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https://youtu.be/CqBtS6BIP1E Guru Guru Japna Aur Sab Svapna, Guru Guru Japna Jagat Deergha Svapna. Jagat Deergha Svapna The world is like a long dream. Take shelter in Guru Everything is unreal. (Guru Guru) Antarai When you perceive the things in Dream You take them all to be real, When you wake up and perceive They are … Continue reading Watch “Mariah Carey – Dreamlover” on YouTube


Svapna is the dreaming state in which man enjoys the five objects of senses and all the senses are at rest and the mind alone works. Mind itself is the subject and the object. It creates all dream-pictures. Jiva is called Taijasa in this state. There is Antah-Prajna (internal consciousness). The scripture says, โ€œWhen he … Continue reading DREAMING


Once a disciple approached his Guru, prostrated at His Lotus Feet and with folded hands put the question: Disciple: O My Revered Guru! Please tell me the way to cross this cycle of births and deaths. Guru: My dear disciple! If you can understand who you are, then you can get over this cycle of … Continue reading DREAMS


If you ask any man in this world, โ€œWho is it that wakes up? Who is it that dreams? And who is it that sleeps?โ€œ He will answer, โ€œIt is I that wake up; it is I that dream; it is I that sleep.โ€œ If you ask him โ€œWhat is this I?โ€œ he will say, … Continue reading DREAMS

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