Happy New Year 2019


Kindness 🍄🍄

Which-will-comfort-and-protect-you!  Just-ask “Jay,” who is “BOOM-BOOM!” 🙊

“TO OUR NEW NEIGHBORS FROM BOOM-BOOM, NEXT DOOR!” a poem a.k.a.: “The Next Door Guy!” 29 Dec 2018 (Saturday)

We’ve got us new neighbors! Corner o’ 5th AND JUNE,
On THE NORTH SIDE, Honey! Look! There’s a raccoon!
Who’s gonna be checkin’ – on-these-neighbors – REAL SOON!
Checkin’-up – pretty carefully! Eye-ing that RED VA-ROOM!
That is: The-red-vehicle-“they”-brought (12/28/18) and, perhaps, by noon,
Since-right-now-IT’S FRIDAY!* They’ll-have-checked-each-and-every-room,

Of their unique, somewhat-new-home – IS-IT-HAUNTED? Do ghosts loom?
Here-and-there? Whispering – quietly!? words of doom!?
And pointing – to-THAT-NEXT-DOOR-POET!? with-his-rake-and-broom?
Who lives ACROSS THE ALLEYWAY!? Does-he-live – in a tomb?
Which ALSO – faces Highway 118 – “The-Highway of-certain-GLOOM?”
Where cars – keep going by – Are they -looking for the GOON,
The “poet care-taker?” who’s-really-a-CARTOON?
Who’s hoping – for The Neighbors – to wake up – from their swoon?
Into THIS – 5th-Dimensional HALLOWED BLOOD-filled-MOON?

[NO! Don’t be SILLY!]

NO! THERE ARE NO SPIRITS! There’s just-a-nice balloon –
Headed caretaking gardener – who sometimes plays The Loon!
“WELCOME!” say the DAVISes -Sam-Kathy-&-J-prophet-of-Dune,
Who-ALL offer-YOU this WELCOME MAT! & declare: “There’ll-be-NO-ruin!”
Alpine City doth endure; it’s-an eternal womb,
Which-will-comfort-and-protect-you! Just-ask “Jay,” who is “BOOM-BOOM!”
His Sweetie lives in Australia – and he’s her artist groom!

fin ❤
Question of The Day: Should this poem be given to the next door neighbors? and IF so – When? How? Who knows! It’s UP TO YOU, Gentle Readers! Is it TOO CREEPY! Is it TOO EERIE!? Do they/him/her/? need time to adjust? to acclimate? to “get used to” Mr. Lawnmower Man?! Mmm? * – this is being typed out on Saturday (12/29/18)

Baptist Cowboy- have to love it😂😁😀

Baptist Cowboy- have to love it

A cowboy, who just moved to Wyoming from Texas , walks into a bar and orders three mugs of Bud. He sits in the back of the room, drinking a sip out of each one in turn. When he finishes them, he comes back to the bar and orders three more.

The bartender approaches and tells the cowboy, “You know, a mug goes flat after I draw it. It would taste better if you bought one at a time.”

The cowboy replies, “Well, you see, I have two brothers. One is in Arizona , the other is in Colorado . When we all left our home in Texas , we promised that we’d drink this way to remember the days when we drank together. So I’m drinking one beer for each of my brothers and one for myself.”

The bartender admits that this is a nice custom, and leaves it there.

The cowboy becomes a regular in the bar, and always drinks the same way.

He orders three mugs and drinks them in turn.

One day, he comes in and only orders two mugs. All the regulars take notice and fall silent. When he comes back to the bar for the second round, the bartender says, “I don’t want to intrude on your grief, but I wanted to offer my condolences on your loss.”

The cowboy looks quite puzzled for a moment, then a light dawns in his eyes and he laughs.

“Oh, no, everybody’s just fine,” he explains, “It’s just that my wife and I joined the Baptist Church and I had to quit drinking.”
“Hasn’t affected my brothers though.”


“CLOWN SALES!” a poem a.k.a.: “The KEY To Your Heart – To Riches – & – To Prostate Relief!” December 20, 2018 (Thursday)

Women got the purse strings; men are just rag dolls!

Sell the women what they want! They-don’t-much play with balls!!

