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A Message From 🙄 Carol

“A MESSAGE FROM CAROL(E)!” a poem Wednesday: 8/8/18 KARAOKE WEDNESDAY, The Railroad Blues, Alpine, Texas, at about 10:30 P. M. 🙂

The Doctor’s Office Receptionist (pause) called, just today:

“I need to speak – with your mama or dad, put-’em-on! (pause) right-away,

Because The Doc (pause) knows – (pause) what your parents need:

MORE LOVIN’!” and-then (pause) This-Lady-starts-to-bleed!!

Through the phone line – ‘cause I had lost my cell,

So, I was holding A RECEIVER, wiping up blood – from Hell!!

Carol then said: “Can you put one of them on, so I can tell ‘em the good news?”

“No, Carol,” as I’m-trying-to-stop-the-bleeding – “We gotta get some booze!

Down at – The Railroad Blues – it better be right now!

To get ready, for karaoke tonight -it’ll be such-a-WOW!”

“WE ALL NEED LOVE,” Carol said, bleeding any – way:

“What about YOU? Oh, Poet Man! Sexy J J Jay??”

“Oh, no, Carol,” said I (pause) pretty quick –

“I’m hitched to an Aussie gal – but she DOES know MICK!!*

Mick Dundee, remember him? – a loving kind o’ bloke;

He knows – the right moves – AND-The Australian stroke!!

And He knows – The Australian Kiss: a french kiss, Down Under!”

And Carol nearly (pause) fainted – contemplating (pause) The Thunder!”

“Well, anyways,” (pause) She said; (pause) “REMEMBER: (pause) LOVE’S THE HEALING THING! Let’s sing it out – (pause) at Christmas Time! Carol(s), they shall ring!”**

fin. <3

    • Mick “Crocodile” Dundee, a.k.a.: Paul Hogan, famous “walk about” guy from the movies!! 🙂

** – and then bleed all over the place!! Whew! Does anyone have more towels? Hello? More towels, please! Thanks! <3 “My bleeding heart, bleeds for you!” The Mystic Poet.