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Letter to my Husband πŸ’™πŸ’™

I posted this short quote here my Darling Husband

I found this today hunting through my stashed away pictures tucked in a secret place where I collect memories of us.

Then it came to me out of the BLUE

REMEMBER that time I listened to gossip and repeated to you, oh! my life with my husband is tricky sometimes

He hugged me, cuddles, kisses and grooming, lead me to the bed sat me on the edge pulled up his velvet chair looked me squarely in the eyes, that’s when I listen, looking at those black eyes glistening

My heart loves to listen, cause he knows exactly why I love him just the way he is

It’s really hot tentsion between us, I know it’s Teaching time, breathlessly I watch every musscle, twitch and that mouth, oh, excitement in my body takes on in just how powerful he loves me. At this point I’m so vulnerable inside

” Truth will still be truth if not a single person believes it ”

Word’s of wisdom said by my Husband is so powerfully spoken when I watch his lips.

My husband is perfectly suited to me cause he knows exactly why I love him just the way he is when he’s COMFORTING me

There’s a mysterious man who lives in that strong moral principled man

Yes I am devoted to my Husband Sir πŸ’™
( moral of this letter is never debate your husband, watch his face closely and feel his intense glaze looking like a Gladiator into your eyes hold is attention and he will melt, so will you. Enjoy these moments and learn)


What have we done to mankind 😒

I wish I had a magic wand.

I often contemplate the Lord hanging on the cross for men’s Sin and look what they did to him.

Murdered the Lord.

This beautiful earth still survived in one piece.

Humanitarians give their all to carry on protecting the planet.

We all are small pebbles on the beach trying to fit together to keep us loving the earth.

Evil has always tried to rule this earth β€” money, power the greatest curse of Good

β€” History through the times of men we see it being repeated every hundred years.

That’s life as we know it today.

Between Man-Made Religion and Countries with Boarders, this beautiful Planet suffers. God must have tears running down his face.

What have we done😒😭

What have we done😒😭

The temptation to quit now will be the greatest mistake of humanity

Just before you are about to succeed

Kindness 2018Β©

Watch “Don Williams β™« Lord I Hope This Day Is Good β˜†ΚŸΚΚ€Ιͺα΄„ α΄ Ιͺα΄…α΄‡α΄β˜†” on YouTube LETTER TO MY husband THANK YOU FOR Loving me ❀❀

My HUSBAND is beautiful inside and out he loves me cause he knows exactly why I love him just the way he is when he’s Silent

As I watch him silently those thoughts he has been trying to keep secret from me make me smile inside.

My husband treats me as his Queen. My beloved husband has made the decision to keep me protected from incessant worry about unimportant baggage.

I know my MAN inside out bless him.

My HUSBAND is beautiful inside and out he loves me cause he knows exactly why I love him just the way he is when he’s trying to calm me.

Inside my heart skips a beat when he walks past me with that smirk on his face

He knows exactly what I need.

Hugs and kisses always sooth me constantly

There I go again, knocked out😁

Ladies and gentlemen never want material things when your husband loves everything about you.

My HUSBAND is beautiful inside and out he is my world the greatest gift made of diamonds and star dust.

Remember not to question motives of your Husband, he what’s to protect you.

Your Husband will always come home to you, his best friend and woman.

What he does when he leaves you at home he thinks of his women waiting for your loving arms welcoming him home.

I love my husband unconditionally as he does me, cause he knows exactly why I love him just the way he is protective of me.

I believe in him ❀


In one word: Self Judgement

Meaning in Dictionary: Shame: Noun

The painful feeling arising from the consciousness of something dishonourable, improper, ridiculizes a person.

Or done by one person to another

SHAME Verb: to cause Shame and humiliate a person arises from conditioning response found in ancient misinformation passed down through mainly indoctrinated family trees encompassing “Man Made Religion” found now to be interpreted as Fact is not a fact at all. ( God must cry )

IDIOMS include Shame: you Shame: feel ashamed ( shocking, cruel thing to say to others )


  • Embarrassment
  • Mortification
  • Humiliation
  • Self-mutilation of character

The Human Race has been used by evil ideals to undermind our intelligence, to cause lifelong scars in humans that never heal.