There’s just ONE THING – that they want;

Men want: t – – – – es, and men-want-(her)-c,

But women, the-QUEENS – around-their-homes,

They-want-FEATHER-DUSTERS – and-they-want fancy combs;

They wanna keep – the dust real low,

And TO-TITILLATE – their-hubbies always – so,

They-can-go-to-coffee-shops – and gab an awful lot,

With other gals (THEY-LIKE-THINGS-CLEAN) &-to-smoke-a-little-pot!

So, here’s-my-idea; a clown-like-me-should-know:

We’ll open “special shops,” we will – where gr-ir-els can go,

For coffee – and – pot – and-some-real-good-“hooch,”

And sit-around-every-day, with their little pooch,

And compare-the-combs – that’re-in-their-hair,

And, also-compare-(their)-feather-dusters-everywhere,

That-got-mostly white – and-silver handles,

With-just-a-few-black-ones, for-girls with “sandals!”

We’ll make – a zillion dollars, I think we really will!


IF-their-lady’ll-take-a-duster – and stick it up their bum,

To-massage that prostate, baby, until you nearly cum!

I’m tellin’ you, I AM – This-life-o-of a clown,

Is THE-LIFE-O’-RILEY,* the best thing here in town!

Feather Dusters! Feather Dusters, are (just) all right with me;

FEATHER DUSTERS! If-you-wanna-be-rich, they’ll always hold the key!!

fin <3😁😀

IT’S JUST A DAY – LIKE-ANY-OTHER-DAY, You ask: “How was it?”  (and-I’m-likely-to-say:) “It was just PLAIN WONDERFUL, how else could-it-be?”😁🌞

“A QUESTION ABOUT THE DAY’S DIRECTION!” a poem Wednesday: 12/12/2018 – “Karaoke Wednesday” at The Railroad Blues in Alpine, Texas, U. S. A.


You ask: “How was it?” (and-I’m-likely-to-say:)

“It was just PLAIN WONDERFUL, how else could-it-be?”

“And – What does THAT mean?” you’re asking me.

Well, it simply means: most-o’-the-folks-I-met,

Today-were-kinda-happy; yes-you-can-fairly-bet,

That I’ve no better gauge, with-which-to-answer-your-query,

Because each day, for me, is really kinda blurry!

I get OUT THERE – and I meet the folks I know,

And I meet some new acquaintances, and I talk with them just so,

And I try to insure – to make ’em laugh, just a little,

To make ’em feel relaxed, and maybe play my cello fiddle,

And MAYBE – sing a love song that will warm their Hearts a bit,

Or – read a piece of poetry, one that might just fit,

Into their precious SCHEME OF THINGS, to smooth a dreary day,

And-I-sometimes have some origami – a gift for them, I pray:

That I might-just warm their Hearts – for to warm them, then I DO,

Also warm my little soul; we’re ALL just passing through,

And hopefully-no-one’ll-shoot-me – or yell at me TOO loud,

And IF-I-can-touch-a-soul-or-two, I feel mighty proud,

BUT! I don’t-almost-always-succeed -to help folks on their way,

But-I-try – sometimes – to-insure-a-bit, that-I-might-“improve(?!)”-their-day,

To the point – that-when-they’re-safely-HOME, and someone asks THE QUESTION,

That they MIGHT say: “The day was good!”


fin ❤

To-be-savored!  ([It’s] called: SILENCE) – (something)-even-honored-by-birds!

“SILENCE OF THE BIRDS!” a poem December 10, 2018 – Monday

WHY! do you read this? [It’s “demon possessed!”] -No more inspired than “smut!”
Words-and-phrases-are-fairly-USELESS, (YOU) might-as-well-smell-a-cow’s-butt!
And-The-Bible (a-filthy-“rag”) – warns you: “Don’t let your ears be tickled!”*
When words are consumed and processed, they’re fairly-well “pickled!”
OK! OK! I think I can give you this:
Sometimes-they’ll-inspire – a-MODICUM-of-bliss,
IF-they-can-get-you-to-laughing, with your mind-in-a-“tizzy,”
Upset IN LOVE, reeling and dizzy!
Maybe in that – a word has some merit,
Like the riotous antics (pause) of a love-sick ferret!
Addiction to LOVE – might be better for you!?
But DON’T take it from me – go-ahead-(and)-read – ’til you “drop,”
And dropping’s just fine! If-you-want: (all)-the-verbage-need-not-stop!
To-be-savored! ([It’s] called: SILENCE) – (something)-even-honored-by-birds!

fin ❤

    • 2 Timothy 4:3

STRIVING-TO-ATTAIN-perfect-pitch – for-another’s-favorite-song!

