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We humans have been studying our reflection in mirrors since we discovered our faces in shiny pools of water. In Greek mythology, Narcissus becomes consumed with his reflection in a pond and disappears into the water, never to be heard from again, making him perhaps the first person to fuss over a selfie. We’re kind of obsessed with this external shell we move around in every day.

Bentley Adams wants to change that. Rather than obsessing over our body image, Adams wants to see humans care more about the food they put inside of it. He sees an opportunity for people to do something daily that will change the focus of the object in the mirror. Thanks to Instagram, Snapchat and the many camera-based apps out there, many of us are already doing that “something.”

“I’m talking about taking pictures of the food we eat,” Adams says.

Adams is the CEO and founder of MealShare, an approachable platform where people can snap a picture of what they eat, press a button, and receive nutritional reviews of their food from registered dietitians, known as Pros. What would normally require one to two hours of client intake, takes 90 seconds on MealShare.

The app opens to the camera on a phone, prompting people to take pictures of their meals, rate their food choice, and receive feedback from Pros that they are connected with, or Pros that can be handpicked for them. For Bentley, the camera is a metaphor for the mirror.

“We have a marketing-driven image of what a human being should look like. MealShare is challenging that right now. We need to get to a place where we aren’t judging each other or ourselves based on our bodies or engaging in body shaming. Instead, let’s turn the camera, the mirror, on our food. Let’s start paying attention to what’s going on inside of our bodies, not how we look on the outside. Food is our freedom. The things we eat make us who we are.”

“Food is our freedom. The things we eat make us who we are,” says Bentley Adams, founder, and CEO of MealShare.

MealShare also provides a communication and engagement tool that acts as a catalyst for dietitians to grow their own practice. Think of the tool as a talking mirror, expect rather than pipe sunshine all day (surely we can’t always be the fairest of them all), the Pros become a trusted source of nutritional guidance that offers thoughtful and compassionate reflections on a client’s food choices based on goals they set in the app. To date, the app has prompted 10x higher engagement than other platforms and allows dietitians to better monitor their clients’ food habits.

Ever since Adams can remember, he’s had a deeper calling to help people live a healthy life. By his mid-twenties, he was crafting deals on the founding team of one of the fastest growing healthcare companies in U.S. history that resulted in $2 billion of total contract value in less than a year. From there, he continued to follow his passions as a health transformer, and eventually jumped off to support companies and teams in the healthcare ecosystem.

“When I was studying as a personal trainer in college, my mentor informed me that two-thirds of the U.S. adult population was unhealthy, meaning obese or overweight, and headed for a life of pain, disease, and suffering. This rocked my world. It made me sad. I know most people wouldn’t want to live the life of discomfort that lay ahead of them. So, I worked in the healthcare system,” Bentley says.

Eventually, he felt the need to come at systemic health issues from a different angle. The U.S. healthcare industry is valued at $3 trillion, yet according to the CDC’s most recent statistics, the rate of unhealthiness is now 70.7%, up from 66% a decade ago. Additionally, the value of the weight loss market continues upward, with recent estimates putting it at almost $70B. With MealShare, Bentley hopes to show people what a sustainable lifestyle of healthy eating can look like, one that lasts for 30 years versus a three-month diet fad.

To date, MealShare’s app has prompted 10x higher engagement than similar platforms and allows dietitians to better monitor their clients’ food habits.

“Every person who studies the human body knows that nutrition is the key to our health. Food is medicine, but we have to remember it is a slow medicine,” Bentley says. “Changes to our body can happen quickly, and fade quickly depending on how we treat it. But a sustainable lifestyle of healthy eating, that is the real goal.”


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Home Remedies to Control Hair Fall 💥💥

Home Remedies to Control Hair Fall

The Ayurvedic treatment for hair loss includes regulation of diet, medicated massaging and application of herbs. A balanced diet has always been emphasised when providing a remedy for the condition. This would involve giving up alcohol and smoking or any other addictive substances. Ayurvedic treatment involves :

Diet – White sesame seeds, yogurt, buttermilk, whole grains, sprouts, milk and green leafy vegetables are some healthy nutrients that should form part of your diet.

