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My HUSBAND is beautiful inside and out
I bet he reads my blog (not really sure he does)
My Mother told us kids a story long ago
Oh, yeah we were rich kids
Mother said “if Our Dad had no money she would live on a riverbank with Dad”
Yes, I still remember those twinkling eyes of blue and her red lipstick, diamonds on her hands.
Mum always said the “truth”
Dad treated her as his Queen
She had it all, yet Mum didn’t have monetary thoughts.
Even as a child (runt of the litter) my Mothers word’s
still haunt me today
Yes, as kids we were so blessed to have been born into a loving family where PEACE reined supreme
Last night while my husband slept I watched over him smiling thinking about my Mother.
Yes, she was so HAPPY
I fell in love with my husband just like she did
He loved her just the way she was
Money is the root of evil.
My husband is perfectly suited to me cause he places no importance on wealth or creed
My husband moves like a visual panther always calm
I would be anything or sleep anywhere he went just like my Mother
I to am blessed just like my Mother
Mothers always knows best 😁
Good night
Hello you
Here we go again


Letter to my Husband 💜Happiness💜My huband love me just the way I am💜

Happiness Lies Within
Happiness is a state of mind where you feel pleasant, blissful and calm. Most of us look for happiness outside. We look for happiness in money, in people around, in materialistic things…however, happiness is something that is within. Happiness found outside is temporary. Happiness is nothing but choices that we make in our personal life. Above all, when we look within and talk with our inner being, we realize that there is a higher self within us which is above everything else. This inner being does not require money or other things to be happy.

Happiness is a state where we do not desire. It is a feeling within our mind and heart that we are content and we value our precious life such that we do not want to waste any time in negative emotions like anger, frustration and sadness. Happiness lies within, and one must get in touch with it to feel what it is to be happy. No money, no materialistic things, no worldly matters can bring happiness the way happiness is within!

My husband loves me just the way I am


Personal happiness is not easy to reach. It is the result of continuous aspirations and desires for self-realization. The search for the right way, without losing sight of the goal and fun, even if that goal is elusive. To be happy means to find contentment, a sense of joy and to search for a meaningful purpose in life. No one is always happy and elated, but some people definitely live more fulfilling life than others. Some studies indicate that happiness has little to do with the possession of material things.

Overcoming feelings of sadness and anger indicate deeper problems from the past that affect the present. In the United States, one criminal charge of child abuse is submitted every ten seconds. These are the cases that have been logged, but there are many cases of abuse and traumatic experiences from childhood that are not reported to the authorities. The trauma from the past such as the death of a loved one can cause moderate to severe depression. Work on the own happiness can mitigate the negative consequences of childhood.

The president of the German society for research in positive psychology argues that fulfillment of certain obligations, the center in the brain that is responsible for rewarding secretes neurotransmitters such as dopamine, which is responsible for the feeling of happiness. Researchers from the University of Trier consider that passive people have less ability to be happy. States of boredom and demotivating cannot secrete dopamine. The praise and approval create a momentary feeling of happiness. Long-term prosperity requires more positive emotions, stable relationships, and purpose in life.

Too many activities and stress can ruin happiness. Brohm-Badry advises people to retreat to quiet places and to take time for themselves in order to think about the important things.


Happiness is a feeling of well-being, satisfaction, positive emotions and rapture. According to the understanding of psychologists, happiness is the matter of the character and is associated with the traits of personality.

At the beginning of the 21st century, an American psychologist Martin Seligman found that there is a growing number of people who suffer from mental illness. Supposing that there is an insufficient number of psychologists who could help in the treatment of people, he aimed to create a new wave of psychologists who will be dealing with the happiness and teach people how to be happy. The discipline of positive psychology is founded, and it had the task to investigate and analyze what makes happiness.

When we share a smile to somebody, this normally leads to a higher level of happiness. That sort of behavior results in relaxation, which allows getting new perspectives. All people want is to be happy, but many of them don’t have enough strength. They have lost their strength over their life experiences. Such people are hard to relax, they have too many obligations, and they are trying to catch only the moments of happiness rather than trying to turn happiness into a lifetime condition.

There is a group of people which is always full of energy and happier than the average people. Scientific researches show that this group of people never becomes depressed. This extraordinary group consists of kindergarten-aged children. Sleep is one of the key factors for maintaining a high level of energy and happiness. If the amount of sleep is not enough, the body becomes tired and exhausted. Studies have shown that only three percent of people need five hours of sleep, while the rest of the population needs seven to eight hours of sleep in order to revitalize the body.