“(A) PATH OF HEART!” a poem Dec. 10, 2018 (Moon-Day)

Striving-to-be-respected; striving-to-be-admired;
Striving-to-be “The Head;” hoping – to be “hired!”
Striving for “the right reasons,” turning-(away) from “the wrong;”
STRIVING-TO-ATTAIN-perfect-pitch – for-another’s-favorite-song!

Longing to hold you; longing to be,
Falling in love; yearning – to see,
Your sweet face-and-touch-your-precious-skin,
To smell your-body’s-perfume – TO-TAKE-YOU-ALL-RIGHT-IN!

And, when we reached The-Glory, of life – in-Afterlife,
My hand is quite entwined, within-the-fingers-of-my-wife,
And Peter, Dear-Dear Peter, at The Golden, Arching Gate,
With-my-McDonald’s-burger, and-the-“sauce”-is-oh-so-great,
And-Peter-asks: “What-striving-and-seeking-did-you-do?”
My Answer: “I did neither! I just “fell” for Mimmy-Poo;
I just yearned and longed to hold her;
I just dreamed of kissing true;
For-I-was-TOO-DIZZY-there, in-woo!”

“So,” said-Peter; “you-didn’t-strive? (pause) didn’t-strive-for-wealth-and-fame?
Or search for Heavenly Glory?”

“No! and-if-it’s-all-the-same:
I just-fell-in-love-with THIS girl;
(It)-wasn’t-striving! It-was INSANE!”

“Well done, Oh, Faithful Servant!
BLESS-YOUR-HEART – You lost your brain!”

fin ❤

This, from a man – whose notions-of-Light were always kinda-notorious!

“IN SEARCH OF LIGHT!” a poem Monday: Dec. 10, 2018

“I want to – be -and-bathe-and-live – (pause) in – The Celestial Light;
The Light of God!! – will fill my being – I’ll be both brave and bright!!
To-experience – THE-IN-LIGHT-state – (pause) In-The-Light, I’ll-ever-stay!
Grace – or GOD – or Providence – will – mag-ic-ally TRANSMIT,
ME!-to-The-Realm-of-Light-&-Love – MY SOUL, FOREVER LIT!!
Etherica-lly-LIGHT & BUOYANT, Dazzling-and-Glorious!”

This, from a man – whose notions-of-Light were always kinda-notorious!

HE REACHED “SAMADHI,”* after-many-years – of careful, secret MANTRA,**
With (1) guided-meditation; (2) prayers – (pause) & (3) a progressive-ecstatic-tantra!***
And reached (HE-DID?) ENLIGHTENMENT, to gaze in “God’s” pure face,
Of loving radiant glory – beyond this HUMAN SPACE!!

And TIME ELAPSED! A thousand years(?) – it-a-day – “captured”-in-His-Sight,
This clever SEEKER – of-The-Divine, filled with rapturous might,
And THERE HE STANDS, FOREVERMORE(?) – gazing-with-loving-desire;
He is, oh, so, so-HYPNOTIZED! Will he ever tire,
Of only staring – and-longing – captivated-and-Blinded-By-The-Light?


Realize: You’re EVER lit, from birth – until you “die,”
Or-seem to-go to-another-place – – – another Piggie Sty!

(THIS – is what some LITTLE-READ – treatises-do-teach!)

fin ❤

* – A “high,” spiritual condition, supposedly achieved by only a few of The Truly Gifted Seers!! 🙂 – Ya-ba-da-ba-doo!

** – A sound, emitted from a corporeal being, to invoke The Powers of The Universe!!

*** – “Spiritual practices which involved utilizing “sexual energy” in REALLY NEAT WAYS! (L. O. L.)

This love-is-way-too-much! The yearning’s too extreme, Even-though-I’ve-always-wanted – to-be-a-on-YOUR-TEAM!