Massaging – Rubbing the soles of your feet and the scalp with almond oil or coconut oil and using vitamin E rich oil for massaging has great benefits in controlling hair fall. Also, you can follow other home remedies to prevent or reduce hair fall.

Ayurvedic herbs – Rinse your hair with apple cider vinegar and apply sage tea on it. Massage your head with a mix of liquorice extract, horsetail extract, stinging nettle, rosemary and birch for stimulation of hair re-growth.

Specialized Ayurvedic treatments – You can contact an Ayurvedic practitioner for some specialised therapy for hair loss and stress. Shirodhara or draining medicated oil on the forehead is one such procedure.

Aloe Vera for Hair Fall
If you are wondering how to control hair fall, aloe vera is your answer. Aloe vera gel is considered an effective remedy to fight all hair woes. You can apply pure aloe vera gel direct on the scalp. Alcohol balances the pH level and prevents hair from breakage, especially if hair fall is caused due to irritation, dry and infected scalp. Massage your scalp with aloe vera gel and leave for few hours before washing it with lukewarm water.

Neem Treatment for Hair
Neem is used as a remedy for many health-related problems due to its medicinal properties. Its astringent property helps reduce dandruff which can be useful for hair fall control.

Treat Wet Hair Gently to Control Hair Loss
You must avoid rubbing or combing wet hair. Hair is more prone to breakage when wet. This can result in a massive hair loss, and you could see a big clump in your brush.

Eat Eggs for Hair Fall Control
Hair is primarily made up of proteins which can be found in abundance in eggs. If you want to know how to control hair loss, it is essential to learn that protein-based foods, like eggs, boost hair growth significantly. Besides this, eggs contain biotin and B vitamins which can prevent hair loss.

Eat Salmon For Healthy Hair
Eating salmon has numerous health benefits for your brain, blood vessels, skin, and hair. A storehouse of omega-3 fatty acids, regular consumption of salmon can boost hair growth, and its other constituents like vitamin B12 prevent hair loss and solve hair woes like dry hair.

Beans Can Help
Beans are a rich source of protein, fiber, B vitamins, vitamin C, zinc, and minerals. All these nutrients play an important role in hair growth. Also, beans contain the right amount of iron which can prevent hair loss.

Eat more Sunflower Seeds
Sunflower seeds can be another rich source of all hair loss preventing vital nutrients like protein, zinc, selenium, biotin, potassium, copper, iron, B vitamins, vitamin E, magnesium, and calcium.

Munch on Nuts
Eating nuts regularly can keep your hair healthy for many ages. Nuts contain healthy fats and phytochemicals that are needed for fighting hair loss problems.

Go Green with Spinach
If you want to control hair loss, spinach is the key. It contains a good amount of nutrients and antioxidants that can boost hair growth and fight all your hair woes.

Oats Breakfast
The body must have sufficient nutrients like zinc, protein, and copper to prevent hair loss. Your one-stop solution for having all these nutrients can be eating a bowl of oatmeal in breakfast every day.

Have Carrots
Carrots contain beta-carotene that can promote healthy hair and vitamin A that helps produce healthy sebum for the scalp.

Eat Sweet Potatoes
Regular consumption of sweet potatoes can fight problems like hair loss effectively. It contains beta-carotene which converts to vitamin A in the body.

Natural Remedies for Dry, Itchy Skin 💥💥

Natural Remedies for Dry, Itchy Skin

1. Baking Soda Bath
Soaking in a bath of baking soda for 30-60 minutes can make all the difference. Add one cup baking soda to a tub of warm water. After the bath, it is important to gently pat your skin dry with a towel (or air-dry). For more localized itching you can make a paste of 1 part water to 3 parts baking soda.

2. Oatmeal
Mixing oatmeal in water and spreading it on irritated skin can also be cooling and soothing. Add 2 cups of colloidal oatmeal to a lukewarm bath and soak to soothe itchy skin. Avoid using very hot water, as it can irritate the skin and cause it to itch more.

