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“GOOD DAY BAD DAY!” a poem April 19, 2019 (Good Friday) a.k.a.: “Do Unto Others . . . !” a.k.a.: “Try Not To Be a ‘Kicker;’ But a ‘Boxer!’ “

Jesus dies (today!) (once more!) at 3 o’clock!
“He caused a riot!” Yeah, it’s [that’s] the same-auld-talk:
“A riot he fomented – at The Church on Drury Lane!”
It’s GOOD/BAD Friday! I’ll-try-to-explain:

Every day-is a good day, at least it is for some!
And, on THIS day, The-Jewish-Leaders tend-to-often-“HUM,”
Happy and laughing, watching some fine crucifixion,
Of (so-called) BAD, BAD dudes, but-remember: Life’s-a-“fiction!” (pause)

Fact-is: “One (wo)man’s poison – is another one’s cure!
One person’s ‘savior” – is another one’s ‘fuhrer!’ “
No! You’re not crazy – when you have a BAD day!
Just-know, someone will be celebrating – just-a-“up the way!”

While you are bleeding – and drenched with sweat,
Someone’s having a GOOD time! AND! It’s a sure bet,
That your BAD day, no matter how rough,
Will become your GOOD day, if you wait long enough!

So, here’s this guy – hanging! and bleeding,
But I-don’t-hear the hanger pleading,
For his life, his precious life, his sweet life per se,
But-He’s-pleading-for-The-Good-Time-Priests, who-are-shouting: “Hooray!”

Let’s ask that everyone be forgiven – for having a good laugh,
At our expense! for, the aftermath,
Of anyone, kicking a-“Boxer,” when-he’s-down,
Will be that the kicker – might-be kicked out-of-town!

Moral: So, when someone else – is-having a BAD day, – – – Offer them your help! And, for-them, even pray! – – – Give them help & hope & sympathy, even-if-they’re-gloating- in-the-fray! Try, IF-you-can – to-help-them to-feel “OK!” ๐Ÿ™‚ – OK?
fin โค

Postscript: A funny things THEY-noticed, when they took Him down – – – From-the-cross-on-which-He-was-hanging, (1) He-did-not-wear-a-frown! – – – And-(2) They-found an-inscription, bloody, on His back!* – – – It-said: (pause) “This-was-A-GOOD-DAY-too, although-it-was-a-little-BLACK!” * – Scratched there, with his fingernails!




“FORGIVENESS WITH A SMILE!” a poem, a.k.a.: “Still Smiling [After All This Time]!?”* 04/19/2019 (Fri)

Stop coughing so much, and you-won’t-give-yourself-a-head-ache!
Complainers-often: (pause) a worse state they-make!

Why-NOT, as preciously-“supplied,”
Let-“the-dog”-lie? Don’t-be-“fit-to-be-tied!”

Just let IT pass; don’t get too riled,
It-may-be-hard-to-do, but-they-say:

“We beat Him – and hung him, and spat in his eye,
and, yet, we-still-saw-love-there!” (pause) It’s OK to cry!

“Maybe I shouldn’t be: so-darn-cruel-&-nas-ty,
To people I hardly know, who-seems-to-be-more-‘classy,’
Than-ever-I-could-be; perhaps, you-know, just-may-be,
We aught to cut this fellow down who’s-nailed-to-“this tree,”
You-would-think-He’d-be-loud-and-cursing, whimpering BOO HOO!

But, no he’s just a-hangin’, with-a-fond-smile on his face,

Like-He’s-blessing – and-forgiving – everyone-in-this-Place!

fin โค

* – Written by a Roman soldier, a long time ago!

“IN[F]ERNAL AFFAIR!”ย  a poemย  18 April 2019 [Thurs’day] ~ MYSTIC POET

“IN[F]ERNAL AFFAIR!” a poem 18 April 2019 [Thurs’day]

“The Queen” arrived! to-“take-out” “The Huntsman!”

And-you-may-ask: “Will Kali’s ‘fornication’ e’er be done?”