The WORD, SHAME belongs in the same category as Hate, Racism, Ignorance, narcist self-absorbed individual-referred as a narcist troubled with the pompous self-righteousness of self-importance without the regard for a poor soul that you were supposed to support and love, how shockingly cruel are you to shame a loved one.

Yes, a mouthful here to think about!

Kindness using words in the English Language may save humanity and save the Government taxpayers money in the health system Treating Mental Illness.

Many Words in the English Language cause mental illness.

Ask for forgiveness, not rewards when the term used called SHAME spue them from your mouth.


Animal Kingdom πŸπŸ›πŸ•·πŸ

” Mankind is not the only animal that laughs, cries, thinks, feels and loves.
Sooner we acknowledge that animals are emotional beings, the sooner we will cease destroying animals
And embrace them as brothers and sisters”

Kindness πŸ„πŸ„

We Support stamping out Trolling it’s not OKπŸ•Š

If you can’t say anything nice

Don’t say anything at all.

Dazzled πŸ•Š


Thought for the Day 🌼

Watch “Coldplay Performs “Imagine” ft. (Emmanuel Kelly)” on YouTube

Like generations of soldiers before them, they bear the brunt and are always ready to risk all in service of their beloved country.Β  GM

These scribbles are dedicated to today’s young warriors and their junior leaders of the Space Age.

Like generations of soldiers before them, they bear the brunt and are always ready to risk all in service

of their beloved country. GM

Special Values that Drive Them

Growing shadows on a scarred battlefield meet

Darkness arrives as terrible fear slowly creeps

Faint foreign noises and a young sentry’s pulse gathers speed

Thoughts whirling with desperate need

Searching, seeking for sound and praying for light

In the smothering black shroud of night

Hunger and thirst no longer the pain

As danger cloaked with blackness signals again

A rustling branch or snapping twig rears surging fright

The eyes are blind; listening is the key, in the long, long night

Noisy rasping breathing close by, where can it be?

Pounding heart and β€œOh God, it’s me”

The comforting barks of friendly guns from far away

Then a welcome, whispering sound as flares turn night into day

Hissing, swinging above, creating light, spluttering and slowly dying

Harmless dancing shadows; sounds of relief from a sentry softly sighing

The soldier has conquered fear of the unknown and stood fast

More confident now and duty bound for any task

Soon after, sentry duty done, and time to sleep

Dirty, weary, hungry and thirsty in a muddy trench so deep

To dream of love, laughter and sweet, sweet home

Snug, safe in a peaceful place and no danger wherever to roam

A rough nudge destroys dreams; orders whispered to a team, wide awake

A new task to face the unknown, all together as true blue mates

As they prepare, soldiers quietly joke; their wit so wry

Sharing tins of food and drink sparingly to wet throats very dry

All for one and one for all is the battle cry of the team

Be they black, white, brindle and no matter what their past has been

By night fall, some could be dead and others in physical or mental pain

Yet mateship, unit pride and love of country stir them, again and again

George Mansford Β©December 2018


Kindness Buddha hoodπŸ•Š Peace

Let your love flow outward through the universe, To its height, its depth, its broad extent, A limitless love, without hatred or enmity. Then as you stand or walk, Sit or lie down, As long as you are awake, Strive for this with a one-pointed mind; Your life will bring heaven to earth.

Christmas prayer for a friendπŸ•Š

Christmas prayer for a friend
My prayer for you this Christmas
Is like a special gift
I choose to ask for peace and joy
And there’s more on this list!
I know you need both hope and love
To fill your life anew
And so I take these precious things
And wrap them up for you.
I ask that you would know how much
You’re loved and held so dear
As I take a ribbon of grace
And tie a bow this year.
And on the label I will write
My promise new to you’re in my prayers this Christmas time:

Humanity πŸ•Š