3. Cold Water
Because cold and itch travel along the same nerve fibers, the use of cold can “jam the circuits” and deaden itch. Cool showers or baths or even ice packs can be an instant remedy for itchy skin. Again, hot water feels good temporarily, but it often leaves you feeling itchier later.

4. Apple Cider Vinegar
If you have a small patch of dry, itchy skin, dot vinegar on the spot with a cotton ball. If you’re experiencing all-over itching and dryness, add two or three cups of vinegar to your bath water and soak for 15 to 30 minutes.

5. Milk and Honey
Pour some milk into a bowl, dip a clean white washcloth into the milk and apply it to the dry itchy skin patch for 5 minutes. Milk has anti-inflammatory properties that often remove the itch from dry skin. Milk is very soothing to inflamed, dry, itchy skin. A milk bath once in a month can also help.

OR Lightly heat 2 teaspoons of honey and apply it to skin while warm. Leave it on for 15 minutes, and then wash it off. Honey helps lock in moisture, has antioxidant and anti-microbial properties, which is why it’s found in so many over-the-counter skincare products.

6. Essential Oils
There are many good essential oils with anti-inflammatory and soothing properties that have the ability to give relief to itchy skin and alleviate irritations. (I’ve been using LOTS of Lavender lately!) You can add them to your bath water or apply directly on your skin. Just make sure to follow the dosage recommendations exactly as directed on the package.

The following are some of the best essential oils for itchy skin: Agrimony oil, Basil oil, Bay leaf oil, Calendula oil, Chamomile oil, Chickweed oil, Clove oil, Geranium oil, Jewelweed oil, Lavender oil, Neem oil, Nettle oil, Peppermint oil, Rosemary oil, Thyme oil

7. Oil Therapy
Rub on some olive, almond or sesame oil and massage lightly on to your hands, legs and the rest of your body before heading for a shower. If time permits, heat the oil and then apply. Post shower, use a light moisturizer/sunscreen, because winter sun isn’t any less harsh.

8. Coconut Oil
The driest of the dry winter skin usually occurs on the heels, hands and elbows. Use coconut oil to spot-treat these areas overnight, and you should see significant improvement in the morning. Soak in a lukewarm bath until your fingers shrivel, this indicates that the skin is full hydrated. Pat skin dry, but leave slightly damp. Put a thick layer of coconut oil on heels, hands and elbows, covering the greased areas with socks, gloves and long sleeved pajama top, and go to bed. You should have a restful itch-free night of sleep and improved skin in the morning.

9. Lemon Juice
Lemon juice can be directly applied on itchy skin to relieve the irritation. You may want to avoid this one if you have been scratching a lot.

10. Coconut Milk
Coconut milk not only reduces skin dryness, but also helps combat dark spots and blemishes. Rub it onto your face and body, and leave it overnight.

11. Dried Fruits
A diet rich in Vitamin A, B and E is also a dry skin remedy as deficiency of these vitamins lead to dry skin. Dry fruits help to retain moisture in the skin. Consuming dry fruits regularly can help in treating extremely dry skin.

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Tips to Keep Your Uric Acid Levels Constant 😁

Tips to Keep Your Uric Acid Levels Constant

1. Apple Cider Vinegar
As a natural cleanser and detoxifier, apple cider vinegar can help remove uric acid from the body. This vinegar contains malic acid that helps to break down and eliminate uric acid. Furthermore, it helps to restore the alkaline acid balance in the body and provides anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits.

1. Add a teaspoon of raw, organic, unpasteurized apple cider vinegar to a glass of water.

You can slowly increase the amount of apple cider vinegar to two tablespoons per glass of water and continue this until your uric acid levels have decreased.

2. Lemon Juice
Though you might think that lemon juice will make the body more acidic, in actuality, it has the opposite effect and helps to neutralize uric acid. Furthermore, its vitamin C content also helps to decrease uric acid levels.

• Squeeze the juice of a lemon into a glass of warm water, and drink it in the morning on an empty stomach. Continue to do this for a few weeks.

• You can also take vitamin C supplements, but consult your doctor first so that they can give you the proper dosage.