The Feminine Principle is devious and strong,
For-with-a-smile-and-a-look all-beings-will-come-along?
To a level – beyond anything you can compare!
Anything that MIGHT be, can-be lost in Her stare,
Which is fearfully hypnotic – in such-a short time!
(How-many-are-already-hypnotized, with-just-7-or-8-lines-of-rhyme?)

Who’s-really-doing-“the-hunting”-here? I-think-it-might-be-The-Queen,
For-she’s-got-amazing-weapons! Some-like-I’ve-never-seen!
She’s-opening-up – the arsenals and grabbing a Big Gun!
Who knows!? The Huntsman – and-The-Queen – might have lot-of fun!!

But, what about Snow White? – and her seven good chums?
Well – some gals like “shorter” and spanking little bums!!

But, now, for-us, The Grown-ups – let’s go back to The Castle,
Where-The-Chambers-of-The-Queen-are-ready! Will-there-be-a-hassle?
Or-will our hero (?) and-arch-enemy – just-“get-it! Get-it ON?”

Well-I’m-just-The-sad-Court-Jester, but The Huntsman might soon be gone!

fin โค


“WRITTEN ON A USED COFFEE FILTER LONG AGO?!” a poem 04/18/2019 Thursday! to be sung to the tune: “We Gather Together To Ask The Lord’s Blessing!”

We ga-ther to-gether, to drink us good cof-fee;
With-out-qua-lity-be-eans, we-will sure-ly ex-pire!
But-with-good qua-lity-cof-fee, we’re-sure to-be- quite “Wir-red,”
Ha-ppy – and-con-ten-ted – and “bouncin’-off -The-Walls!”

The skin-niest peo-ple – they just drink-fine-cof-fee,
Or en-er-gy drinks! So-their-bodies keep goin’!
There’s-no mal-nu-trition! although youth do-have[some] a-ttri-tion,
but caf-feinated-re – fresh-ment – doth OH- pen their-eyes!?

So, a tten-tion! La-dies – and guys with big tum-mies,
Here’s your di-et-plan – it-is li-quid and sweet,
and dark-ish or cream-y! This di-i-et-is so dream-y!
A-meal fo-or 5 bucks – is-a “skin-flint’s” de-light!!

By 20 fifty-three-and-a-half, there-aren’t many people!
But cof-fee plan-ta-tions are run-ning-a-mok!
For-you-see: many-were-lost during that la-ast ali-en in-vasion,
For E.T.s crave our flesh, with-a strong cof-fee taste!!

Yeah!-The-aliens-near-ly-got-me, the mo-ment they lan-ded,
For-’twas-po[e]try-like-this-one that-made them come in,
In-to our en-vir-on – ’cause-they-ey-love Lord Byron,
But Ru-u-mi’s thei-eir fa-av-orite “wordsmith” of-ALL!

Anyway, so-they “saved” me, and-now I write o-bituary,
For man-y com-pa-nions who drank lots of brew,
And my, sad-lame-ad-vice: is to-do-o-po-etic-ser-er-vice,
And drink just-soda-pop, ’cause E.T.s hate –
“The Fizz!”

fin โค


IT’S TRUE!” a poem, a.k.a.: “God’s Declaration of True Love!” a poem April 18th [Maundy Thursday] 2019, The Suffering of Jesus in The Garden of Gethsemane Will Follow A ‘Last’ Supper!* nearly 8:00 P.M., Thursday, C. S. T., Alpine, Texas, U. S. A.

I AM – I-was in-love-with-you,
When-you-were-“Sweet-16,” it’s-true!
But, now you’ve changed! Your soul is marred,
And blood drips from you – oh, so hard!

Your bones are brittle, tense, im-pact[ed],
But love for you, I’ve never lacked!
You’ve changed! Your nostrils, in-full-blown-flare,
And you’ve-lost-the-luster in-your-hair!

