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BRITAIN: THE WORLDS WORST MASS MURDERER…or The Charles Manson of Nation States



Dearest people, who always seek the light and wonder if they will ever be at one with it, I tell you true that the times you live in is the final calling to be prepared and reborn again. Now for many of you this transformation has been accomplished, for others the battle between the light and dark continues within them. Just know if you open to Gods love then he will bring about your healing and you will be reborn to be his child.
How will you know, you ask if you have been reborn, is it a outward ritual of baptism, that when you arise out of the water you are reborn as in the times of John the Baptist or is it a profound change that happens within you and is demonstrated in your outer world by how you live it.
The answer is that through your desire to be one with the Master Jesus, and through great struggles and much persecution from the world who see’s your quest to be reborn, it battles against you for it trys to hold you in its dark chains of control.
Then the day comes you completely surrender to our God of love and you are no longer blind and you see all from a new place above the polarities of dark and light and You are filled with the Holy Spirit and can feel within you that you love all that you see that is truth. You see the lost ones and the chains that bind them, but now you can see they have chosen this for themselves, but you look upon them with love and pray they will see anew and choose the love of God. For you wish for no-one to be tormented in pain and anger. You have been reborn, you are now looking through Gods eyes and you adjust your life to be at peace and to do the works of love because you now love the reborn you as never before. You are not perfect but you are wise and your spirit has risen above most of the darkness. Be aware of any weaknesses you may still have for the God of Darkness awaits to take advantage of them . So pray always to God that he send his Angels to assist when feeling vulnerable.
Dearest and beautiful Sisters and Brothers your freedom to continue that which you feel is loving and compassionate within and without is in your hands but your growth will be guided by your bond with your Savior Jesus through the Holy Spirit.
Be watchful for he will return in a twinkling of a eye.


When seeking answers to life be not over burdened by mental frustrations or heavy burdened assets to weigh you down. For in lightness and freedom to absorb love comes the ability to accept life with its true meaning. Your God wishes to have loving walks with you and knows what you carry upon your shoulders, but only in your surrender to love can he guide you into freedom of true reality. Look not upon your surroundings as the sum total of your life, for it is less than half of it. It is there to teach you and empower you to treat all things with love and that takes you deeper into your true self. You are not good or bad in true reality you are a child of God and a creative being of endless possibilities, to understand what these possibilities are you must draw close to the perfect balance which is love which sits above and between Good and Bad in earthly terms.
Here on face book I have thousands of friends and all are different in the way they approach life, But all come in a friendship with me as I do with them to grow from where we are at in this moment. So as friends I am guided always to reveal the Holiness of the life energy of love to be the inspiration to unlimited joy and peace. Yours and my dear God awaits you to open up and claim your Godship to the Almighty through his doorway he opened for you. So when seeking answers to life walk through the doorway into love and Jesus will pour his loving answers into your heart and you will walk in Freedom and ever closer towards his love kingdom. Blessings.