3. Cherries
Cherries and other dark berries contain chemicals that help to reduce uric acid levels. Furthermore, purple and blue-colored berries contain flavonoids (known as anthocyanins) that help lower uric acid and reduce inflammation and stiffness.

• Eat half a cup of cherries each day for a few weeks.

• Add blueberries, strawberries, tomatoes, bell peppers, and other vitamin C and antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables to your diet.

4.Baking soda
Baking soda is very efficient at lowering uric acid levels and reducing gout pain. It helps to maintain the natural alkaline balance in the body, and makes uric acid more soluble and easier to flush out of the kidneys.

1. Mix half a teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of water.

2. Drink up to four glasses of this a day for two weeks. You can drink it every 2-4 hours.

Note: Don’t take this remedy on a regular basis. Furthermore, do not take at all if you suffer from high blood pressure. People over the age of 60 should not drink more than 3 glasses of this baking soda solution per day.

5. Water
Drinking a lot of water helps to optimize uric acid filtering. It helps to dilute the uric acid and stimulates the kidneys to eliminate excess amounts through urine. Furthermore, drinking enough water can reduce the risk of recurrent gout attacks.

• Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water each day.

• Include more water-rich fruits and vegetables in your diet.

6. High-fiber Foods and Starchy Carbohydrates
Foods that are high in dietary fiber help lower uric acid levels by absorbing it, and then eliminating it from the body. Starchy carbohydrates are also safe to eat as they contain only small amounts of purine.

• Whole grains, pears, apples, oranges, and strawberries are some good examples of high-fiber foods that you should incorporate into your diet.

• Starchy carbohydrates are foods such as rice, whole grain pasta, potato, bananas, oats, and quinoa.

7. Dairy Products
Low-fat milk and other dairy products have been associated with lower plasma urate concentrations and a reduced risk of gout. Skimmed milk, for example, contains orotic acid that decreases the re-absorption of uric acid, and promotes its removal from the body through the kidneys.• Drink 1-5 cups of skimmed milk a day.

• Include low-fat yogurt and other dairy products in your diet.

8. Wheatgrass Juice
Wheatgrass helps to restore alkalinity in the blood. Furthermore, it’s rich in vitamin C, chlorophyll, and phytochemicals that help to promote detoxification. It’s also a very good source of protein and amino acids as alternative to eating animal protein.

• Each day, mix two tablespoons of wheatgrass juice with a squeeze of lemon juice until your uric acid levels come down.

Best Home Remedies For Toothache 😁

Best Home Remedies For Toothache
Pepper and salt
Salt mixed with pepper can be relieving for a sensitive tooth as both have antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties.
Mix equal amounts of pepper and common salt with a few drops of water and apply the mixture directly on the affected tooth for a few minutes.
Garlic can provide relief from toothache given its antibiotic and other medicinal properties.
Mix crushed garlic (or garlic powder) with table salt or black salt and apply it directly on the affected tooth for pain relief.
Alternatively, you can chew one or two cloves of garlic for relief.
Given their anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antioxidant and anesthetic properties cloves help alleviate tooth pain and infection.
Grind two whole cloves and mix in a little olive oil or any vegetable oil and apply on the affected tooth.
Alternatively, like your dentist, you can dip a cotton ball in clove oil and rub it directly on the affected area.
Mix a few drops of clove oil in half a glass of water and use it as a mouth rinse.
Onions are known for their antiseptic and antimicrobial properties, which are important to treat a sore tooth. They can provide pain relief by killing infection-causing germs.
At the first indication of trouble, chew raw onion for a few minutes to relieve the pain in the tooth.
If you are unable to chew it, place a piece of raw onion directly on the affected area.
Asafetida is very useful in treating dental problems such as toothaches and bleeding gums.
Add a pinch of powdered asafetida to two teaspoons of lemon juice and let it warm up a little. Apply the solution on the affected area with a cotton pad.
Warm salt water
For basic treatment, try a glass of warm salt water to remedy a toothache.
Mix half a spoon of common salt in a glass of hot water and rinse your mouth thoroughly.
This will help reduce swelling and inflammation and also fight infection-causing bacteria.
Guava leaves
In large part to their anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antimicrobial properties, fresh guava leaves can also alleviate toothache.
Chew on one or two guava leaves until the juice starts working on the affected area. You can also chew on raw spinach leaves for the same effect.
Another way to treat a painful tooth is to mix guava leaves in boiling water. Allow the solution to cool and rinse your mouth with it.
Vanilla extract is also a very effective home remedy for treating dental problems since it numbs the pain. Also, the vanilla has a calming effect.
Dip a cotton swab in vanilla extract and dab it on the affected area.
Wheatgrass juice
Wheatgrass has natural antibacterial properties that assist in remedying tooth decay and toothache. Extract the juice of wheatgrass and rinse your mouth with it.
The extract will absorb toxins from the gums, cut down on bacteria and control the infection. Alternatively, you can simply chew on wheatgrass.
Ice cubes
Ice can help alleviate tooth pain by numbing the nerve endings.
Wrap a small ice cube in a thin cotton cloth. Hold it on your cheek near the aching tooth for a few minutes. If you have exposed nerves, contact with the cold can cause more pain.