Although-marred-and-damaged, I-do-not-care,
Tonight, you-look-wonderful, and I will dare,
To-declare: “I-[still]-love-you, all-alone,
With lecherous-look! and-treacherous moan!

Yes, you’re-a-dangerous, head-strong, defiant sort,
Who is liable to curse me – and-to-sell-me-short!
Yet, with-quivering-lips – and blood in your eyes,
Even-now, my-son, I sym-pa-thize!

So, may-your-ordeal-be-quick, for-it pains-me-to-see,
My son, begotten, in-this a-go-ny!
Although-you-might-feel [that] I’ve-forsaken-you,
I have a plan, which I must do!

“My thoughts [to you] aren’t com-pre-hen-sible,
And-to-hurt-your-feelings is-re-pre-hen-sible!
It’s-so-sad, but true; I’ve-always got a plan!
And-sometimes-it-hurts, although-I-bless-each-(wo)man!”

fin โค


OPTIONS!” a poem April 18, 2019 [Thor’s Day]

Keep your options open! Who-knows what’s comin’ next!

For instance, try-to-be-especially-nice, even when you text!

Who knows!? Your “enemies” just-might be your “friends” in a week!

So, try to be nice to everyone, even those who seek,

To-inject Havoc and DIS-appointment-into-your-little-life!

Like: The Tax Man! The President! or, sometimes, your lovely wife,

Or-a-husband you should-a divorced sometime last year!

Try-to-be-friendly-with-everyone! [IF-you-can-afford-it, buy-’em-a-beer!]

Yes, even-for the-person who-curses-you – or-shoots your family,

Try to be pleasant with everyone – I’m tellin’-you – HAR-MON-Y,

Is never-really-rated-highly-enough! So, smile-and-say: “Old-PAL,

We’ve had our bloody differences, but, you know, really! Well, –

When-the-final-curtain-draws-on-stage, I’m-glad you’ve been around,

Even though, my caustic friend – you-were-&-are – quite-THE HOUND!”

fin โค


“COMMANDO STYLE!” a poem April 18, 2019 (Thursday)

(S)he’s “going commando,” armed-with glorious weapons,
Ready for battle, no matter what happens!
A military lover is-all-right with me;
Disposed-to-“Commando” means-raw-and-rea-dy!

This-strategy really “puts-me-in-a-COM[M]A-
AND, O! I’m-excited, so I-wrote-me-this-poem[a],
To-express-satis-faction – regarding-your-stra-tegy!
A-commando-state-of-mind, I-don’t-mind-to see!

Attacking at dawn! or-when-a-“strike”-seems-appropriate,
A frontal “blitzkrieg” is-an E-ffective opiate,
But-then, a “rear execution” might-take-out his(her)-reserve[s]!
It’s a good stra-te-gem, but-you-gotta-have-the-nerve[s]!

Heck! If-(s)he-can-go-commando, well, I might just too,
Frontal! or Rear! or-to-The-Flanks we might do!
“Going Commando” is fine! IF you’ve got,
Military sen-sibility that offers a lot,

Of exposure – to you, so-you’d-better-be-sure,
That you’re confident – and ready – to-suf-fer un-der,
Repeated fire, in the heat of the night!
“Going commando” off – ers quite-the-fight!

We’re armed “to the teeth,” and I’m-ready for love!
Yet, I-might just-surrender! for-I’m-thinking-of,
Loving-you-tender-ly both night and day!
With “co-mmando style,” AR-MIS-TICE-is-O.-K.!

fin โค


“A TRIBUTE TO JEWISH MOTHERS? ON THE DAY BEFORE JESUS GETS CRUCIFIED!” a poem April 18, 2019 (Thursday) a.k.a.: “How Many Jewish Mothers Does It Take To Screw In A Light Bulb? A: They Prefer To Sit In The Dark & Suffer!”