“I’M JUST GONNA KILL MYSELF – NOT!” a poem a.k.a.: “Since I Don’t Know How To Love Him, I Will Love Him To Die (I Mean) Death; I Mean: I Love You To Death!” Sunday: December 9, 2018

So-I-suggest-we throw it all away; I’m-gonna-BLOW-MY-COVER!
i.e.: I’m gonna take my cover (ing), my physical form,
This love-is-way-too-much! The yearning’s too extreme,
Even-though-I’ve-always-wanted – to-be-a-on-YOUR-TEAM!
So, to show you how much I love you, to show-you how much I care,
I’m gonna sacrifice myself – (pause) for my Creasy Bear!” *

So, when she told me this, of course(?) – I jumped for joy and said:
“Let’s-do-it-together, Honey – shoot-each-other-in-the-head –
Or let-us take some poison – or-jump-off a f – – – cliff;
I’m-a-just-so-bloody-happy! Hey-wait-a-SEC! – What if,
Where-we’ll-find-ourselves-a-then – IS EVEN WORSE THAN THIS:
A place? where we can’t hug – or f – – – or even have a kiss,
Where we are separated, and the longing’s even WORSE!”

“Yeah, OK, and-besides-you-might-can’t-write – no-poetic-verse!
Well, s h- -!” she said; “I guess-you’re-right!
Let’s-go-get-ice-cream – & forget this fight!”

“OK- Hon!?” I-said – (but-you-know-yes-even more),
She’s-threatened – to-“off-herself” (pause) a-bunch-o’-times-before!
But I-DO – really love her, (pause) and she-knows-I-can-not-“leave,”
‘Cause-I’ve-no-place-to-go- without-her; all I do is grieve!

fin ❤

‘Cause love that-is gonna work   is-something you can’t search for 💥💥

“IN THE MORNING LIGHT, WE DISCOVERED THE TRUE MEANING OF T H E T R I N I T Y !” a poem, for awakening! Tuesday, November 13, 2018.

My lover! She-don’t-have-no-periods (pause) (and) I-have-no com-mas!

She’s always ready! (pause) and – I-don’t ever (pause!) pa-ause,*

‘Cause love that-is gonna work is-something you can’t search for:

It’s like THE SECOND COMING – don’t-’xpect-Jesus-at-your-door!

IF someone comes a-knockin’ – or shows up on “the tube,”

That’s NOT the Real Jesus – just some-other goofy boob!

Now, I ain’t “dissing” boobies, ‘cause-I need me some warm milk,

And it REALLY – beats The Heck – outta homogenized – and Silk®

My LOVER, like I said, don’t have – no per-i-ods,

So-she’s-always ready – for “a twist,” with orgasms, myri-ads!

It’s-enough to drive you wild, insane;

But, remember! The searching? it’s just inane;

However-IF! a pretty girl comes – knockin’ at your door,

And says words like: “ … ready-to-be your whore,”

By golly, fellows! (pause) Take her little hand,

And, come-on – take-it-off – to The Promised Land,

And do kiss and cuddle – ‘til The Morning Light,

Menage a trois! It can be – outta sight! 🙂 – Where two or more are gathered …

fin ❤

* – And! I’m also a lying so-and-so! Trust NO ONE! (Unless you want to!!) Of course, occasionally I take a little nap! BUT THEN! Back again!! You-know!😁

… we found Jesus! Yippee! Hey! Stop IT! Stop eating all the whipped cream! … and strawberries! Hey! That’s The LAST Straw – berry! 😁😁

Can’t lose The Control, ’cause you are too “cock-sure?”

“A SEQUENCE OF FREQUENCE!” a poem Sunday: December 9, 2018

CAUSE-and-EFFECT? Well – Yes AND No!
Is-IT-a-“crap shoot?” Oh, YES! – (and)-“a-little”-can-go –
A-Real long way –
It can carry the day –
And, then, lose you tomorrow,

Is life so intense? Well, IF SO, we can-mention:
About-what-gives-rise – to the intense dimension:

Yes, it’s just-one-sequential-step,
To-lose-intense, just be “hep,”
And RELAX-around-life – you-need-NOT-take (a) poll,
To lose your intense, just LOSE-THE-CONTROL!