“FIELDS OF GOLD!” a poem February 19, 2019 [TUESDAY*]

When she was young, the air was fresh; the sun! IT shone! upon her flesh;
She RAN! and trees – did step aside; the birds applauded, as she’d glide,
‘Cross-open-meadows, and-she’d-jump into brooks;
She swan in-mystic-pools! and-read mysterious books,
Illuminated-by: THE LIGHT OF DAY,
And-she-was-“greedy,**” and-drank-The-Night-away!
She seldom slept, but when she did,
Joyous dreams would fill her head,
And she did wake, to-greater-[mornings]-than-before,
Excited! and-anticipating – what-the-day-held-in-store!
Then, one day: She’s-introduced-to:
MONITORS! [when- The-Internet-was-new],
And-with-FASCINATION! She would gaze & click!
Soon! She tired! and her-body grew – sick,
From lack of sun – and-running-along,
With-her-TINY-puppy, singing-a-song!
Where were the shouts? and the bruis – ed knee?
Now! only-Blogging! [and]-Posting! and-FACEBOOK, did-she-see!
Her sleep was fitful, for-she-could-not re-gu-late,
Her daily hours – and, sometimes, very late,
She-would-stay – transfixed – to A JEALOUS SCREEN,
And beams of blue light (with pictures – obscene),
Bombarded-our-heroine! For, she was addicted,
And YEARS DID PASS – her eyes? constricted!
Occasionally! She-would take a walk,
With her TINY doggie! and they would talk,
About days gone by, when, each-afternoon,
They’d shout – and sing – and-chase-a-balloon!
Those days gone by? Will they ever return?
To put back ROSES! into-our-“little-urn?”
And, once again, will The Healing Sun,
See A GIRL – and-her-doggie – gaily run,
Never knowing exactly – where-they’re-going-to?
fin <3


Together we are
on top of the World

This little girl, within us equally lies ~ With teardrops welling in her eyes ~ Yearning-for that-time-when-we ~ Take-back our-favored destiny! ~ And choose, once more, the sun over lamp ~ The moon over screen – and-to-go-out-& camp ~ To sleep “OUT-THERE,” un-der the stars ~ And wait – for-a-[shining]-morning we-can (once more) call “OURS!” 🙂
Hungry for Peace ❣

* – the first day of the rest of your life! ** – HUNGRY! for LIFE!

Thank you Kindness

* – See the motion picture “Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice,” where “The Hippie Generation” offers its best solutions for world problems: LOVE & ACCEPTANCE! ( strange that 😁)