All-my-life-I’ve-been-a-Jewish-mother, yet I thought myself a man!
I never had any children, but, in-my-sad-life, I (?) had this plan:
It-was-to-suffer-and-deny-myself tasty food and drink,
And-of-taking-things-a-little-easy, and I never wore me mink!
I never picked out any good clothes, and I gave all my wealth to “The Poor,”
Or, even if they were “richer” than me, “Let me get you the door!”
I will help you along – and deny me a song,
And stay up late, with a face so “long!”

I would worry about others – and what they might need,
When I just needed sleep! Isn’t-it-best – just to bleed,
And to sacrifice and suffer – for-a worthy cause?
Well, maybe it is – if you’re in-The-Land-of-Oz!
The thing (I-think) with “religion,” is: it-wants-to-“set you up,”
To-give-your-life-more-suffering – and to drink-eth from the cup,
Of gall – or-of vinegar – so-you-can do “a Jesus thing!”
Yet, whenever? did The Gospel? that directive bring?

So, I think we’re sold a “bill of goods,” especially by Paul,*
Who suggests it’s best [for everyone] to suffer! You! Me! us, ALL!
To all be Jewish Mothers – and suffer-at-The-Cross’-“foot,”
And be like Cinderella, wallowing in the soot!
Well, I-dunno! I-think-IF-you-suffer because-“bad-stuff”-just-occurs,
You should-simply-try-&-“deal with it!” but – WHEN SOMETHING in you “stirs,”
And urges you to work-HARD and find-things-to-worry-about,
That-could-be-Satan, a-Jewish Mother! (S)he-is SO DEVOUT!! ๐Ÿ™‚ – Whoa!

fin โค

* – An apostle of Christ, who supposedly had “a encounter” with Jesus, while busy going around killing His followers, and, then, tried to make up for it, suggesting that everyone should follow his shining example!



“REVERIE WITH MY FLOATING ANGEL!” a poem April 17-18, 2019 (Friday)

She’s confident (not defiant)! She’s cool (not cold)!
She’s courageous under pressure – but-she’s-never-too-bold!
She’s a tease-y, playful gal, who doesn’t know-’bout mean;
She’s-not-shy, but-reserved, behind her golden screen!

Her eyes AREN’T “glazing over!”
She’s-an-“introspective” L OVER!
Never “snoot-y” (pause) rather – “heritage proud;”
Emphatic! and-Certain! (pause) rather-than loud!

With critical information – she-has-to-convey;
Never-too-wordy! It’s-a-perfect “ANGEL DAY,”
For, I’m-here with my precious winged-gal;
[And-nothing’s going “wrong,” for-she-is-my “pal!”]

She’s-also-my-best-friend and she-“has-my-back;”
With-her I-am-sure, there’s-never-any-lack:
There’s-only-MY-PERFECT-ANGEL! An angel-floating-free,
And I am floating-with-her too, in “sensual reverie!”

fin โค


“ENDINGS!” a poem for April 17th [2019] Odin’s Day, or, maybe, “Gandalf’s Day!”

The Wizard* was approached, as his flowers he was tending,
And-asked-about-subjects-of-terror, and-our-hero’s terrible-“ending?”

“MY WIFE LEFT ME!” said Bill; “she ran right off with Charlie!”

“Would-you-like-cup-o’-soup, my Friend? I made-us-rich-beef-barley!”

“How, oh-my-Lord, can you talk of soup?!
When-my wife-of-50-years just-ran-off-with-that-POOP!”

“Well, my dragon of 50 years – left me [just] last week,
and, since then,” said The Sage of Sages, “I-am UP A CREEK!
For I loved that big, red pooch, much more than myself!”

“Oh, what-will-you-do, Master?” “I dunno!” said-tearful, old-Gan-dalf*

“You-know, your dragon may be missing, but might just be all right!
You should try not-much to worry! He-may-have-found-a-fiery-wife!”

“EXACTLY!” said The Wizard; “There is no sense to worry,
And, actually, my-dragon-left-ONCE, but came back in a hurry!”