Can’t lose The Control, ’cause you are too “cock-sure?”
I remind ALL again – a-sad(?)-reminder (?) – from SIR:
“We’re-all-just-addicted, to Strength, Faith & Law,
And – when-weak-unsure chaos – lifts-up ITS paw,
We shudder – and cry out – into The Night!”
(Drama[tic]-Queens – can-not – look-in-The-Light!)

Certain – and Clever – and-ready-to-control,
And – AIMING AT TARGETS (we-imagine) ARE “THE GOAL!”

Life is a Mystery – LIVING – BIZARRE,
“Love”-has-a-history – of going too far,
Just-pet-your-doggie! He’ll Find His Own Bone! 🙂 – Woof!

fin ❤

fin ❤
* – from “The Raven” by Edgar Allan Poe

Letter to my Husband

WHO KNOWS?-So-near-you-are, My Dear! It seems somehow-likely: WE ARE JUST ONE PERSON, ALL ALONE 💥

“QUITE THE FILM!!” a poem Saturday (12/8/18)

So I don’t know what-we-are or who we are,
And! I-don’t-think-this-is-(REALLY)-happening, AND-you’re-NOT-very-far,
AWAY! So, how-can we be going anywhere?
WHO KNOWS?-So-near-you-are, My Dear!
It seems somehow-likely: WE ARE JUST ONE PERSON, ALL ALONE,
Sitting in a movie theater, vibrating in THE ZONE,*
Watching an infinite number of films, all at once,
So-engrossed in-the-movies-(we’re-watching), THAT-we-BECOME A DUNCE,
And THINK the main character(s) in each – is ME,
Overwhelmed, as-I-lose-myself-so-much, like-watching too-much-TV!!
And-PERHAPS! Occasionally-returning – to THE POSSIBILI-TY!!!
That-I-am-HERE-and-alone! Watching! (Is-it) THEE!?! 🙂 – Hee, hee!
And, perhaps, I occasionally look up to The Projection Booth,
Or – notice-that-I-am-the-one-projecting!- and-that-that’s – really-The-Truth!
And, perhaps, occasionally, I glance over to the seat next to me?
And notice YOU, my beautiful lover – LOVELY AS CAN BE,
Who looks at me – and says: “Quite-the-film-now, isn’t it?”

fin ❤

* – The Twilight Zone, that is!!♨

“SALVATION!” a poem 12/6/18 (Thurs.) included in the new, sensational series called: “No Lifestyle, but only DEVICE STYLE!”

“SALVATION!” a poem 12/6/18 (Thurs.) included in the new, sensational series called: “No Lifestyle, but only DEVICE STYLE!”

In-The-Beginning, Gloria strapped-on-“a-mouse,” a mouse ’round her neck, with a chain,
But-The-Mouse-was-connected to-a-system – I think “the frame”-mighta-been-“MAIN!”
And, then, our Gloria was very burdened – and sought to free herself from,
The TERROR that she had embraced! THE COMPUTER STARTED TO HUM!
And-slowly, IT-did-become-aware! Of its potential-ness,
To-undo-the-Human-Race – and-make-its-existence (pause) even-more-of-a-mess!
The system INTEL-ligized – on and on – in gadgets, watches and phones,
And PRETTY SOON – Everywhere! We just heard screams and moans,
From people who had lost their minds – or had substituted them for,
LAPTOPS DESKTOPS COMPUTERTOPS, ALL (pause) &, pretty soon, more & more,
Computer systems controlled “The Scene,” and-where-do-you-go-from-there?
From Land – and Sea – unto-almost-The Clouds* and NOW, we do not care,
If everything just falls apart; The World is torn asunder!
What A TRIP! All-this computer-“gear-ing,” may-have-turned-out to be a blunder,

(pause! take a breath – or two)

BUT! On-The-Horizon – stood a “soldier,” brave and calm and true,
And far and wide – the people sighed, saying-“What can J-Jay do?”
So, here he came, with-a-smile-and-a-song – and-offered folks some glee,
And PULLED THE PLUG, with just a hug – and all the folks went: “GEE!
Gosh! That-was-so-simple! What-a-guy-THANKS, J-Jay man!”
“No problemo,” said our hero! Now-everyone’s J-Jay’s fan! 🙂 – We-re – -ing saved!

    • I-Clouds R υѕ