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Elvis Presley
Enjoy the Kind of Rock-n-roll πŸ’œπŸ’«

We all Know Elvis Presley loved wearing this
Rainbow leather Jacket in 1973. but here’s a
Rare Candid of him still wearing it in 1976.
according to a close aide he just loved this
Rainbow leather Jacket so much here he is
Arriving at the Arlington Park Hilton in Chicago for the start of his fall tour on October 14, 1976.

Elvis PresleyΒ 

​Just Love the Look on Elvis Presley’s face after leaving the Press Conference that was held at the International Hotel in Vegas in 1969 where he revealed to the World’s 🌍 Press he was looking forward to

doing Live Appearances again after an absence 

of 9 years. β€œ Like he said he just missed the closeness of a live audience so when he got 

out is movie contracts he was happy to perform again”. And what better place than the 

 Internationale Hotel people came from all over the World 🌍 to Las Vegas. , and he went on to be the undisputed king πŸ‘‘ of Las Vegas.

Daily Telegraph: Elvis Presley’s longtime drummer DJ Fontana dead at 87πŸ˜£πŸ˜“πŸ˜“πŸ˜“πŸ˜“

Daily Telegraph: Elvis Presley’s longtime drummer DJ Fontana dead at 87.


β€œRAPUNZEL RECONSIDERED!” a.k.a.: β€œLove Is Triumphant?!” Monday, January 29, 2018.

Rapunzel never had a witch (pause) With-her in The Tower!

THE Witch, within her, just came out! – around the midnight hour!

And, so, when β€œCharming” was made blind,

There was no witch for him to find!

β€˜Twas just Rapunzel, with-her-defenses – keeping things β€œat bay!”

Waiting, for when the witch β€œretired,” to see a brighter day.

So, good Charming – seek Rapunzel; seek her

As you will!

but realize, within your bride, a witch is, ever, still,

Always in her! Waiting to –

Blind and hurt you (pause) And subdue,

All your charming, kindly ways –

Remember, pal – There’ll-be WITCH-Y DAYS!

fin. <3

After thoughts: BUT, it’s β€œworth-it,” to-have-awitch-with-you – She’ll give you love – and coochie-coo! And, if you watch her and guard your EYES – you can caress her fabulous thighs! πŸ™‚