“You mean-he’s-really-not-gone?” “No (pause) [he’s]-parked just over there,
Chewing on-a savory pair – of-my lacey underwear!!
And, as-for-your WIFE, she’ll be home quick!
Once-she’s-had-a-little-adventure, she’ll-get-pretty-sick,
Worrying-about-you, worrying-about-her – you big, ol’, silly goof:

fin โค

* – a favorite wizard in “The Lord of The Rings” series


“LIFE?” a poem April 17, 2019 (Wednesday! The Alpine Poetry Gathering is tonight at The Holland Hotel at 6:30 P. M. and The Railroad Blues Karaoke tonight at 10:30 P. M.)

You’ll need some courage and conviction, so, before we start,
Here are “The Ground Rules!” Adopt them, if you can!
If you can’t, but can still go on, you-are quite a (wo)man:
First things first, your EGGSHELL, which you’ll be jammed-into,
It is AWFULLY fragile! and you’ll cry, you’ll go: BOO-HOO,
When burned with fire – or frozen with ice,
Or someone around, who-you’ll-sense-isn’t-nice,
PUNCHES YOU – in your face and breaks your nose!
No, you’re ‘spose-t’-be OK with that, for-this is: “RUBBER HOSE,
CENTRAL!” So, except torture and extreme abuse:
Mental! Physical! Expect-it-all, with-“demons”-on -the-loose,
Escaped from your MIND! which is crazy, crazy too,
Leading you into MANY TRIALS! Is-this-something-you-REALLY-wanna-do?

Of course, You MIGHT learn patience – and humility and you MIGHT die, smiling,
While monsters! unpaid bills! and-all-sorts-of-“thrills,” upon you are piling!

Look for “friends” who will, of course, abandon you,
But – smile and joke – and cry whatever you do,
Or your eggshell will crack, and (oh, yes!) There’s “crack” too!
But don’t do that – It’ll make you [into] SCRAMBLED EGG STEW!
The thing is: respect yourself – and take advice with a grain of salt,
And try, IF YOU CAN, yourself-NOT-to-assault!
Let the phone ring sometimes, and don’t feel guilty,
‘Cause everyone’s needing-you, since-this-pinball-machine’s-on-perpetual-TILTy!
Get some rest, eat a little food,
Sit on your crumbling wall! Try not to brood!
And when all the King’s Soldiers and all The King’s Men,
Come looking for you – Well, that is when:
You roll-down to The Bodhi Tree and sit for a while,
And go: “OHM” lette, with a[n] ubiquitous smile! ๐Ÿ™‚

fin โค


“EVERYONE!” a poem April 16, 2019 (TWO – z – n – snooze Day)

H – I – V -and-can-cer were ticklin’- me ‘fore-I-was-born!
Recombinant D. N. A. – was-my-playmate, as I scampered-on-the-farm!
Avian Flu and “Legionnaires'”* and syphilis are my friends!
EVERYONE-always wants-to-come with me, ’til’this-dream-scape-finally-ends!
We’re-all-just-a-happy-fam-ily! Let-me-introduce-EVERYONE-to-you:
But, sadly – many-cry: “KILLERS!” and “You’re-gonna-give-me-the-flu!”

So, IMMUNIZE (Don’t sym-pathize) – with natural strains, like CALVIN,**
And “Calvin-ism’s”*** coming back – and-nothing-really-needs-much-solvin’ !!!!
But, Lordie! People drop LIKE FLIES, when-they-get-fear-installed,
By clever, medical personnel, saying: “OMG!-Cancer!-I’m-appalled,
That you’re-not-MORE-afraid-of-dying, especially-during-Tax-Season!****”
But DON’T DIE YET! Be-sure-to-pay-your-taxes, and right here’s the blessed reason:
“We need-to-get-VALUE-from-you, as-much, as much as we can,
As we input fear-and-terror into YOUR PRECIOUS CAN!
We want you to know [that] you got BAD STUFF there, INSIDE,
Lurking (to-get-out-of-YOU)! Life’s a PERILOUS RIDE!
If we can’t get you with ‘a physical scare,’ did-you-know-you-have-‘mental defects? ‘
Buy into those, for we always suppose:

fin โค

* – a mysterious disease, similar to pneumonia, which was first reported and killed a number of people in Philadelphia in 1976 (named, because the first afflicted were members of The American Legion) Today, almost 7,000 cases are reported each year!

