiful) kitty’s-what-I-hope-I-got!

So-let’s-be-real-gentle-with-your-kitty; I like to kiss her so sweet,
And I like to tell her: “I LOVE YOU,” and – I also like to eat,
With – and cuddle – your kitty; it is my favorite thing,
To spend time with your kitty! Even-to-bed I’ll bring,
Your kitty – and-we’ll-comfort-one-another – throughout the-blessed-night,
And, when we rise at morning time, your-kitty-is-my-delight!

And, when your kitty’s caught “the bird,” and her lips are dripping red,
I-still-tell-your-kitty, “I LOVE YOU,” and-I-lay-my-aching-head,
On-her-and-tickle – kitty’s little nose,
And I watch your kitty – and-how-she-sometimes-grows!
So, in the morning, when we open our eyes,
I fondle your kitty – and get a rise,
That’ll-squirt-and-dribble, so-I’ll-propose:
“Come on now, little kitty! Let’s-play!-cume-over-here,”
And I’ll hold kitty tenderly! To-me, your kitty’s-so-dear!
Are there other kitty lovers-out-there? I-say-“Hail! to little ‘ V! ‘”
For kitty’s name is Valentina; come, Kitty! Sit-on-my-knee! 🙂 – Kitty’s are wonderful!

fin ❤

I’m A honey delight ❄ cream cone 🍦🍦🍨🍧🍨🍧🍨🍧🍨🍦


Contemporary Art + Quote

“We have lived our lives by the assumption that what was good for us would be good for the world. We have been wrong. We must change our lives so that it will be possible to live by the contrary assumption, that what is good for the world will be good for us. And that requires that we make the effort to know the world and learn what is good for it.” ― Wendell Berry

Jim Farrant, Contemporary English artist, born 1972

So IF you play, then You’re In LOVE – “LOVE-LOVE”💜

“PEOPLE IN LOVE, SWEET LOVE!” a poem a.k.a.: ” ‘JUST THE OTHER DAY, WHEN I OPENED MY BACK DOOR, YOU WOULDN’T BELIEVE WHAT I SAW!’ Another Blessed JESUS, The Doorkeeper, Quotation!” January 11, 2019 (Freya’s Day) Briefly offering a soon to be censored and/or blocked acrylic painting, that I painted on the front of my sweat shirt, entitled: “Love, Love! Tennis Anyone,” of course!


Titled “Anyone For Tennis” is now on Sale

Just the other Day, Right outside my Door,
“People” were “lined-up!” People “by the score!”
“What-ch-oo want?” said I; “We just wanna know,
If-we (pause) are-in-LOVE! Tell-us that it’s so!”
And SO I cogitated – inquired of “The Lord* –
And – Maybe (also) checked-The-Internet, where information’s-stored,
To find out what this love thing is, & How to tell if you,
Are (really) – in LOVE – Love, Sweet, Love – IS-IT-SOMETHING-that-you-do?
Is-it a way of life – Living like a wife?
And Does it SO inspire? For y’all to – Light Some Fire?
Well, Yeah! I found some “info,” but nothing de-fini-tive!
So, I pondered, yes I did: However Do You Live,
When You’re In LOVE? – Love, sweet, Love – & Then! I think I knew,
‘Cause people-in-love are always-PLAYING – that’s just what they DO!
People-in-Love, they like to PLAY – They’re: “MAKE-OUT ARTISTS,” all!
They frequent all the drive-in movies, and (they) got to “Lovers’ Fall,”
And park & sniff & scratch – each -other – in playful harmony!
So IF you play, then You’re In LOVE – “LOVE-LOVE,” for you and me!
So, I-stepped-outside, outside my door – to-announce my-dis-cover-y,
That people-in-LOVE, they’re always PLAYING – and, then, what did I see?
A LIVELY ORGY – on my lawn – It-confirmed-to-me-that-LOVE doth-Spawn,
Hosts of Lovers, dripping sweet – On-my back lawn, there’s LOTS to eat,
And Drink & Smell & Touch & Taste;
Yet-to-those-NOT-in-LOVE, ’tis-a-?
And-y’know – This-is-what-Angels-do-In-Heaven-above:
They play! They play! All day long;
They fornicate-and-sing many-a-song!
They eat one another – and laugh ’til DAWN,
And, when-The-Son-comes-up – they’re (also) (still) on my lawn,
Absorbing rays – into their skin; dreadful-“waste!”
But what is LIFE – without sweet LOVE
Preparing-for-another – “bout” of-SIN,
And, around-the-perimeter, are mean, ol’ folks,
Jeering & Judging – and-making “rude-jokes,”
And that’s-where-they-stay!! but not-very-well,
‘Cause ALL-those-observers – DO-wanna-participate,
IN The-Play-of-LOVE – THEY JUST-CAN’T-WAIT!!** 🙂 – Whoa!

fin ❤

    • for those of you interested, “The Lord” is presently living in Australia, eating pizza on the beach! BUT – No, (s)he’s NOT Italian – (but – – – (s)he’s thinking about it!)