YESTERDAY! A RESOLUTION WAS PASSED, well before mid-night,
To LIMIT – STALLING TENDENCIES! of-politicians-who-like-to-fight!!!
At “day’s end” – MUST LEAVE THEIR POSTS! – and, then, we’ll-have-to-see:
NEW-REPRESENTATIVES-ENTER-government, so-things-don’t-all-“bog-down,”
So things can get done IN GOOD TIME! Now, LOOK? the cheeky frown,
Has-been-replaced by: a-kind-smile- a-handshake- and-a-pleasant: “Good Job!”
Don & Nancy & Rush & Bill are-replaced-with CAROL-TED-ALICE & BOB!*
DIVIDE! Then-COMPROMISE! is-what-politicians[really]are-voted-in-to-do!
To look at many things in many differing ways,
Because this “Good-Ol'” World of ours – IS FILLED WITH MANY “GRAYS!”
So, come-on-now, ye rich and famous – of-the-political persuasions,
Let your minds and hearts RELAX – and-postpone your-vacations,
And – do-your-job-the-way- Our-Forefathers-intended-you-to-do,
TO SERVE & PROTECT, not-win-YOUR-games! {It’s} time-to-stop-making-us-“blue!”
To COMPROMISE – NOT misbehave, courting the latest polls!
It’s NOT about agenda – or “political party power,”
It’s NOT about STALEMATES – and a-awaiting THE 12th HOUR
It’s about friendly discussion – compromise – and reasoned, sensible plans,
To arrive at a good place [hopefully] for all! As “Kumbaya”ing “fans!”
Yes, we’re-singing-songs of love and hope on-The White House Lawn,
Gathering together, all these groups! Gathering-around a BON,
FIRE, blazing in unison – with hand-in-hand-uni-ty,
Political cohesion! IT I S POSSIBLE! Glad-tidings – for you-and-me,
As Don and Bill see “The Light,” and make-up hap-pily,
Mohr and Trump together now, are hoping -his-tory,
Will-record how, in the end, with-compromise-we-came together,
Over many issues! to-FINALLY clear-up BAD WEATHER!
“Dumbos!” and “Mules!” sometimes can truly be good friends,
When everyone WILL T R Y TO-AGREE! Then-the-feuding-finally ends,
And the high falooting, UNCOMPROMISING – bitter! points of view,
Disappear! [It’s NOT THAT HARD!] (pause) Some-hu-mility-is-DUE!
So, we-alls can-just COME TOGETHER today – AND make up hap-pil-ly!
Come together, Friends! and-stop-ACTING so – “po-lit-i-cal-ly!”
We-must-be ONE! [or else WE ALL SUFFER!] and we no longer need to fight!
We-can-just spread love, & TRY-TO-DO-THE-BEST we-can, with-all our-might!
fin <3

* – See the motion picture “Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice,” where “The Hippie Generation” offers its best solutions for world problems: LOVE & ACCEPTANCE!

American PRESIDENT Donald Trump
Oh my, think I got it wrong again 😁
What the world needs know
IS sweet, sweet love,
For everyone 😁


Having a Best Friend
A story tells that two friends were walking through the desert. During some point of the journey they had an argument, and one friend slapped the other one in the face.

The one who got slapped was hurt, but without saying anything, wrote in the sand “Today my best friend slapped me in the face”.

They kept on walking until they found an oasis, where they decided to take a bath. The one who had been slapped got stuck in the mire and started drowning, but the friend saved him. After he recovered from the near drowning, he wrote on a stone “Today my best friend saved my life”.

The friend who had slapped and saved his best friend asked him, “After I hurt you, you wrote in the sand and now, you write on a stone, why?” The other friend replied “When someone hurts us we should write it down in sand where winds of forgiveness can erase it away. But, when someone does something good for us, we must engrave it in stone where no wind can ever erase it.”

Moral: Do not value the things you have in your life. But value who you have in your life.

Detox Drinks

Raspberry and Mint Scented Water

Serves: 6
2 litres cold spring water, or filtered tap water

2 Tablespoons raspberries, fresh or frozen

2 tablespoons fresh mint leaves

1 lime


To get more flavour and juice out of your lime, microwave for 30 seconds. When cool, slice
Place raspberries, mint, lime and water in a large jug. Stir and serve!

House Hold Tips

If a shirt/sweater has static cling, put a safety pin in it. The static will instantly go away.


Do not use chemicals to kill ants. Instead, get a spray bottle, fill it with water and salt (25%), shake well, spray… boom, dead!


To clean a microwave: Put a bowl of water inside and microwave for 3 minutes. The steam will moisten everything up making cleaning simple!