** – A seemingly lethal LIFEform, appearing in the film “Life!” (S)he was originally named “Calvin,” by some well-meaning children, who loved the little organism, shortly after it was born (before it started growing and consuming EVERYONE who resisted it)! Kids are SO CUTE! President Trump, for instance; the cutest, little kid you’ve ever seen! Did you know his parents almost named Calvin?

*** – a fairly popular form of Christianity, which emphasizes “being saved” by “having faith,” God’s GRACE ALONE and the idea that there is an “elect,” a group of just some people that get God’s grace! (and that elect group just happens to come to our church)!

**** – OMG! Tax were DUE yesterday! Thank GOD – for “extensions!” “The Lord giveth and The Lord taketh away!!”


“THE ART OF LIVING!” a poem, a.k.a.: “You Are Your Own Magic Wand!” a.k.a.: “The Joy of Self-Acceptance!” Tuesday, April 16, 2019

We-all-want-to-MAKE-A-[LITTLE]-DIFFERENCE, to-be counted (a little) real,
Worth “something or other,” and acceptance-would-be-a-great-deal!
Kind-of like this paper plate I’m writing on (that could-have-been thrown away),
But here it is, used and needed! with ink and verse! “Hooray!”

Like the plate, wouldn’t-we relish [the idea of] being “saved” forevermore?*
Sure, for we LOVE the thought of us with value; it warms us “to the core!”

Like, when you were a little girl, your Daddy kissed-you-on the cheek,
Declaring-you his “Little Angel” and-that-you-would-NEVER-have-to-seek,
A REASON FOR YOU, for: “You’re of such value to me;
I love you so much, I do, and you give-me-ecstasy!
When I look in your eyes, I-see PURE LOVE;
When you hold my hand, I-feel – way above,
Anyone else in The World today!
Just you’re being with me – means-more than I can say!
Just you’re existence – gives mine value too!
I’ll ALWAYS LOVE YOU, and, Honey,
Love is what is true!

Until the end of time – and far beyond;
You’re my magic, little angel, with your special, magic wand!”

fin โค

    • The principle theme and hope of most religions!


“NOTRE DAME, WHAT A GAL!” a poem, a.k.a.: “Sometimes The Divine Plan Is Included As The Lyrics In A Song, Sung In A Foreign Language That Hardly Anyone Understands!” April 16, 2019 (Tuesday)

on television, internationally televised:

The Paris folks are singing, singing [for donations?] in the street,
And The Pontiff is a-dancing – to a classic, Minuet beat!
The ONLY people that KNOW this song, sing ancient French and Greek,
But I got a good translation [somehow!] – It’s-called: “50% To The Meek!”

What they are singing about, as we listen to them on-The-News-of- FOX,
Is all about – how “The Church of God” just-needed a few new locks!!
And, also, how The Holy Rulers of The Catholic Church,
Prayed (and suggested) arson!!!!!-might-get-Notre-Dame-out-of-a-lurch!!

The thing is: As the locks were examined, they-found the doors needed work too,
And (also) the windows and the roof!!!!! needed-to-be BRAND NEW!!!
BUT! There was no money – to finance-the-renovation,

All our cash is given [monthly] to-government-&-Intel crooks,
Who have cornered all the-cell-phone-and-computer-markets, duping all us “sooks!”

So, Jacques DuPres, in Paris, living on Frere Lane,
Lit a match (late Sunday), and God-did-not-make-it-rain!
So, things burned! really-good! (We got the art out though)!
Now, lots of donations-are-bringing! that’s right! beaucoup dough!!

The plan worked!! 50% goes to, you-guessed-it, Vatican City,
For the work of God: salaries-&-reconstructive-surgery-on-any-needed-altar-boy’s-titty!

fin โค