** – It’s a little-known TRICK, (pause) of “The Trade!” IF-you-want-into-The-Party, you have it made! IF you just-agree! – to-sit and-wait! So, IF-you do THAT, (pause) you’re welcome, mate! TO come right on in here, ’cause-it’s-just-about-patience! AND-willingness-to-wait-YOUR-TURN – and-about-loving-relations! ❤ 🙂 – Oh! OK!

Watch “Kenny Rogers – She Believes In Me” on YouTube

Happy New Year 2019

Which-will-comfort-and-protect-you!  Just-ask “Jay,” who is “BOOM-BOOM!” 🙊

“TO OUR NEW NEIGHBORS FROM BOOM-BOOM, NEXT DOOR!” a poem a.k.a.: “The Next Door Guy!” 29 Dec 2018 (Saturday)

We’ve got us new neighbors! Corner o’ 5th AND JUNE,
On THE NORTH SIDE, Honey! Look! There’s a raccoon!
Who’s gonna be checkin’ – on-these-neighbors – REAL SOON!
Checkin’-up – pretty carefully! Eye-ing that RED VA-ROOM!
That is: The-red-vehicle-“they”-brought (12/28/18) and, perhaps, by noon,
Since-right-now-IT’S FRIDAY!* They’ll-have-checked-each-and-every-room,

Of their unique, somewhat-new-home – IS-IT-HAUNTED? Do ghosts loom?
Here-and-there? Whispering – quietly!? words of doom!?
And pointing – to-THAT-NEXT-DOOR-POET!? with-his-rake-and-broom?
Who lives ACROSS THE ALLEYWAY!? Does-he-live – in a tomb?
Which ALSO – faces Highway 118 – “The-Highway of-certain-GLOOM?”
Where cars – keep going by – Are they -looking for the GOON,
The “poet care-taker?” who’s-really-a-CARTOON?
Who’s hoping – for The Neighbors – to wake up – from their swoon?
Into THIS – 5th-Dimensional HALLOWED BLOOD-filled-MOON?

[NO! Don’t be SILLY!]

NO! THERE ARE NO SPIRITS! There’s just-a-nice balloon –
Headed caretaking gardener – who sometimes plays The Loon!
“WELCOME!” say the DAVISes -Sam-Kathy-&-J-prophet-of-Dune,
Who-ALL offer-YOU this WELCOME MAT! & declare: “There’ll-be-NO-ruin!”
Alpine City doth endure; it’s-an eternal womb,
Which-will-comfort-and-protect-you! Just-ask “Jay,” who is “BOOM-BOOM!”
His Sweetie lives in Australia – and he’s her artist groom!

fin ❤
Question of The Day: Should this poem be given to the next door neighbors? and IF so – When? How? Who knows! It’s UP TO YOU, Gentle Readers! Is it TOO CREEPY! Is it TOO EERIE!? Do they/him/her/? need time to adjust? to acclimate? to “get used to” Mr. Lawnmower Man?! Mmm? * – this is being typed out on Saturday (12/29/18)

~ Private sitting Tigger



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a.k.a.: “In Her/The Mood!”

12/30/16 Freya’s Day, the last one this year!

Chaucer kissed her “nether eye,”
I prefer her flute!

For, when I can blow it thus . . .
It produced a toot!

Pref’rences are all around . . .
For the young and old . . . .

But, one thing I think you know . . .
(Ya) Gotta be quite BOLD!

Whether holding hands or more! . . .
You must “make a move.”
Else, you’ll never really
Find . . . “One” that’s in “the mood!”
ALL ORIGINAL ART CERTIFICATION is signed POSTCARDS of prints also purchased are signed


Included with this Painting is the original Poem by the author by copyright

study for: “SUPERWOMAN”



ALL ORIGINAL ART CERTIFICATION is signed POSTCARDS of prints also purchased are signed




study: for: “SHE HULK!”ALL ORIGINAL ART CERTIFICATION is signed POSTCARDS of prints also purchased are signed





ALL ORIGINAL ART CERTIFICATION is signed POSTCARDS of prints also purchased are signed


Samson’s Delilah

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