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Thinking about change. Take a look at the latest Cuts and colours. WARNING: If your hair is long never jump into these changes. Talk to your stylist you trust. Gradually your Stylist will work over some months to this length. Sudden changes can also change your personality and not for the best outcome.

This Style here is high matietance

Be prepared to a weekly visit to your Stylist

On Tend Styles like this also High Matienace

From long hair to this style overnight, shock factor. It’s not long enough to pull back when you are continually trying to swipe the hair from your eyes. Also note the choppy ends. This Style needs trimming regularly otherwise it always looks messy.

These 3 styles never look like this in reality . The structures of the styles have been sprayed with Texture Spray to achieve these looks for cameras. The ends again are far to layered for working women. The streaks are fine but always receive a written quote before you go ahead. A great Stylist will be happy to do this. If not leave.